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Turn any common weapon - ballistic, energy, explosive, unarmed, or melee! - into a unique variant with a player-set name and stat-scaling based on per-weapon killcount.

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v1.10 is here, and with it...

  • Unarmed and Melee weapons are nameable!
  • As with the ranged weapons, your named melee weapons can perform the same functions as the common ones - use your named shovel to dig up graves, or use your named machete for a little impromptu "surgery".
  • Fixed ranged weapon FormList omissions from v1.00.
  • Fixed Tri-Beam Laser Rifle and GRA variant missing from "Has HP mod" FormList.
  • Better HP mod fix.

Due to these fixes, it's recommended to update your version to 1.10, even if you don't intend to name melee weapons.

May 1st Update:  I didn't update the main script in the Basic plugin with what I'd written, causing users to be unable to name melee weapons.  I've updated that plugin, as well as all other plugins just to be sure.  I've also renamed the plugin files so that you can upgrade from a v1.00 version without losing saved progress - an oversight borne of an all-night effort.  Sorry about the hiccups, folks.  I'm designating the new version v1.10b so you can tell that it's the right one, and I made it clearer which plugins constitute an upgrade to which v1.00 versions. This is important because if you install a plugin with a different name, the game will treat the plugin as a new mod and drop saved information from the earlier version. Sorry! I'm still new to this. In later versions, I'll make it possible to save arrays to files to mitigate this kind of problem.


  • This mod requires the Ultimate Edition of Fallout: New Vegas.
  • This mod requires the JIP LN NVSE Plugin, version 56.08 or higher, with its attendant requirements.


  • No throwing (consumable) weapons.
  • Only base-game and official DLC weapons.
  • You may only name one instance of each weapon once (129 named weapons, so far, at most), even if you sell or destroy the previous instance.  Before playing, first check the ARTICLES tab for a list of all weapons this mod currently supports to see whether this plugin has what you're looking for.


  • Name your weapon anything you want. (Unless your name is somehow an invalid string. Stop playing video games, Cthulhu!)
  • Total number of kills, updated with every kill, are tracked and displayed next to the item names in the Pipboy.
  • Your named weapon accrues stat changes based on the number of kills. See below in the "STAT CHANGES" section for details.
  • Full vanilla weapon mod support. Mod the weapon before you name it, or mod it afterwards. The rate of stat increase will not be affected.
  • Any non-unique weapon can be named.
  • Your companions can use your named weapons freely. They just won't increment its kills; only you can do that.
  • Retiring? Sell your storied piece for a hefty sum. Your anti-materiel rifle is famous across the Mojave, after all, for dispatching over 600 molerats!
  • Your named weapons still work with the same perks and count towards the same challenges. All relevant Formlists and Camera Paths are updated.  I updated as many as I could find, even the ones where a YUP change might otherwise render it redundant.
  • Certain types of enemies only award ½ kills, so don't feel obligated to spend valuable ammo on vermin just to rack up kills.
  • Bug-tested and reworked. I can only do so much as one person, but I've tried to make this as smooth a user experience as possible.
  • DLC weapons are included (including GRA variants of existing weapons as separate records).
  • Name your weapon with a new consumable item, similar to a Weapon Repair Kit, and craft more with a recipe.
  • Compatibility available for MadAce's Ragdolls.
  • Compatibility available for PushTheWinButton's JSawyer Ultimate Edition.
  • Compatibility available for miguick's Boxing Fatigue Fix and Tweaks.

No,  you can't name your Ranger Sequoia, even though you can find multiple copies.  Uniques have already been named by someone else.  In fact, the idea for this mod started as just a way for an NCR player to main a Hunting Revolver without shooting a veteran Ranger in the back of the head or going through metagaming shenanigans.  Why get a Ranger Sequoia when the notches on your pistol number
one and 199 more,
one and 199 more...

(Well, because they still look great. But I haven't served the NCR for 20 years! All I did was get shot in the head and then wake up very angry and deadly!)

Upon the initialization of the script for the first time, the game will wait until you are outdoors, and then it will inform you that you have a delivery in Primm, waiting for you in the Mojave Express dropbox.

Someone you don't know anymore but who still knows you (maybe because they haven't been shot in the head) has followed up on a question you once asked. The package includes 1 Weapon Naming Ritual, and you can craft more using the recipe found with the letter - but don't expect to be able to collect all the required ingredients right away. You need parts from two relatively dangerous critter types, and you need... humans. But don't worry! If it's an item you can put in your inventory and it's made out of human, you can use it! Even if it's already been culinarily processed. Yes, I know, the recipe says otherwise, but if all you have is a strange pie, who am I to make things complicated? (Minor spoiler alert, I suppose, if you thought those kebabs were really coyote meat all this time.)

