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A simple, easy to follow guide to make mod added addiction effects work with YUP's fix for Fixer. Anyone capable of doing basic navigation in the Geck and xEdit(you need to be able to do both) should be able to follow along with this.

Permissions and credits

As you may be aware YUP has a fix for Fixer that makes it actually function as a temporary removal of addiction. Instead of a permanent removal, which is how it worked in vanilla(due to a bug). Unfortunately YUP only covers vanilla addiction effects. This guide addresses that by showing you on how to implement this fix on mod added vanilla effects. Now since this is a YUP specific fix, so long as you provide proper credit, which I will be doing for this guide as well below. This is a fix one can freely use. Therefore, considering that implementing this into other mods is rather simple (if potentially somewhat tedious). I figured it might be worth writing a guide on how to do so.

Intended audience for this guide:
The guide is largely written to cater to a beginner aiming to patch other mods for their own personal use. But should still work for mod authors looking to patch their own mods. But I expect that actual mod authors will be able to look past the obvious bits about making a separate patch and will understand how to directly patch their own mods mods.


The GECK. install instructions and a link can be found here.
Geck Extender, technically not required but highly recommended.
YUP or YUPTTW, not required for the guide, but required for things to work in game.
FNVEdit Incase the GECK decides to be special and we need to do clean up after patching things.

The guide Itself:
The actual guide can be found here

Pros and Cons of the method is used in this guide:

  • Will not cause issues even if the end user of the mod does not have YUP or YUPTTW installed. Since we are using a vanilla effect, already in the game to begin with.
  • it does not conflict with my addiction removal fix mod(s) either. Since they don't touch fixer at all.
  • Highly unlikely to cause conflicts with other mods and even it does. It should be relatively easily patched.

  • Needs to be manually implemented on a per base effect level. This doesn't take very long, nor is it hard to do. But it is work for the mod author or whoever is creating a patch, nonetheless.

What this guide does not cover and why I wrote this guide:

Permanent removal of mod added addictions, by the way of a doctor or an autodoc.
My mods Fixed Addiction Removal and Fixed Vanilla Respec Options and Fixed Addiction Removal TTW Edition cover that for base new vegas(+ the official DLC) and TTW respectively.

Yukichigai and YUP for creating the fix that allows Fixer to actually function as a temporary removal of addiction. Without that I obviously wouldn't have been able to write this guide.
sandbox6 for their work on maintaining YUP