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An standardization (mainly focused on weapons / damage) for a lot of the most famous mods (along with lesser known mods you should check out), make sure to read the discription for requirements.

(This is my very first upload, so the discription might be a mess)

Permissions and credits
----I M P O R T A N T----
First of all, I did NOT create any actual content, all the credits go to the original mod authors, only thing I did was altering values using FalloutEdit. Second, install the NVSE and the 4GB Patch, this is literally a must if you want to play with mods.

This mod may also work if you are looking for a list of new modded content

If you ever felt the need to download a big weapon pack and would like the game to be a bit more chalenging along with some new locations to explore and maybe a few number of new real great quests, but some of the weapons that comes with these mods feel kinda off in terms of stats, well, maybe this file can help you out, in this mod I mainly try to standardize a lot of weapon stats and damage dealt against the Player and NPCs, aimed to make your game a bit more realistic and challenging, with some other minor patches of my own. Make sure you have all the DLCs and Pre-order Content. The mods needed are listed on the "requirements" tab.

--- An exemple of damage output:
Normally a Service Rifle would do 18 damage, the Marksman Carbine does 24. With this mod, all the 5.56 weapons will do about 21 damage. Same thing goes to all other cartridges. The unique weapons will perform better than it's common counterparts, either by damage, critical hit, accuracy...
The AWOP upgraded weapons will also do a little bit more damage.
EXPLOSIVES!!!! Now they have become lethal.

--- Accuracy:
The overall weapon minimal spread has been reworked, making full-auto usable (and lethal as well) and giving semi-auto a reazonable accuracy (now you can take shots at longer ranges with th Battle Rifle, for exemple).

--- Damage Received: 
The damage multiplier on the limbs has been tweaked, mirroring Wrankss' Realistic Weapon Damage mod. Now it is be applied to DLC's and modded creatures.

--- Minor Armor Tweaks:
Mercenary outfits now are much lighter, now their use is viable during early game, one exemple is the Grun Outfit now weights 2 pounds instead of 8

--- Avarege raw damage output per caliber (may change due to barrel length; unique; etc)
5mm - 18
.22 LR - 12
5.56mm - 21
.308 Win - 57
9mm - 20
.357 Mag - 30
10mm - 22
.44 Mag - 46
.45 ACP - 30
.45-70 Gov - 75
12.7mm - 40
.50 BMG - 220
*.410 - 40 (reachable by ammo effect)
20 Gauge - 70
12 Gauge - 100

INSTALATION: unpack and drop it on the Data folder on your game's directory :P     You may use a mod manager to make sure it loads in the right order.

--- Changelog:
--Feburary 10th:
More info at the mod description (including this)
Ajusted the .357 Derringer reload speed stats.
Ajusted the .22 Plinking Rifle AP cost.

--- Work In Progress:
As soon as I have some time, I'll try to add the weapons to their respectively FormID Lists. So for exemple, some of the shotguns from some mods are not affected by the Shotgun Surgeon perk, next upload will be foucused on these kind of tweaks. Also, an non modded version, only Vanilla, DLCs, and POPs.