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Personal Overhaul that changes a lot without changing much.

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This is my own personal game mod, with balance changes based on Jsawyer Mod, but with a lot of my own changes/additions and built with YUP in mind. (Just to be clear, the level cap is still 50 in Oxmod.)

I decided to make this because even though I like a lot about Jsawyer, I want to minimize conflicts and balance issues with modded content (including the aforementioned YUP).

This mod requires the Yukigachi Unofficial Patch. If you don't want to use the patch, then just use Sawyer mod instead.


  • Player base Health reduced from 100 to 50.
  • Base Carryweight decreased from 150 to 50. (5 STR = 100 Carry Weight.)
  • Hunger, Sleep, and Thirst increases faster.
  • Hunger, Sleep, Thirst, and Radiation penalty thresholds adjusted: Initial stage sets in at 400, advanced stages set in at 150 unit intervals after that.
  • Added a truly Bald "hairstyle."


  • Super Mutants given 10% damage resistance, like their Blue-Hued siblings.
  • Adult Deathclaws give 10% damage resistance.
  • Boss Deathclaws given 15% damage resistance.
  • Fiends and their Bosses given an ability granting them 25% Damage Resistance (Med-X) and a 25% Damage Bonus (Psycho)


  • Added an Electric Hotplate with Campfire Functionality to the Novac Motel Room.
  • Added Ranges with Campfire functionality to the Lucky 38 Suite Kitchen.
  • Added drinking functionality to the Sink in the Lucky 38 Suite kitchen.
  • Added a Reloading Bench to the list of purchasable Lucky 38 Suite Upgrades.
  • Added a Mk. 2 Auto-Doc to the list of purchasable Lucky 38 Suite Upgrades. (Restores Health and gives a 12-hour dose of Fixer.)
  • Changed the Lucky 38 Crafting Locker models to be Lockers instead of Trunks and changed the Locker's names to specify Workbench and Reloading Bench storage.
  • Rearranged the Lucky 38 Suite crafting area a bit.
  •  Replaced two "broken" Radios In the Lucky 38 Suite with functioning ones.


  • Strong Back Carry Weight bonus reduced to 25lbs, Strength prerequisite removed.
  • Super Slam, Piercing Strike, and Slayer changed to have OR conditionals for Melee Weapons and Unarmed.
  • Hoarder penalty threshold reduced to 75 Pounds.
  • Cowboy Perk now affects the Police Pistol.
  • Toughness now grants Damage Resistance instead of Damage Threshold.


  • GRA Weapons and mods unified and properly integrated in to the base game.
  • Fire Bombs detonate on impact, deal increased Damage-Over-Time and have improved visuals.
  • Hunting Shotgun firerate reduced. (I just think it looks better with Hitman's Anniversary animation pack.)
  • Automatic Rifle spread and Item Health improved.
  • Increased the Item Health of various Energy weapons by 50-100%.
  • Reduced the weight of various Energy Weapon munitions by 40-50%
  • Increased the damage of Laser Pistols to 16.
  • Recharger Pistol weight reduced by about 40% percent.
  • .223 Rounds now pierce through 2 points of DT.
  • Increased the damage of Caravan Shotguns by 5 points.
  • Increased the damage of the Weathered 10mm pistol to 25.
  • Increased the damage of Throwing Knives to 18.


  • Medium and Heavy Armors now have Damage Resistance in addition to Damage Threshold.
  • Leather, Merc, and Medium/Heavy Armors, (excluding Power Armor) weight reduced by 40-to-50%.
  • Reduced movement speed penalties of Medium and Heavy armors.
  • Power Armor no longer requires the Power Armor Training Perk to equip.
  • Power Armor Training enables a Carry Weight Bonus on Power Armor to offset its weight.
  • Power Armor Helmets gain the same bonus when worn with Training and a suit of Power Armor.
  • Metal Armor now decreases Sneak instead of Agility.
  • Merc Armors are each given a bonus to a SPECIAL attribute.
  • Various basic clothing outfits that originally had no armoring now have 2 DT.
  • Wasteland Wanderer Outfit now gives a small boost to Sneak skill instead of Aglity and Endurance.
  • Wasteland Settler Outfit now gives a small boost to Survival skill instead of Agility and Endurance.
  • Chinese Stealth Armor has its weight reduced to 7.5lbs, it's DT reduced to 8, and its sneak bonus increased to 20.
  • Roving Trader hat now gives the standard headgear Perception buff instead of a Barter bonus.
  • Breathing Mask Radiation Resistance increased to 15.
  • Breathing Mask and Rebreather can now be worn with Eyewear.
  • Headgear Perception bonus changed to only activate between Sunrise and Sunset. (The enchantment ID refers to the bonus as "SunGuard.")
  • Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit DT set to 12 and weight to 7.5
  • Changed the enchantment of the Roving Trader Outfit from a +5 Barter bonus to a +10 Carry Weight bonus.
  • Increased the Barter Bonus on the Business Suit enchantment to 10.


  • Revised the Lakelurk Meat droptable so it's now a guaranteed 1 piece and a 25% chance for an additional piece.
  • Added Zion Spore Creature Loot to Mojave and Big MT. Spore Creatures.
  • Added the Roving Trader Outfit to various "Wastelander" clothing leveled lists so they can appear where other Wasteland clothing can.
  • Added Throwing Knives to Mr. Holdout's selection of goods.


