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Fixes a lot of things not covered by Yukichigai Unofficial Patch.

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Asterra's Many Fixes

Fixes a lot of things not covered by Yukichigai Unofficial Patch.

During my last complete playthrough of Fallout New Vegas, in 2017, I got into the habit of sniping bugs as I came across them.  This resulted in several tiny bug-fix mods that eventually found their way into various collections.  (Without my foreknowledge -- but then I do understand the purpose in mind when somebody redistributes the work of others.)  But at some point, I recognized that little bug-fixes weren't doing the community much of a favor.  So instead, I began simply making note of all the problems I encountered.  The plan at the time was to sort them out once I was finished with the playthrough.  But this plan was not reasonable; I should have recognized that I would have no interest in spending a great deal of time fixing a game I had no immediate intentions of playing.

I still had that list of bugs laying around, and recently, during my various preparations for another New Vegas playthrough, I randomly rediscovered the list.  So I got to work.

Here's a clip from one of the fixes in V1.13:

Ranger Ghost has a couple of lines with bad acoustics (some echo), as can be heard when she begins the dialogue, "You a courier?"

What does this fix?

Almost everything I could find that needed fixing, which by definition means it's not comprehensive.  It's just fixes based on one person's observations.

  • Many more text fixes.
  • Many more mesh fixes.
  • Several texture fixes.
  • Removed a few meshes which were enabling CTDs.
  • Added missing radio effect to some Dead Money collar dialogue.
  • The NMC's Texture Pack compatibility patch includes a fix for one of NMC's textures which mistakenly allowed some walls to be seen through.


  • Yukichigai compatibility only.  Compatible with latest YUP as of 2020-03-10 (11.8.1).

  • Tons more meshes.  (See the new images.)  Vehicles in particular needed a lot of work.
  • The beginning of a (perhaps) comprehensive effort to weed out cracks in cave walls.  Models have been conformed to 6th-decimal-place accuracy, likely ensuring an end to the "white sparkles" problem (see the red circle) where a single pixel allows outside light to bleed in.  I'm sure we're all familiar with that.
  • Fixed a bug with Weapon Repair Kits that caused weapons to get instantly repaired to full if they had a durability mod.

V1.0f: A major overhaul of radio dialogue in Dead Money.  It was intended that all four characters would have a lot to say during the various stages of completion while in the Casino, but due to a combination of bad variables, missing files and a significant oversight, the radio frequencies while in the Casino were essentially dead.  This is now fixed, as are a few instances of bad studio recording takes.  Here is a video showcasing the content restored/added by this:

  • A lot of punctuation, text consistency and similar errors.  This constitutes the bulk of the mod.  Hundreds of edits.
  • Lack of (or unnecessary) capitalization of certain words: Super Mutant, Ghoul, etc.  In the vanilla New Vegas, this is very inconsistent, but by the DLC, Obsidian had fully committed to ensuring that these were capitalized across the board.  So I forced the vanilla game to follow suit.
  • Many mesh errors: A door that had a duplicate panic bar, resulting in this animated component being hidden (see video), a pile of rubble pointing at the wrong texture, a bus whose destination sign has been incorrectly-rendered since FO3's release, etc.
  • Several instances where what was spoken didn't match the subtitles.
  • Some inconsistent journal entries.
  • Several misaligned in-game objects.
  • A few problems with audio files that would generate audible (and unintended) pops.  Easier to make out with headphones.
  • Skill checks in the vanilla game were completely hit and miss as to whether they would award XP, and there were even a couple of examples where the given XP didn't follow the correct formula.  By the DLC, this was sorted out, and all skill checks gave XP based on a set formula.  So now they do throughout the game.  (But only the first time.)
  • A few dialogue anomalies, such as dialogue options becoming available before the player even has the information needed to ask.
  • A few texture issues, such as textures being transparent where they shouldn't have been.
  • "Ain't That a Kick in the Head" would play at both entrances to The Strip, even after already having been heard once.
  • If the player decides to sabotage the NCR attack on the Kings during King's Gambit, so the NCR ends up losing the battle, the quest would become stuck in permanent limbo.  Furthermore, the world would consider The King "dead" despite his having survived.
  • Max would inconsistently (in my experience, almost never) arm himself with his C-Finder, resulting in him chasing his friend around with bare fists.

Video of the change made to the door mesh:

All edits conform to the fixes already instituted by Yukichigai Unofficial Patch.  And so far, NVSE is not required.  I personally feel like we should be well beyond the point where we need to fuss over whether or not to mandate NVSE, but I didn't strictly need it for any of these edits.

I should say I plan to update this mod as I find new bugs during my next playthrough, but honestly the technical issues have been largely weeded out at this point -- even some of the bugs I noted in 2017 have now been fixed in Yukichigai Unofficial Patch -- and while I'll probably continue to note problems with the subtitles, I fully understand that the best solution on that front will be to proofread the entire game.  I very briefly entertained that possibility, and put a small bit of effort towards it, but ultimately balked at the task.  The software which permits those kinds of edits makes the process take about ten times as long as it really needs to.  It's very difficult to justify.  Software geared more ideally towards the task would be nice.

A note on changes to text:

Many of the edits were fixes to grammar.  Especially the notorious comma splice -- the bane of all would-be quest writers, evidently.  In correcting these, I took pains to mimic the writing style from elsewhere in the game.  That is to say that in many cases, I opted for making use of the dash as the replacement for the comma, because it is used with great frequency throughout the game.  Particularly in the DLC.  With that having been said, there is yet another inconsistency to be underscored here: The dashes used in the game are most typically a single dash ( - ), but occasionally they are a double dash ( -- ), to approximate the width of a proper em dash.  Since this was the exception, and only found in the vanilla game, I elected to support the use of the single dash.  But I also did not scour the game for double dashes in order to conform them -- that task would needs be packaged with a hypothetical total proofreading.

On the question of whether the Dead Money radio dialogue restored in v1.0f qualifies as a bugfix:

It doesn't take much scrutiny of the entries in question to recognize that all of that content was fully intended to have been enabled at release, and fell victim to relatively minor oversights, likely due to the fact that most playtesters never went out of their way to exhaustively listen to every radio broadcast at every juncture in the DLC.  The audio files added in are in compliance with a note in the GECK indicating that it was someone's job to get that sorted out and for whatever reason they neglected to.

Are there any bugs I found but didn't or couldn't fix?

The underside of a certain table has no texture and is a viewport into a void.
The underside of the roof of at least one house is thoroughly messed up and would take a fair bit of tinkering to fix.

Latest (v1.0f):
  • Dead Money's radio frequencies will now properly provide dialogue after reaching the Casino.  The dialogue was also cleaned up, with intended-yet-missing files added in.
  • One of Elijah's lines of dialogue was missing its over-the-intercom quality.
  • As of v1.0e, an alternate version of this mod will be available which includes the corrections found in Fixes For Minor Annoyances.  These will be kept separate, as the fixes enabled by the other mod are of a dynamic nature, and not in keeping with YUP-like straightforward edits.  This alternate version requires JIP LN NVSE.

  • The regular version of this mod requires Yukichigai Unofficial Patch, in addition to all of the major DLC.
  • Since this is a bug-fix mod with many edits, it is probably a good idea to place it near the top of your load order, just as you would other pure bug-fix mods.
  • There are several edits in this mod which FNVEdit will mistakenly identify as ITM.  Do not remove them.

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