About this mod

A fixed, compatible, and slightly improved version of the JSawyer. To give you mostly the intended experience of the original mod.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
The purpose of the Lone Star is to find a happy medium between the other JSawyer forks.
Unlike Vigor this fork is not trying to find balance between the original mod and the vanilla game (although Lone Star has all its functions, which can be configured), but at the same time, it's not trying to expand the content of the original mod like JSawyer Ultimate Edition.
I was looking at what SawyerBatty FNV was trying to achieve (but it has not been updated since its release in 2022 and, accordingly, is currently outdated due to changes in new versions of YUP) - provide a fixed, compatible, and slightly improved version of the JSawyer. To give you mostly the intended experience of the original mod.

Changes from the original mod
  • Forwarded all YUP and UPNVSE+ bug fixes.
  • Converted to ESM (the BSA archive of the mod contains generated facegen).
  • Used the SetPCCanUsePowerArmor function instead of removing "Power Armor" flags to fix the idle stance and "IsPowerArmor" script issues.
  • Applied the base health change through fAVDHealthEnduranceOffset instead of editing player records, so it actually works now.
  • Repositioned Lightweight Metal Armor, which was previously stuck in the texture.
  • Removed JSawyerLoadMessage (message box from the beginning of the game, seriously?).
  • Removed the Ghost People Flesh record edit because the player couldn't obtain it.
  • Removed "Has Backpack" flags from combat armors to fix the idle stance.
  • Removed all (GRA), (Vigilant Recycler), (Mad Bomber), and (Hand Load) tags because items with them already have unique names.
  • Rewritted the (Junk) prefix to ", Junk" for constistency.
  • Added the missing "Round" to the ammo and their recipes for consistency.
  • Rewritted all "Reinforced Merc Outfit" to "Merc Outfit, Reinforced" for constistency.
  • Replaced LL2Tier2EnergyGun with LootBrightFollowersEnergy in one of the Deranged Bright Followers to prevent him from carrying an Incetrator.
  • Increased weight of the Auto-Inject Stimpak and Auto-Inject Super Stimpak to the value of their non-auto counterparts.
  • Moved all FormID changes from a script to hard edits for easier patching.
  • Moved NPC karma changes to a script for compatibility with mods that edit NPCs.
  • Edited various in-game tutorials and load-screen messages to be consistent with the mod's changes.
  • Added the "Restore Dehydration" effect to Rum & Nuka, which was probably removed by accident.
  • Added item health to all of the placed Courier's Stash items.
  • Added Homemade and Expired Stimpaks to the NVDLC03PerkRelatedAllStimpaksLIST.
  • Added overlooked Expired Stimpaks in the appropriate containers and leveled lists.
  • Changed NVDLC03ChemistrySetSCRIPT to give Homemade Stimpaks.
Courier's Stash items locations
Ammo Recipes Addon
Adds missing vanilla ammo craft and breakdown recipes to the reloading bench.
A slightly edited version of the amazing Missing Ammo Type Recipes - Lite Ammunition Crafting Expansion mod to fit with the Lone Star changes (removed repeated recipes, (GRA) and (Hand Load) tags; the (Junk) prefix was rewritten to ", Junk" for consistency, also added missing "Round" to the ammo for consistency).

  • Ability to change hardcore stages and thresholds.
  • Ability to change carry weight.
  • Ability to change health mult and offset by endurance.
  • Ability to change XP receiving.
  • Ability to disable DLC XP reduction.
  • Ability to change the max level cap back to vanilla 50 instead of 35.
  • Ability to receive perk every level.
  • Ability to disable Deranged Bright Followers.
  • Ability to disable unique armors.
  • Ability to enable, distribute or disable Courier's Stash items.
  • Ability to change Varmint Rifle and Ratslayer to use 22LR.
  • Ability to enable Ammo Recipes Addon.
Pre-made modgroups for YUP and UPNVSE+.
Pre-made patches for various mods (SMIM, EVEM, EDEM, Uncut Wasteland, The Living Desert, Outside Bets, Mojave Raiders).
Full support for Viva New Vegas.
Companion suite effects in the UPNVSE+ are automatically disabled when the mod is enabled to prevent companions from having too low carry weight.
Incompatible with Mojave Arsenal etc. - use bNPCWeaponMods=1 in the jip_nvse.ini and bAmmoRecipesAddon=1 in the Lone Star.ini to get approximately the same functionality.
Incompatible with any other game balance overhaul.