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Synergy patch for Beyond Skyrim: Bruma and the Goblins Creation, including a new passage into Cyrodiil. Also includes a patch to give new spear weapons to the goblins, preventing them from savagely swinging their hands at you.

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What does this mod do?

This patch has been created to offer a synergy between the Goblins Creation and Beyond Skyrim: Bruma. The additional exit offers an alternative way to enter Cyrodiil and has been created in-line with information found during the Creation's quest.

BS Bruma Patch

  • Fully navmeshed addition to Gromm's Pass via clearable rubble giving the dungeon an exit into Cyrodiil.
  • Steel-Blue Entomola synergised between the Creation and Beyond Skyrim to preserve aspects of both.
  • Adds Beyond Skyrim goblin clutter to Gromm's Pass.

Spears Addon

  • Goblins will now weild Goblin Spears, custom texture weapons made to stylisticly match Bruma's other Goblin weapons.
  • The Spear of Bitter Mercy is fully functional (with automatic Storm Atronach summoning etc.) and can be obtained from Gogh, however, there are a specific set of requirements to gain Gogh's trust enough to allow it. The conditions are intended to be kept secret, please do not ask or discuss them in the comments.
  • Spears will only be obtainable if Automatic Animations or Animated Armoury are installed (Basically this means they only drop if you can use them)
  • Automatic Animations has built in support and needs no patching, Animated Armoury requires an additional patch to allow the animations to work.