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A UPF patch for zEdit that will run through your modlist and add the Rapier, Pike, Halberd, Quarterstaff, Claw and Cestus keywords to matching weapons, so they can take advantage of the new 3rd person spear animations in Animated Armory.

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In order to use the new 3rd person spear animations in NickaNack's Animated Armory, a specific set of keywords must be added to the weapons in question.  This generally requires the creation of compatibility patches.

This plugin does the work of the compatibility patches in question, by loading up all weapon records in your mod list, checking for a specific set of keywords or a list of unique items, and adding the Animated Armory keywords to weapons that match.

This script is a work in progress.  Generally, if the words 'Spear', 'Halberd', 'Shortspear', 'Quarterstaff', 'Battle Staff', 'Glaive', 'Rapier', 'Pike', 'Cetsus', 'Claw' or 'Talon' appear in the weapon name or Editor ID, the script will add the matching keywords.  This may not match every weapon in your modlist, though.  If that's the case, either let me know via the Posts section or open up the index.js and add it to the list of Unique items (if you know Javascript).