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completely overhauls the weapons, armor, combat, drugs and hardcore values of tale of two wastelands to be as close to reality as I can possibly make them. LOOKING FOR PLAY-TESTERS REQUIRES TTW YUKICHIGAI PATCH VERSION 1.2 mofuka

Permissions and credits
TTW YUP Realism Rebalance and Revisions
List of changes V1.2

Added a small forward outpost of the crimson caravan company to the exterior of megaton. I plan on adding more settlements dotted across the capitol wasteland because I doubt seriously that a trading caravan wouldn't have roots all over the nation when trains apparently still run perfectly. Cars exist.

Completely fixed water enchantment the bug had to do with the geck fucking me over when I was modifying every armor i n the entire game.

Fixed several errors in ownership of placed items around the capitol wasteland.

Modified karma system to drop you 1000 points for killing a "very good" character. 800 for a "good" character and 700 for a neutral character. If you kill an innocent person you don't deserve the term neutral. Once you kill a good person it's pretty hard to get  yourself redeemed in the eyes of the new karma system. Stealing and trespassing karma loss was actually toned down because stealing is not super unethical especially when it's kill or be killed in the wasteland.

TTW YUP Realism Rebalance
List of Changes V1.1

Adjusted several typo values that were off such as the .22 revolver damage and water
breathing enchantment on some stuff it should not be on.

More realistic hunting: I have made sure every animal and robot is guaranteed to
have at least a minimum realistic amount of usable material on them.
Every gecko has a hide every nightstalker has a tail but sometimes
they get blown off or are diseased. Most animals are guaranteed to
have one meat on them. Many animals will have 2-8 pieces on them
depending on size of the animal. Each deathclaw is guaranteed to get
two hands. Rawr is affected but keeps his other paw.

Ammunition adjusted so that long barrel rifled fire arms are preferable for long distance
engagements and piercing armor as they tend to use more piercing tapered
bullets. Most rifle calibers have a DT reduction bonus.

Integrated more uncommon items into leveled loot lists as rare death items. Unless you have hellfire or t-51b you're going to have a lot of trouble being shot multiple times, and even then you'll still die to some 5mm carbine fire to the dome.

Buffed fragmentation explosives. Much deadlier. C4 given huge damage boost.

TTW YUP Realism Rebalance
List of Changes V1.0
    TTW-YUP Realism Rebalance is my attempt at a complete overhaul for tale of two wastelands. It requires Yukichigai’s Unofficial Patch to correct many bugs within new vegas. This is the fruit of my attempts to create an extremely realistic rebalance.

It is a simple drag n drop ESP activate it with a mod manager or in your start menu.
There's no scripts textures or meshes of any kind. It is a rebalance of the vanilla gameplay of TTW.

     I felt that in vanilla FNV the game-play is much too easy. Enemies soak up bullets like nothing. The economy is inconsistent and unrealistic. Armor doesn't follow realistic ballistic properties

  1.  Weapon damage adjusted to be more realistic. All Firearms become much more lethal. All weapons in general do more damage. (increased by 1.9x effects modded weapons) I compared exit wounds for common ammuntion types and adjusted the weights of some weapons.
  2. All drugs have been rebalanced for hardcore mode to match realism. (soda dehydration is a myth; CNS stimulants like jet, rocket, turbo and psycho just to name a few all now restore sleep deprivation)
  3. Changed some popup-texts to be slightly less immersion breaking. (to some people)
  4.  Hardcore mode is slightly more realistic.  Sleep once a day and eat two to three times depending on how much you move. Takes longer to get thirsty compared to vanilla.
  5. The timescale is set to 1. This means the 1 minute in game is 1 minute in real life. To pass time faster either sleep or wait. This change can make certain quests take longer. If this occurs use the command ~set timescale to 30 and wait a minute.
  6. Armor has been completely overhauled. Most power armor is set as medium armor as it is self supporting; as well as a complete overhaul of DT. (no more DR for fo3 armors) Metal armors are heavy and provide a lot of protection. Combat armor that appears the same is the same functionally. Leather armor provides more protection. Armor prices have been adjusted accordingly.

More changes coming in V1.1 as soon as I compile a good list of them.

I need playtesters. Video reviews appreciated. Expect much of this to change as this is still a dynamic work.