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A few patches I made for my latest playthrough. Thought someone might find them useful...

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Disclaimer: These patches are working for me but I am not a pro modder or anything so I can't guarantee I did everything 100% correctly. Made with FNVEdit.

Patches Included

Fallout Character Overhaul 3.01 - The Living Desert Patch

This patch fixes the double eye texture for NPCs introduced by The Living Desert. FCO overwrites the vanilla eye textures with better ones designed to fit the new eye meshes used by that mod. FCO changes the races of (nearly) all NPC's in the game to new races using those improved eye meshes and textures, but any mod that adds NPCs with a vanilla race will be using the old meshes, which don't match. I did this the easiest way I could think of, by simply changing the race of those NPC's from a vanilla one to the appropriate FCO one.

This patch does not include every single NPC that could possibly be affected by this but it includes quite a few. This is because it is a real PITA to track down all the necessary records for every single one. I will continue updating this patch as I come across affected NPC's in my current playthrough or as users report them to me. 

Fallout Character Overhaul 3.01 - YUP

This patch simply forwards YUP's fixes through FCO, which is an older mod and does not include them. I made this patch using version 11.8.1 but as far as I know you can use it with any future versions of YUP as well, it just won't forward any new changes.

I strongly recommend using FCO - The Last Few Edits in addition to FCO and this patch, although it is not required. That mod touches many NPCs the original doesn't and this patch will forward any YUP fixes through that mod as well. Be sure to put this patch's ESP below FCO - The Last Few Edits - Complete.esp in your load order. All users need to place it after FCO - NPC Changes.esp, YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp, and FCO-GlowingOne.esp.

This patch REQUIRES FCO-GlowingOne.esp which is listed as optional in the FCO fomod installer but is MANDATORY for this patch. If anyone wants a version that doesn't require this esp and doesn't include fixes for the 2 affected ghoul NPCs then I will make it.

Project Nevada Rebalance - Nuka Cola Overhaul

Small patch that allowed these two mods to play nice for Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Cola Quantum, Ice Cold Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Cola Victory, and Nuka-Cola Quartz. PN will properly label thses as sealed while NC Overhaul allows them to restore hydration and work with the added perk "Implant Y-3". This patch also incorporates YUP fixes for Nuka-Cola Quantum, Nuka-Cola Victory, and Nuka-Cola Quartz, so these items will display the correct Pip Boy icon and properly reward bottle caps on opening.

You ONLY need this patch if you are using the Rebalance module of this mod, which is selected from the PN fomod installer. Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp is a master for this patch and is required! Place this patch's ESP below Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp and NukaColaOverhaul.esp.

**New for version 1.1** Updated to version 2.1 of NCO. Added Project Nevada support to all the new drinks added by NCO, which will now show as sealed. Changed the names of Ice Cold drinks added by NCO to reflect their Ice Cold nature and ensure consistency with the base game drinks. Added "Ignores Crippled Limbs" effect to Nuka Lixir to better reflect Project Nevada's changes to Med-X.

Fallout Character Overhaul 3.01 - Spice of Life

Small patch that adds back items to NPC changed by FCO. The patch will also do this for any NPCs changed by FCO - The Last Few Edits, but that mod is not required for this one to work. Be sure to put this patch's ESP below FCO - The Last Few Edits - Complete.esp in your load order, if using. All users need to place it after FCO - NPC Changes.esp  and 1nivVSLArmors.esp.

Warning about Merged Patches and Bashed Patches - !!IMPORTANT!!

If you are using Merged and/or Bashed Patches (which you probably should be), they WILL revert some of the fixes made by these patches. Once you've generated these patches you must open up FNVEdit and check every record where the Merged or Bash patch is overriding a record from another mod and make sure it is not overriding these patches. If it is, just delete the record from the Merged/Bashed patch. This is a bit tedious but absolutely worth doing to actually get these fixes in-game.

To Do
  • Add all possible NPCs to the FCO/TLD Patch
  • FCO/More Perks patch?
  • More Perks/NC Overhaul Patch?