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A compilation of vital bug fixes for Fallout: New Vegas and its DLC, all combined into one ESM. The only pure bug fix compilation available on the Nexus: no new features, no balance tweaks, no restored content. Just bug fixes and nothing but bug fixes. Available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Russian.

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So, it has come to this....

I've been making bug fixes for Fallout: New Vegas for years. It was inevitable, really. Sooner or later I was bound to have a direct hand in some kind of bug fix compilation for the game, rather than just sitting back and letting someone else do all the hard work of merging and checking compatibility. Others had filled the role in the past - Zenball, Dynastia, Linmor, more I'm sure I'm forgetting - but they've moved on, and now it's my turn.

So here it is: my effort in creating a successor to the various Community Bugfix Compilations and Inofficial Patches. I give you (drumroll please):

Yukichigai's Unofficial Patch
(Or "YUP" for short)

I know, terribly inventive name. At least it abbreviates well.

What is Yukichigai's Unofficial Patch anyway?

YUP (as I'm going to call it) is just what it sounds like: an unofficial patch for Fallout: New Vegas. YUP addresses a number of bugs, exploits, and other such issues with Fallout: New Vegas that were not fixed by the final official patch to the game. There are enough bugs left in the game that having some mod which fixes them is vital, and (in my slightly biased opinion) YUP meets that need admirably.

So what does it fix?

A lot of bugs in the main game as well as all DLCs (Courier's Stash, Dead Money, Gun Runners' Arsenal, Honest Hearts, Lonesome Road, and Old World Blues).

What bugs? Well it's a really, really long list, several pages in fact and too much to put in the main description. You can check the full list of fixes by checking the ReadMe section for this mod. If you don't want to though, here are some examples:

- Fixes the Dead Money perk In Shining Armor so that it actually does something
- Corrects the female mesh for the Pimp-Boy 3 Billion so that it's not held at an angle
- Fixes Boone's head tracking and stops him from holstering his weapon every 5 seconds in combat
- Alters Fixer so that it cures addiction temporarily as it says, not permanently
- Ultrajet addiction can now be cured by doctors
- Stops various NPCs and creatures who begin the game dead from miraculously resurrecting 3 days later
- Ensures the Brotherhood of Steel Explosive Collar won't detonate after its removed from your neck
- Prevents the Old World Blues trait Skilled from being taken, then removed to leave a permanent +5 to all skills.

And many, many more things after that, including all of the currently relevant bug fixes I have ever released. If it's broken, YUP probably fixes it.

Okay, what doesn't it fix?

As of v8, I am happy to say that YUP includes every bug fix I had set out to include in this compilation. If there's a bug that's been fixed on the Nexus, I've done my best to include it in YUP. The only exceptions are fixes which require things like NVSE, or highly nuanced fixes that FNVEdit mangles; in that case I have not been able to integrate the fixes into YUP. I recommend you download these files and run them alongside YUP, if possible.

Mods and fixes YUP couldn't integrate for technical reasons

JIP LN NVSE Plugin fixes various engine bugs, including the Modify Positive Chem Duration bug where it would affect all ingestibles and not just Chems.
JohnnyGuitar NVSE fixes various engine bugs.
Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus fixes various other bugs and engine issues, including the Explosives Immunity Fix.

Also, anything I don't know about! I'm not just the guy who maintains this mod, I also fix bugs myself. I'm not clairvoyant though, so in order to fix a bug I have to know about it first. If you have a bug you've found, leave me a message (here in the comments thread, since my inbox gets full frequently). If it's a bug, I'll do my best to fix it.

Other fixes and performance improvements you may also be interested in

lStewieAl's Tweaks fixes engine bugs and adds various engine-level quality-of-life tweaks.
Combat Lag Fix (NVSE) by lStewieAl.
NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash to reduce the frequency of game crashes, by Queue (requires NVSE)
Updated Ogg Vorbis Libraries for improved performance. Uploaded by KaneWright.
Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod by RoyBatterian.
New Vegas Mesh Improvement Mod - NVMIM by SciRika.
FNV Mod Limit Fix by iranrmrf.
New Vegas Heap Replacer by iranrmrf.
NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix by Carxt - Tgspy - lStewieAl.
FNV BSA Decompressor by RoyBatterian.
Ultimate Edition ESM Fixes by RoyBatterian.

