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Do you like FCO? Do you hate mod conflicts? Then fret not, I'm here for you.

These are a collection of individual patches ONLY for people who use FCO 3.01.

(11/12/18: All patches are up to date EXCEPT the YUP and jsawyer Ultimate patches. I do not have time to make updates. Feel free to use these patches as a base for your own patches.

-OnHolyServiceBound's plugin, OHSB NPC Changes, was superseded by a complete NPC Changes plugin in the latest update for Fallout Character Overhaul and thus is not required for these patches. These patches also only address changes to the Non-Player Characters category in the GECK and have been made using FNVEdit to ensure clean plugins.

-The Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP patch was made for the latest version which at this time is 10.4 and requires the Base Game and All DLC version of YUP. I will not make a version that does not require the DLCs.

-The Trooper Overhaul Distributed patch was made to require both NCR Trooper Overhaul_beta by dragbdody AND NCR Trooper Overhaul - Distributed by pwinkle. Load order should go Trooper Overhaul_beta >>> Trooper Overhaul - Distributed >>> FCO + TOD patch. Minor conflict with the YUP patch on the character Ranger Andy.

-The Caesar's New Regime - Legion Overhaul patch has only one conflict with YUP on the character Gabban, but it's so minor that no one cares, even nerds like me.

-Finally, the Legion Quests Expanded patch was made for the latest version which at this time is 1.1, but it does conflict with the other patches here. The specific conflicts have to do with both of the Van Graffs, Chief Hanlon, Gabban, and a legionnaire who is heavily changed by Legion Quests Expanded.

All the patches DO work together, but you will have to place the LQE patch lower in your load order than the others if you want the quests to work properly. If you use all of the patches together in tandem, this is the load order starting from higher and then going to lower.

FCO + YUP >>> FCO + CNR >>> FCO + TOD >>> + FCO + LQE.

Regardless of the number of patches you use, remember to keep them lower in your load order than the respective mods that it patches.