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Various unofficial patches for Artificer.

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  • Polish
Hi everyone, this is a compilation of patches for Artificer, mainly made with PROJECT Skyrim. Still, it was also designed to work and cover situations outside of the modlist, such as your own personal modlist. 

This is the first time I tried to make patches to such an extent, so please be aware that there might be issues, but I'll be here to fix those and maybe create more patches that you might request.

These patches are unofficial, if you want me to take one of them down so that you might upload it to your official page, please get in touch with me, and I'll do it ASAP.

Yes I do plan on doing a FOMOD, but for now I'll leave it like that.

Currently, we have patches for:

  • Animated Armoury
  • Ahzidal My Way
  • Armor of the Old Gods Alt Retext (Xavbio)
  • Audio Overhaul of Skyrim 2
  • Lawless (and AI Overhaul)
  • Bloodskal Tweaks (MCO)
  • Change In Management
  • CL's Blade of Woe
  • Cl's Chillrend
  • CL's Ebony Blade
  • CL's Nettlebane (and AOS)
  • Deathbrand My Version
  • Guard Dialogue Overhaul
  • Immersive Weapons
  • Immersive Jewelry (an expanded patch that requires the original patch from Aljo)
  • Immersive Sounds Compendium
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn (AA, AOS, TB, ZID, ISC, Praedy's Staves, etc.)
  • Praedy's Staves AIO
  • Somewhere In Between
  • Sons of Skyrim
  • The Dragon Cult Not needed, the official page has it.
  • Trade and Barter
  • Undeath Classical Lichdom
  • Unplayable Faction Armors
  • VAE2
  • Zim's Improved Dremora
  • 4th Unknown Ancient Shroud Armor (and LOTD)