Why should I use YUP instead of other mods?

Good question, and one with a good answer: YUP is the only pure bug fix compilation available on the Nexus.

What do I mean by "pure"? I mean a mod that does not also contain any new content, restored content, new features, balance tweaks, or other general non-bug-fix changes. Every single change in YUP exists to address a bug, exploit, or impediment to gameplay. No other mod currently on the Nexus can make that claim. No, not even that one everyone recommends (and no, I won't be more specific). If another pure bug fix compilation existed I wouldn't have made this one.
There will of course be times where a judgment call has to be made where something is obviously missing or unfinished or wasn't working as intended, but any such changes will be kept to a minimum.

Is this mod compatible with <insert name here>?

YUP is designed to be compatible with as many mods as possible. Every record it changes is one which needs to be changed in order to fix a bug. Ideally, the only reason a mod will override one of YUP's fixes is if it changes the fundamental way the object/script/etc. in question operates. So far I have not heard of any mods having problems due to YUP so long as they were placed after YUP in the load order.

If nothing else, remember this: so long as you load YUP at the top of your load order, directly below the standard game files, it should not cause any conflicts or negative effects.

What about A Tale of Two Wastelands?

As of TTW 3.2, it has its own version of YUP maintained separately from this on the TTW site which you should use only.

What DLCs does YUP require?

None! No DLCs are required, but all of them are supported. YUP works with any and all combinations of DLC content, ranging from the bare-bones no-DLC base game to the full-on Ultimate Edition.

Note that because of this there are two versions of YUP: one for people who own all five of the main DLC (including Ultimate Edition users), and one for people who do not have at least one of the five main DLC.  Make sure you download the right version!

How do I use YUP?

Same as any other mod: extract the files to your data folder, then add the ESM and ESP files to your load order.
Place YUP at the top of your load order, directly underneath all of the base game and DLC packages, so that other mods which alter similar parts of the game don't get messed up. Yes, even above other mods which say "put at the top of your load order". YUP might undo changes those mods make otherwise, and that would be bad!

All versions of YUP also come with a second file, an ESP titled "NPC Fixes". This file contains all edits to NPCs. The files have been split this way because for technical reasons (read: Gamebryo is a weird engine) any edits to NPCs in an ESM can cause their faces to turn stark white. Highly undesirable. As with the ESM, you should place the ESP as high in your load order as possible, though obviously it will have to come after any ESM files.

There are two versions of YUP available for download: one for users with all five of the main DLCs, and one for users who lack at least one of the DLCs, not counting Courier's Stash. If you have the five main DLCs (or the Ultimate edition of the game) then you want to download the standard version, "YUP - Base Game + All DLC". This comes in one single file for your convenience.

For those of you missing at least one of the five main DLCs, you should download the "Individual ESMs" version, then use Vortex or another Mod Manager to enable only the ESM files which correspond to the portions of the game you own. At the very least "YUP - Base Game" should be enabled and placed at the top of your load order, with any DLC fix packages loading immediately after it.

Do not run both the All-DLC version and the Individual DLC together. You only need one or the other.
Do not run a version intended for a different language. Some of the records are completely different in each version of the game, and it will cause scripts to fail. Using the English version on a different version will cause errors such as Vulpes Inculta never appearing in Nipton.

What's the load order?

I kind of answered that above, but here's a sample load order:

YUP - Base Game + All DLC.esm
<all other ESM files>
<yes all of them>
YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp
<all other mod files>

(Note that as the Courier's Stash packs are not set as a requirement of YUP's main file they must still be set to load before it.)

Why ESM and ESP? Why not one or the other?

A fair number of mods for Fallout: New Vegas come in ESM format rather than ESP format. YUP needs to be loaded before these mods to ensure that its changes don't cause compatibility issues with these other mods. The only way to make that possible is to release the mod as an ESM.

However, the Gamebryo engine has a bug when it comes to editing NPCs. Any edits to existing NPCs that are inside an ESM can cause that NPC to have "whiteface", for lack of a better term. Their face will be as pale as possible, but the rest of their body will not. The only way to avoid this is to put all NPC edits in an ESP file. Thus, the mod had to be released as two files.

How does support for Courier's Stash work?

Courier's Stash - otherwise know as the Caravan Pack, Classic Pack, Mercenary Pack, and Tribal Pack - is supported by YUP without requiring it. Both versions of the mod include fixes for the various elements of Courier's Stash, but can still be used without error if you do not have it or one of the packs that makes it up.

