Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

Fixes for mesh errors, uv errors, incorrect flags, missing extra data, form lists, projectiles, and other weapon related bugs and errors.

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Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod

The aim of this mod is to fix vanilla weapon bugs, errors and omissions with a focus on purely vanilla aesthetics, consistency and design. Minor liberties are taken in the form of putting the missing environment maps/masks on some of the weapons.

Several months were spent working on all the weapons in Tale of Two Wastelands and I decided to bring the New Vegas specific ones to the Nexus for everyone to enjoy in their vanilla New Vegas game.

This mod will continue to be updated over time, there is still much to do. I felt it has reached a point where it's worthy to release, so here it is. Some weapons are not yet fixed as it's a lot of work to repair the damage to a couple of them. They will be fixed in time.


  • geometry errors
  • missing shader flags
  • incorrect shader flags
  • texture property errors
  • emittance errors
  • missing parent node data
  • missing collision info
  • collision mesh errors
  • collision materials (sounds)
  • bsx flags
  • uv errors
  • texture errors
  • orientation errors
  • animation errors
  • missing animation nodes
  • sound errors
  • iron sights
  • projectile nodes
  • case ejection nodes
  • missing blood decals
  • missing normal maps
  • missing environment maps
  • missing environment map masks
  • removes useless animation data
  • projectiles
  • form lists
  • weapon records
  • projectile records
  • static records
  • texture set records
  • some other records related to the weapons


Fallout New Vegas and all 5 major DLCs, Pre Order Packs are supported.


  • The mod is aimed for use in a vanilla setting or in tandem with YUP.
  • Should be compatible with retextures that do not alter the vanilla meshes or node orders. While I have striven to maintain maximum compatibility with vanilla, there are a few cases where texture sets had to be slightly altered due to useless nodes being removed. The count is low and limited to two hand handle weapons.
  • Do not expect compatibility with mods that heavily alter the weapon meshes such as WMX, WME, or EVE. If you want to use these mods they will need extensive patching in order to take advantage of the fixes provided in this mod, it is such a large amount of work that I will not do so, so please do not ask.
  • Compatibility with animation mods such as WAR, Hitman's animation pack or Asurah's are not guaranteed due to fixes to the iron sight animations aim positions.
  • WRP is now fully compatible and WMIM is a requirement for it.


Q: This mod has a lot of ITM records, can I clean them?
A: No, they are there on purpose to revert changes by other mods you may have in your load order to prevent bugs.

Q: Will you make this mod compatible with (insert mod here)?
A: No, but you are free to do so.

Q: Can I use your fixes in my mod?
A: They are the property of Obsidian and Bethesda, as such you can do whatever you like with them. I would appreciate some credit for the time I spent fixing them however.

Q: Will this mod be included in YUP?
A: That's entirely up to the authors, however I would like to see it included and supersede the fixes included.

Q: Is this a part of Tale of Two Wastelands?
A: Yes, and much more is included in 3.x

Q: Why did you make this mod?
A: Because bugs annoy me, and I was tired of the weapons having iron sights that were actually down and to the left of where center actually is, and automatics having recoil that pushed the sights downwards instead of upwards because of an offset error.

Tools Used:

3ds Max 2013
Nifskope 2.0 Dev 7
Photoshop CS6
Gray Matter