  • All Chems, Stimpaks, and Magazines now have a small amount of weight.
  • Black Coffee's Sleep restoration increased.
  • Roughin' It! Bedroll kit weight reduced.
  • Bubblegum now restores 1 unit of Hunger for 1 minute.
  • Changed the visual effect of Fixer and removed the "Poison Stinger" sound effect.
  • Desert Salad healing reduced to 2pts and duration increased to 50s. (Similar total healing, but no longer steps on the toes of Stimpaks.)
  • 'Them's Good Eatin' items have their healing reduced, restore starvation and scale their effects with the Survival skill.
  • Monetary value of 'Them's Good Eatin' items significantly reduced.
  • Added Fried Lakelurk food item.
  • Reduced the base healing of the Wasteland Omelet from 4 to 2.


  • Added a Workbench recipe for crafting Firebombs.
  • Added a Workbench recipe to turn Bent Tin Cans in to Tin Cans.
  • Tin Grenades no longer require Mad Bomber to craft.
  • Added Campfire Salient Green Cloning recipes for Carrots, Pears, Potatoes, and Apples.
  • Campfire Salient Green recipes are now hidden at the campfire unless the player has Salient Green in their inventory.
  • Healing Powder given a token 5 Survival requirement for menu consistency.
  • Added a Campfire recipe to convert batches of Nuka-Cola bottles in to more useful Soda Bottles.
  • Added a Workbench recipe to craft the Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit. Recipe automatically becomes available at Level 21.
  • Added Fried Lakelurk Campfire Recipe.
  • Added Workbench recipes for crafting Throwing Knives, Hatchets, and Spears.


  • Raul now has Lockpicking as a Tag Skill, replacing Science. (Gives him unique utility with JIP CC&C.)
  • Companions now draw their weapon when told to be Aggressive.
  • Crafting with Veronica's assistance through dialogue now grants the player a +50 Science buff to help them craft more advanced items.
  • Companions who should have power armor training now gain the Oxmod benefits of Power Armor Training.
  • Reduced the projectile count of Cass's shotgun, making her weapon more effective against light armor. (Equivalent to if she was using 3/0 Buckshot.)


  • DLC Pop-ups are all disabled. (You'll still be assaulted with Quests after leaving Doc's house.)
  • Disabled the Courier's Stash items from being given to the player at the start of the game.
  • Removed the ability to mod Courier's Stash weapons for consistency with other unique weapons.
  • Added Oscar Williams, a "hunter" in possession of the Mercenary Pack items.
  • Added an "Arroyo Outcast", a shifty tribal in possession of the Classic Pack items.
  • Added an unfortunate Caravaneer and his Pack Brahmin who can be found with the Caravan Pack items.


  • Recon Armors now have gloves.
  • Reinforced Combat Armors now have gloves.
  • The generic Vault 21 jumpsuit the player receives from Doc Mitchell is replaced with a unique rolled-sleeved variant. (Has no special effects or Armoring.)
  • De-bananified Apprentice Watkins hair in favor of a more natural Blonde.
  • De-bananified Sammy Wins hair for a dark blonde.
  • Changed Sammy Wins' race to African-American since his voice actor is of-color and there's plenty of white people in Vegas already.
  • Changed Major Polatli's hair from a Vantablack abyss to a more natural black; also modified his facial features slightly.
  • Roving Trader Hat renamed to "Rugged Ballcap" to match it's new general enchantment.
  • Removed Gloves from the various "Casual" Ranger Outfits.
  • Changed the "Head Gear" Perception bonus Effect Name to "Sun Guard" to represent its new conditions.
  • Enabled the 'Has Backpack' flag on the infamously chunky Mk. 2 Reinforced Combat Armor so the player carries themself better while wearing it.
  • Added new model for the Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit, based on the rolled-sleeved "Worn" version. Also Gloves.
  • Changed the lighting in the Nash Residence (Mojave Express Building) which used an extreme and ugly global directional light. Now it aligns with other Primm homes.
  • Edited the model and texture for the Roving Trader Outfit, removing the junk and goggles and changing the pants color.
  • Ticked the 'Has Backpack' flag on the Roving Trader Outfit due to its bulky appearance.
  • Changed the name of the Roving Trader outfit to Wasteland Scavenger Outfit.
  • Gave Standard Grenade/Mine pickup sounds to MFC Grenades and Clusters.
  • Modified the Gibbing capabilities of various weapons.


  • Quest Item flags removed from the Big MT Transportalponder, Laser Detonator, and Rebreather. (If you lose these items while you still need them, it's your own fault.)
  • Perk and DLC tags removed from all item and recipe names. ( (GRA), (Vigilante Recycler), etc.)
  • Messages about Followers leaving/joining the party and granting you their follower perks are now corner messages instead of pop-ups.
  • Particle effects from bullet impacts (dust, sparks, etc) appear at much greater distances from the player.
  • The Brotherhood Scouts, originally identical triplets with no eyebrows, now have distinct appearances.
  • Adjusted Apprentice Watkins' appearance so she doesn't just have the default Caucasian Woman face.
  • Wasteland Doctor and Surgeon Outfits given a new Medicine boosting Enchantment so they're no longer referred to as "Lab Coats" in the effects menu.