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Optimizations and fixes for a large selection of meshes in the base game and DLC.

Permissions and credits
What this is:
The culmination of years and over a thousand mesh fixes, originally for inclusion in Tale of Two Wastelands.

What this does:
  • Reduces draw calls
  • Reduces triangle count when applicable
  • Reduces vertex count when applicable
  • Improves frame rate
  • Fixes shader flags (alpha, environment mapping, environment mapping fade)
  • Fixes smoothing
  • Fixes wonky UVs
  • Fixes incorrect vertex colors
  • Fixes broken animations in some static objects
  • Removes useless extra data
  • Removes useless animation data
  • Fixes collision alignment
  • Fixes collision materials to correct bullet decals and sounds
  • Fixes collision on cell kit pieces to be more accurate where it will not cause any issues
  • Fixes collision on static pieces to be more accurate where it will not cause any issues
  • Fixes degenerate normals (a UV issue that causes weird lighting issues)
  • Fixes exactly one texture's transparency and adds proper LOD textures to a mesh
What this doesn't do:
  • Fix armor meshes (there are some but this is a big future project)
  • Fix weapon meshes (Use WMIM)
  • Fix animations
  • Make collisions more complex (too many incompatibilities and heavier on the engine)
  • Make collisions smaller to allow close item stacking (the bigger collision is on purpose to prevent bugs)
  • Anything that would require a plugin (this will change when hats are sorted out)
  • Any meshes that are exclusive to Fallout 3 (These are in Updated Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch)

Use your favorite mod manager, or manually extract the files.
Have these files load after YUP (or any other bug fix that contains meshes) and before the rest of your mods.

Use your mod manager's method of uninstalling mods, or delete the meshes folder if you installed it manually and hope none of your other mods used meshes. Please use a mod manager.

The base game. DLC fixes are included but not required for the fixes to work.

None? Just make sure mesh replacers overwrite these.

Tale of Two Wastelands:
After 3.3 I'll try to maintain an optional file that only includes meshes not included with 3.3.
Currently works with TTW, it'll just become redundant with 3.3 (that means uninstall it when you update, then keep an eye out for the future updates).

Bug Reporting:
Use Stewie's Tweaks with "bMeshPath = 1", open the console with "~", click on the mesh, and take a screenshot, and include that in your bug report.