If there is a vanilla, non-unique, non-consumable weapon that you cannot name, it is a mistake and you should let me know.

I FORGOT TO PUT THIS IN THE DESCRIPTION AT RELEASE - if you've examined the code and have seen performance/bloat issues, mistakes, inefficiency, or can simply share a shift in thinking that's not obvious to a new coder, I would love to hear it.  I'm very open to advice, I just have a complex about soliciting it.


The xNVSE team, without whose work this mod would simply not be possible.

jazzisparis and LuthienAnarion for JIP LN NVSE - the functions contained therein are similarly vital to this mod's very existence. JIP LN functions are the ones which save the day when hope is nearly lost.

carxt, lStewieAl, and c6 for JohnnyGuitar NVSE, for great functions that I have both used and plan on using.

Yukichigai, sandbox, and countless other contributors for Yukichigai Unofficial Patch, without which modding in New Vegas would be utterly demoralizing.

miguick, PushTheWinButton, and TrueVoidWalker for Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus, whose fixes take a great load off of my mind, and whose code I examined when I first started learning NV scripting.

korri123 for Improved Console (NVSE) and Hot Reload (NVSE). Do you know how long it would've taken a first-time scripter to learn, by trial and error, to make something that actually works without these mods?! I apologize to all those who came before those of us learning in 2021. I deeply apologize that though I endured great pain, it was not GECK-loading-and-game-restarting-for-every-change pain.

CyberSpyder for writing Signature Weapons nearly a decade ago. Many things were not possible back then with the available code base, but nonetheless they forged a path and made the mod which gave me the idea in the first place.

Xilandro for Player Headtracking, which gave me the inspiration to work with rolling actor arrays.

ZuTheSkunk for Shooting Range For Weapon Testing, which was invaluable during early testing.

PushTheWinButton for the excellent JSawyer Ultimate Edition, for which a compatibility plugin is provided so that named weapons match their common brethren.

MadAce for Ragdolls - when I first played the 3D Fallouts a long time ago, this was one of the mods that I'd often hoped for. A compatibility plugin is also available, though it only amounts to an update to one of the FormLists added by Ragdolls.

miguick for Boxing Fatigue Fix and Tweaks and many, many other fixes.

Qolore7 and Viva New Vegas for providing exactly the kind of guide I was looking for, coming back to New Vegas after way too many years.

And finally, LuthienAnarion again for a forum post from a long, long time ago which helped me immensely in figuring out a working text entry menu. If I couldn't do custom names, I didn't want to do it at all.


  • Damage, critical multiplier, spread reduction, and attack speed scale with every kill, up to 200 kills.
  • Monetary value begins scaling at 50 kills and up, and ends scaling at 450 kills.
  • A standard semi-automatic or melee weapon gains the following combat statistic bonuses at 200 kills (max):

→ Base damage is increased by 18%.
→ Critical multiplier is increased by 1 (flat).
→ Minimum spread is reduced by 28.6%.  (Melee weapons are unaffected.)
→ Attack speed is increased by 40%.

  • Automatic weapons and single-shot weapons do not benefit from attack speed increases.
  • Automatic weapons's critical multiplier increases are calculated as a fraction of their base.
  • Automatic weapons's spread reduction is halved.
  • Weapons that cannot crit do not gain crit.
  • By adding or removing weapons from several FormLists, players can affect the rate of stat increases for those weapons:

  1. [WeaponNamingHALFCRITSTEP] Weapons gain half as much of a critical multiplier increase.
  2. [WeaponNaming2xDAMSTEP] Weapons gain double the damage increase.
  3. [WeaponNaming3xVAL] Weapons appreciate in value 3x more than standard.
  4. [WeaponNamingSPECVAL] Weapons appreciate in value 6x less than standard.

