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This is a simple mod that adjusts some chems, adds a recipe for purified water, and adjusts the autodocs adrenaline shot.

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Dead Money is fun & challenging, but it wasn't perfectly designed for hardcore needs in mind. (Not to mention, the many bugs it contains that makes this more difficult.)

This mod does a couple of simple things:

1: Sleep now properly increases as normal. Since safe beds are hard to find, some other things have been adjusted:
2: Relevant chems (Jet, Mentats, anything I considered an amphetamine) now reduce sleep deprivation.
3: The AutoDoc offers an adrenaline shot (this was in vanilla Dead Money). This will reduce your sleep to 0 but damage your agility by 4 points for six hours.
4: You can purchase purified water from the vending machines with the correct access card. The access card is by the Villa hologram vendor.

Essentially, Dead Money becomes not only a harsh combat experience, but a harsh survival experience, as you run around strung out on chems, unable to sleep without being poisoned to death by the cloud. A true insomniacs nightmare. There have been a handful of combat balances as well:

1: The Cosmic knife no longer does extra limb damage. I found this made the DLC too easy. Only the Clean Cosmic Knife and Superheated Version do limb damage.
2: The Clean Cosmic knife requires purified water to craft. A serious investment until you find the crafting code.

I made this for myself, but thought some other could get some use from it. It will likely require all your standard fan-made bug fixes and patches to operate correctly (you should have these anyway, especially for this DLC.) This mod will be incompatible with any mod that adjusts chems, or the Dead Money Autodoc script.

There may still be issues with sleep deprivation triggering normally. If this is still a problem for you, anything that reduces or increases sleep deprivation will cause it to increase normally again.

Have Fun!