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About this mod

Changes/Fixes the quest text in the Pipboy so that they are more detailed. Suitable for those who like to play without quest markers.

Permissions and credits

This mod makes changes to the quest objectives text on your Pipboy. More details have been both added as well as removed, destinations are now easier to find. Aside from text editing, this mod also integrates quest bug fixes.

Inspired by EBQO - Even Better Quest Objectives for Skyrim

What does this mod do?

> Changes the quest text in the Pipboy so it is more detailed. Good for people who do not like quest markers.
> Adds missing words to original quest text.
> Adds a missing period (sentence stopper) to some text.
> Fixes some minor but major spelling errors
> Changes some text that were awkward and felt out of place.
> Removes some excessive use of words.
> Changes "OPTIONAL:", "[Optional]", "Optional:", "Optional -" or anything similar to "(Optional)". Keeps things simple.
> Removes some text that would spoil the quest (like investigation quests or "locate an item" quests).
> Changes "Tell..." to "Inform...". For example, instead of saying "Tell Jack blah blah blah", it would be "Inform Jack blah blah blah" (some have been purposefully left as is).
> Changes "Talk to" and "Speak with" to "Speak to" (some have been purposefully left as is).

Examples of some changes

These changes are from v1.0. They could have been updated to be better.

I went through almost all of the quests in GECK from both main game and DLCs and changed the text to some more detailed ones. Some quests I did not change due to the fact it did not need it or it was a "finding" quest that was supposed to be riddling. Here are some example changes showing the before (red) and after (green):

Deliver drugs to Motor Runner > Deliver the drugs provided by Diane to Don Hostetler at the Crimson Caravan near Freeside North Gate. (more detailed).
Follow Doc Mitchell to the exit.Follow Doc Mitchell to the door and speak to him there. ("to the exit" seems awkward so I changed it + extra details).
Tell Jack Janet is interested in him.Inform Jack that Janet is interested in being with him.
Find the vents Keely is pumping gas through and somehow ignite the gas.Locate the vents Keely is pumping gas through and ignite it. (repetition of words).
Talk to Julie Farkas about what can be done to help Rex. > Speak to Julie Farkas at the Old Mormon Fort about what can be done to help Rex.
Try to convince Orion Moreno to stay.Convince Orion Moreno to stay.
(Optional) Have Arcade Gannon enslaved as Caesar's personal physician.(Optional) Have Arcade Gannon, located in the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside, enslaved as Caesar's personal physician.
Find the Legion Dropbox.Locate the Legion Dropbox around the outside area of Cottonwood Cove. ("Find the Legion Dropbox". Where???).
Kill the NCR Hostages.Kill the NCR Hostages captured by the Legion at Nelson, south of Camp Forlorn Hope. (detail :D).
Spread word of Legion atrocities.Spread word of the Legion slaughtered and burned the town of Nipton. (This change makes it nicer in my opinion. Makes it more specific).
Gain access to the Remnants Bunker.Gain access to the Remnants Bunker, west of the Strip North Gate and east of Jacobstown. (Remants bunker where???).
Search Camp Forlorn Hope for clues about the missing medical supplies.Search Camp Forlorn Hope for any clues about the missing medical supplies stolen from Dr. Richards' medical tent.
Search the Zion General Store for five Li'l Scout Lunchboxes. > Search the Zion General Store nearby for five Li'l Scout Lunchboxes.

...there are many, many more!

DLCs, Patches and Mod Support

The FOMOD comes with DLC Modularity, TTW as well as FNV Ultimate Edition Support. Pick your choices in the the FOMOD, but keep in mind that the DLC Modularity is very old (uses v1.0) so I would not recommend using it unless you do not own all of the DLCs.

> (OPTIONALJSawyer Ultimate Edition
> (OPTIONALA World of Pain
> (OPTIONAL) Project Nevada Cyberware/Equipment

> (OPTIONAL) Factions Reloaded - Merge
> (OPTIONAL) Weapon Mods Expanded - WMX


Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP and all DLCs except for GRA and the Pre-Order Pack.
- For DLC Modularity, YUP and all DLCs are not require, however, I do not recommend using DLC Modularity as it is very OLD.
- For TTW, you need all DLCs as well as YUPTTW.esm to be ENABLED.


1. Download the file.
2. Follow the FOMOD installer instructions.
3. Activate.
4. Done!

After installing the mod, I recommend you to include it in a merged ESP (Wrye Bash or zEdit)


Simply remove the file, the save should not be harmed whatsoever. If this mod was included in a Bashed Patch or a zEdit merged patch, rebuild the patch. It might also help to clean your save file with a save cleaner tool afterward.


Just leave any suggestions, whether it be features or bugs, in the comments and I will consider it. Also if you have any questions, be sure to ask. Don't forget to endorse if this mod helped you. THANK YOU :)