N I T T Y - G R I T T Y

  • Once you activate the naming process, you can still cancel - just press the [OK] button without changing anything in the field. (The mod uses the ancient technique of "modifying the GetPlayerName menu". How was I supposed to know that jazzisparis would actually add text entry as I was wrapping up? Right now, I'm way too exhausted to contemplate trying to change it and possibly breaking everything.)
  • Names can have symbols in them. I think all keyboard symbols fine, even if you accidentally put in a string formatting argument; but if it breaks, that might be why.
  • Recipes are hidden unless you have the recipe note (which should be added as soon as you pick up the package in Primm) and you have a human-derived item in your inventory. This is intended to prevent the recipes from clogging up your campfire interface.
  • I implemented protections against all the vanilla considerations I could think of, but if you use a mod that plays idle animations or otherwise interrupts normal player control while the process is ongoing, you may bork the naming process. Afterwards should be fine.
  • Progress is persistent and also tied to saves. You can name a weapon, kill hundreds of fine folk, and then reload a save from before you named it, and the naming process will be like new. Values are persistent as long as you don't unload this mod, of course. I haven't gotten around to implementing a way to save item values to an .INI or text document.
  • Carrying over weapon +HP mods does work, though it took some doing. The problem is that for certain weapon condition thresholds, the resulting condition will be close to the starting condition, but with a margin of error of less than 1%.  The reason the code must deal with weapon health percents is that that's what informs the Pipboy's display, not raw health.  Anyway, it should be precise now, though let me know if it isn't.
  • I wrote provisions to ensure that the other items in your inventory don't change, especially items of the same form as the one you name, but if a mistake occurs, you should let me know.
  • Player action and Pipboy (but not movement) control is temporarily removed during the naming process.
  • The naming process automatically unequips and reequips several instances of the weapon. Due to the use of [EquipItemAlt] and [UnequipItemAlt], this will trigger OnEquip and OnUnequip events.
  • Weapon fire rate increases are applied with a Perk Entry Point.
  • Kills are tallied (and stats incremented) using the standard NVSE [OnDeath] event handler. This means that the actor must finish ragdoll-ing before the kill is counted.
  • Weapon mods added by mods should work. The code works by setting the weapon mod flags to whatever the original item had, and then checking for HP mods because they are a special case whose effects don't transfer. But you need to add weapons which have had +HP mods added to the relevant Formlist (WeaponNamingHPMOD) in order for the script to check for them. I just realized that mod-added weapon mods that have new models will not work, because the new records will not have the required file paths.


A R R A Y S . . .S OM A N YA R R A Y S . . .

The playable versions have had most comments removed, but I'm also uploading the original code with a TON of comments - less instructional, more confessional. You've been warned. At least you'll know exactly what was going through my head when I wrote THAT.

O N E   D A Y ,   S O M E O N E   M O R E   E X P E R I E N C E D  W I T H   C O D I N G   W I L L   F I G U R E   O U T   A   B E T T E R   W A Y . . .   B U T   U N T I L   T H E N ,   W E   D O   T H I S
M   A   N   U   A   L   L   Y

(For finding related FormLists, that is.  Actually, now that I think about it, I think I saw a function that returns an array of all lists that a given base form is referenced in, but the problem would be sorting which ones shouldn't be included, like leveled lists.)

  (IT GETS A LOT LESS PITHY FROM HERE ON OUT - not that it was much so before)

Hi, new coder here. If you're thinking "Wow, I would not have wanted my first experience with coding to be scripting in a Bethesda game", then yes, it turns out you'd be absolutely right. As it happens, having more free time during unprecedented times does not in fact lessen the soul-crushing aspects of learning something new that you don't have a particular talent for. And here I thought, "SINCE I LOVE NEW VEGAS SO MUCH, IT ISN'T GOING TO BE LIKE SCHOOL, OR WORK!" Well, it actually didn't go as poorly as higher education turned out... and it's not as bad as work, either... aaaaand now I remember why I threw myself into this to start with. I will say, though, that learning new things still makes me feel interesting. Specifically, it still fills me with that same sinking, strangely desperate feeling as it did previously, like getting lost at the supermarket as a 6-year-old, or maybe as though the possibilities that learning naturally brings are not welcoming me with open arms but rather screaming at me for daring to shut them out in the first place. And right now there's nothing I'd rather do than sink back into the familiar stupor, rather than let a certain thought gain purchase - the possibility that I might miss the boat again, and that perhaps one of these boats I keep missing will turn out to be Noah's Ark - that is, the last boat before the flood of existential dreads which I daren't even name finishes washing away the memories of absolutely every single thing I have ever dreamed I would be as a child, leaving only the nebulous fears that set up shop early and never went away. Wow, no matter how the years pass, you can always go right back to that feeling! Is that the way the Child at Heart perk works in real life? Whoops, wrong game!