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My own patches for BURPST, including new covers

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I love LegacyCloud's BURP Spell Tomes, but I also love consistency. So here are some personal patches I made to apply their spell tome covers to other mods as well as an updated patch for the newest version of Mysticism!

These aren't Unity patches, just Revamp patches. No spell records are touched, no spell schools are changed. And I don't mind taking requests if you want a patch for a mod that hasn't been covered or has had its patch broken by an update!

Note: I ended up making new covers because some combinations that I needed weren't in the original mod. I put all the resources into their own eslified ESP, so if anyone else wants to make a patch of their own and needs them, you're welcome to use that as a master for them.

NEW ADDITION: A frustration I've run into while making patches is that despite being the version that doesn't change any spell types, some spell books are of the type that they would have been in the version that does change their type! So I've also made a little replacer ESP that changes them back. This is mostly for my convenience, it makes things mildly easier for me to make new patches, but I thought someone else might want it too. This requires the Spell Tomes New file because it needed some new covers.

I noticed some minor errors in texture sets in BURPST. I have fixed these in the new cover ESP temporarily since I do use some of those covers. This includes a fix for a bug report on the original mod as well, and a minor Unofficial Patch-related text change. (Unofficial Patch not required)