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This library will replace the in-game heap with a faster, more optimized version. It should decrease load times, remove some stutter and slightly improve frame rate.

Permissions and credits

You will need a 4GB aware version of Fallout: New Vegas for this to work. If you are using a 2GB version, it will not load. Simply extract the folder contents into your game's root directory. If you would like to confirm that the heap replacement loads successfully, a black terminal should spawn every time the game is launched. If you would like the terminal to stop appearing, create a file "d3dx9_38.tmp" in the game's root folder. This will not affect anything in-game. If you want the terminal to appear again, you can delete "d3dx9_38.tmp". I recommend using NVTF with the option bModifyDirectXBehavior set to 1 (bModifyDirectXBehavior=1). It reduces memory usage significantly. It is imperative when using large texture mods.


This should conflict with any existing heap replacer such as NVSR. It is possible to run this alongside NVSR as long as the relevant settings have been disabled. "DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB" in "nvse_config.ini" is now a pointless setting. It will affect absolutely nothing. NVSE v5.14 is incompatible, it has a severe memory corruption bug that has since been fixed in xNVSE.

What this Does

 This library completely replaces the game's heap management system with a faster implementation. Every object in game needs to exist somewhere in memory, this library dictates where each object is placed and how those objects are freed. It outperforms the game's outdated heap and thus has quite large performance gains, though perhaps not significant in vanilla New Vegas. 


Firstly, I would like to thank Nukem and jazzisparis for their "d3dx9_38.dll" library proxy, starting project and advice along the way.

Secondly, to all the testers who helped make this possible. RoyBatty play tested for hours on end in order to get the first stages of the heap going and Kormákur for assistance and stress testing intensive scenarios. Thank you tgspy for consistently testing the latest versions and for sending countless NVAC logs. Later down the line, AVeryUncreativeUsername, V4r0kzZhunter5000Darian StephensVangrel and TheGreatBhan assisted with testing. I am truly grateful for your contributions.

Lastly, to every person I have not mentioned who has provided any sort of assistance along the way, be it large or small, thank you. 

Thank you to lStewieAl for gifting me Premium. Please check out his QoL mod Stewie's Tweaks.