For any other DLC this would be impossible, but Courier's Stash uses a special method of adding items to the game known as "record injection". What this means is that even though another file adds these special pre-order weapons and armor to the game, internally they are treated as though they are part of the main FalloutNV.esm file, e.g. the Broad Machete has the FormID 001735e5, not xx1735e5. This means that YUP can include modifications to those items even if the items themselves aren't there and the game will process them without issue (technically, it treats it as another record injection).

Note that even though Courier's Stash allows YUP to break the normal way things work in this regard, other rules still apply. You must still load YUP after the Pre-Order Packs/Courier's Stash for its fixes to be applied.

Does YUP require NVSE or <insert name here>?

Absolutely not. All of YUP's content is made to work with the base unmodified game, no other utilities required. You can run YUP on a brand spanking new fresh install of New Vegas without installing anything else.

I want to help! How can I?

Tons of ways. If you have any talent with editing the game, you can always contribute bug fixes to the Nexus. Just make sure to tag your fixes as at least "can reuse with credit" in the permissions section.

Do you speak a language other than English? YUP needs help in producing versions for non-English installs, since I only speak English. If you notice any language-specific typos or errors, or any bad translations on my part, please let me know about them.

Not so good with editing? Just point me towards some bugs when you find them, or some bug fix packages I've somehow overlooked. While I'm proud of YUP, I will never claim that it fixes all the bugs in the game, ever. I'm always looking for more bugs to fix.

Don't have any more bugs to point out? Feedback is always appreciated! Leave me a comment in the comments section.

For any of you who are more visual minded, you may have noticed that the mod page is somewhat lacking on images. Feel free to submit your images for the mod! Just go to the images tab and upload your screenshots. I'll add anything that seems appropriate.

Anything else?

I would just like to give a big thank you to all of the other modders out there who created the bug fixes used for this compilation. Nothing shows your love of a game like being willing to get elbow-deep in it so you can fix its bugs and issues. It's people like you that make Fallout: New Vegas a game worth playing.

A separate thank you goes to xporc of the FOOK team, who personally went through FOOK's latest release and made a special ESM of bug fixes the team was allowed to share with me. A great many bug fixes in this mod are due to his efforts.

I'd also like to thank miguick, who has provided both insightful feedback on this compilation along with some bug fixes of his own. Some very nice catches in there, a lot that I feel rather silly for overlooking.

Lopham has provided several pages of comments related to fixes, as well as a few custom fixes sent directly to me. He also tracked down some alternates to fixes I was having trouble getting my hands on, so great thanks for that.

OniKeaton is a name many of you may be familiar with in the bug fixing game. He has graciously provided all of his existing fixes for use in YUP, along with tons of new fixes sent directly to me, and pages and pages and PAGES of observations on things which should be fixed. Many thanks to him as well.

I'd also like to thank sandbox6 for several fixes and observations of broken things. However, more than that sandbox6 deserves HUGE credit for being willing to go over the absurd amount of content in MM x.93 and pick out the necessary fixes from the unneeded ones. I cannot overstate how much content there is to examine, especially since it all has to be done in the GECK where comparing the before-and-after is very difficult. It's a huge task and YUP would not be nearly as good as it is without their efforts.

I'd also like to thank Mogomra for volunteering to do some necessary level/building edits for Nipton, the Dino Dee-Lite, and the El Rey Motel. Map editing is wholly outside my comfort zone and something I simply can't do, and not only did he step up to the task he did an absolutely great job.

Special thanks go to CensorNV and Athelbras for figuring out the cause of (and more importantly, solution to) the infamous ''whiteface'' bug with NPCs. They did some rather extensive testing to get to the bottom of the matter, which led to a slightly odd but very workable solution.

Additional thanks go to ElminsterAU, Zilav, and Sharlikran for their work on TES5Edit, A.K.A. FNVEdit, a tool without which this compilation would not be possible.

Another big, big thanks to The 3rd Type for making the logo for YUP. He jumped at the chance to make a logo for me, and his help is greatly appreciated given that I'm rubbish at visuals. :P

I'm sure I'm forgetting others. If I am, please don't be mad. This is TRULY a community-driven project, and with so many people I just can't keep track. You're all amazing.