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This is a comprehensive zEdit patcher that changes the speeds and reaches of every weapon in a load order based on keywords. Weapons hitboxes have been changed to match the actual model almost exactly. Speed changes have been made to differentiate the weapon types from each other. (Optional as of 0.1.7)

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Reddit post for more information:

Now with Animated Armoury Support!


My zEdit patcher uses magic (zEdit's patching framework) to fix Skyrim's crappy hit detection by editing game settings, race records, and weapon records. This should work with almost every mod that adds/edits weapons as long as the weapon has the appropriate keywords from vanilla (such as WeapTypeXXXX, XXXX being the weapon type). Animated Armoury support has been added as of version 0.1.6.

Technical Details:
The formula for melee range is as follows:
melee range = fCombatDistance * NPCScale * WeaponReach + fObjectHitWeaponReach/fObjectHitTwoHandReach/fObjectHitH2HReach

For my mod,

fCombatDistance = 141
NPCScale = (unchanged, depends on the race itself, I'll use 1 for explanation purposes)
Weapon Reach = (depends on the weapon)
fObjectHitWeaponReach = 81
fObjectHitTwoHandReach = 135
fObjectHitH2HReach = 61

To see the formula in action,

One-handed swords:
melee range = (141 * 1 * 0.83) + 81 = 198.3

Two-handed swords:
melee range = (141 * 1 * 0.88) + 135 = 259.08

Even though the weapon reach values are nearly the same, due to the formula, they result in vastly different weapon ranges. If you want to take a look at weapon ranges and have questions, always remember to come back to this formula.

Before/After Showcase:
Vanilla Skyrim:

Speed and Reach Fix v4:


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