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Uses Robco Patcher to patch weapon mods so they will use the ammo from Munitions and Munitions Additional Ammo.

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Tired of having a ton of patch files in your load order? This mod aims to cut down on the amount of patch esp files required by using Robco patcher to apply ammo and NPC ammo LL records to weapons. All this is contained within a series of .ini files which change the relevant records in the weapon mod while the game loads. Now it includes weapons that require having omod changes or crafting recipes removing. Please note that at this time it is not possible to rename the MISC mods that go into your inventory or replace ammo that has been placed in world. It is also not possible to change the description of the modification when using the workbench. So if this bothers you go and use a plugin based patch available from the links at the bottom of the page.

It also automatically detects which mods you have installed and only patches what you have, ignoring anything you don't.

This is now installed via a fomod installer. This enables the installer to detect which weapon mods you have and install the relevant ammo level list injectors. Yep thats right, you no longer have to manually add the ammo via the holotape, its all handled by the patcher and its ini files!!!!

PLEASE NOTE!!!!   If you are running Munitions Additional Ammo and the weapon mod has an entry for both Munitions - Ammo Expansion Project and Munitions Addtional Ammo, then it will set the ammo as per Munitions Additional Ammo. 

--- Requirements ---

Robco Patcher v3.4.0
Munitions - Ammo Expansion Project v1.23
Munitions Additional Ammo v1.1 (Optional)

---Mods Patched---

---Munitions Ammo Expansion Project---

This will change the vanilla deliverer to use 9mm even if not using Anotherones PPK replacer.


--- Additional Patches ---

Don't see what you are looking for then check out the following repositories

--- For Munitions - Ammo Expansion Project Only ---
 Munitions Official Patch by CodeCrashBlack 
 Misc. Munitions Patches by brians81177's
 Margot's Munitions Patch Repository by aurorer519
 Zodicab's Munitions Patches by Zodicab
Spulunker's Stitches - Munitions Patch Repository by PIZZASPULUNKER
 Reaper's Munitions Patches by Reaper0666

--- For Munitions - Addtional Ammo ---
 Munitions - Additional Ammo Official Patch Repository by PIZZASPULUNKER
 Brian's Munitions Additional Ammo Patches by brians81177's
 Reaper's Munitions Additional Ammo Patches by Reaper0666

--- Credits and Thanks ---

ZZXYZZ for making and maintaining Robco Patcher
CodeCrashBlack for making and maintaining Munitions - Ammo Expansion Project
PIZZASPULUNKER for making and maintaining Munitions - Additional Ammo.
All the creators of the mods patched, take a moment to endorse those mods and show the guys some love.