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Uses Robco Patcher to patch weapon mods so they will use the ammo from Munitions and Munitions Additional Ammo.

Permissions and credits
Tired of having a ton of patch files in your load order? This mod aims to cut down on the amount of patch esp files required by using Robco patcher to apply ammo and NPC ammo LL records to weapons. All this is contained within a series of .ini files which change the relevant records in the weapon mod while the game loads. Now it includes weapons that require having omod changes or crafting recipes removing. Please note that at this time it is not possible to rename the MISC mods that go into your inventory or replace ammo that has been placed in world. It is also not possible to change the description of the modification when using the workbench. So if this bothers you go and use a plugin based patch available from the links at the bottom of the page.

It also automatically detects which mods you have installed and only patches what you have, ignoring anything you don't.

This is now installed via a fomod installer. This enables the installer to detect which weapon mods you have and install the relevant ammo level list injectors. Yep thats right, you no longer have to manually add the ammo via the holotape, its all handled by the patcher and its ini files!!!!

PLEASE NOTE!!!!If you are running Munitions Additional Ammo and the weapon mod has an entry for both Munitions - Ammo Expansion Project and Munitions Additional Ammo, then it will set the ammo as per Munitions Additional Ammo. 

--- Requirements ---

Robco Patcher v4.0.3
Munitions - Ammo Expansion Project v1.23
Munitions Additional Ammo v1.1 (Optional)

---Mods Patched---

---Munitions Ammo Expansion Project---

This will change the vanilla deliverer to use 9mm even if not using Anotherones PPK replacer.


- 22LR Silenced Pistol v1.0 - Uses .22 calibre, removed ammo from leveled lists.
- .223 Revolver Redux v1.1 - Uses .223 Rounds
- 9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-Power) Redux v2.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds by default, changed 10mm conversion to use .40 Calibre and renamed accordingly, amended leveled lists to remove ammo
- AER15 Modern Laser Assault Rifle v1.0b - Uses Small Energy Cells
- Agency Arms Benelli M2 - Shotgun v1.0 - Uses 20ga 
- AK-47 - Type 56 - M70 v1.07 - M76 Uses 7.92mm rounds, .308 M76 Receiver changed to 7.92mm and renamed accordingly

- AK74-M v3.5 - Uses 5.45mm Rounds
- AKM Complex v1.0.2 - Tokarev now uses 7.62mm TT Rounds, 9mm Mag now uses 9mm Rounds and renamed to 9mm
  5.45x39mm Mags now uses 5.45mm Rounds
- American 180 - .22 Submachine Gun v1.0d - Now uses .22 Calibre, remove ammo crafting recipes, removed ammo from levelled list, changed all .22 magazine                                                                                            mods to use munitions .22 Calibre.
- NEW! Anotherones AM-17 and AMB-17 v1.0 - 5.45x39mm Mags now use 5.45mm Rounds

Anotherones AreX Zero v0.99 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Anotherone Browning M1918A2 v1.1 - Uses 30-06 Rounds
- Anotherone C93 Borchardt v1.0 - Uses 7.65 Tokarev Rounds
Anotherone Huot Automatic Rifle v1.0 - Uses .303 Calibre
- Anotherone Kovrov AEK - A Zenit Addon v1.1 - All 5.45x39mm Mags now use 5.45 Rounds

- Anotherone Laser RCW Reborn v0.9999 - Uses Electron Charge Packs
- Anotherone M1 Carbine v0.9999 - Uses .30 Calibre
Anotherone PP-91 Kedr v0.9999c - Uses 9mm Rounds
Anotherone PPS-43 v1.0 - Uses 7.62 Tokarev Rounds
Anotherone PPSH-41 v1.0 - Uses 7.62 Tokarev Rounds
- Anotherone RSh-12 v0.99 - Uses 12.7mm Rounds
- Anotherone SKS Type 56 v1.1 - Unique weapon uses 5.45mm Rounds
- Anotherone Soviet Assault Pack v0.99999 - Both weapons use 7.62mm Tokarev, Amended ammo level lists.

- Anotherone Sten MkII Redux v1.02 - Uses 9mm Rounds
Anotherone Suomi KP-31 v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Anotherone TEC-9 v0.999c - Uses 9mm Rounds
Anotherone Walther PPK and Deliverer Replacer v0.99 - Uses .32 calibre, Deliverer uses 9mm
- Arc Welder v1.0.3 - Uses Electron Charge Pack, Fusion Cell Receiver modification changed to Electron Charge Pack and renamed accordingly.
- ASh-12.7 Battle Rifle v1.0.1 - Uses 12.7mm Rounds, removed ammo crafting
- Beginning of Britain's Finest - Magazine Lee Enfield No1 Mk1 v0.1 - Uses .303 by default, removed Ammo Crafting, .303 omod changed to .308 and renamed,   .308 omod changed to .303 and renamed.

Beretta 92FS Sword Cutlass v1.1 - Uses 9mm Rounds
Beretta M9A3 v1.08 - Uses 9mm Rounds (So you don't have to use the mods own Munitions Patch .esp file)
- Beretta M9-FS v1.0.3 - Uses 9mm Rounds - Now for Both .esl and .esp versions

Beretta PX4 Storm v1.2 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- BFV Kar98k v1.4 - Uses 7.92mm Rounds
- BFV Luger P08 v1.2 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- BFV M1918 BAR v1.0 - Uses 30-06 Rounds
- BFV STG44 v1.2 - Uses 7.92mm Rounds
- BH Gewehr 43 v1.1 - Uses  7.92mm Rounds
- BH Kar98K - Bolt Action Rifle v1.02 - Uses 7.92mm Rounds, removed ammo crafting for 7.92x57
- BH PPSh-41- Submachine Gun v1.0.3 - Uses 7.62 Tokarev Rounds, removed ammo crafting recipe, removed ammo from levelled lists.
- BH StG44 - Assault Rifle v1.21 - Uses 7.92mm Rounds, removed ammo crafting recipe, removed ammo from levelled lists
- Black Powder (Flintlock) Pistol v0.8 - Uses .50 calibre ball, removed in game ammo, replaced with munitions .50 calibre, removed ammo crafting.
- BOCW Milano 821 v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds

- BOCW Nailgun v1.1 - Uses Nails, removed ammo from levelled lists
- BT APC 9 - MP9 Combo v1.0c - APC9 uses .40 by default, MP9 Uses 6.5mm as default. APC9 10mm conversion renamed to .40 and .38 conversion changed to 9mm and renamed. BT9 10mm conversion renamed to 6.5mm and .38 conversion changed to 9mm and renamed.
- Bullpup AK Redux v2.1 - Changed all 5.45x39mm Magazine modifications to use  5.45mm Rounds
- Bullpup Bozar v1.2 - Uses .223 Rounds
- California Weapon Compliance - KEL-TEC Sub 2000 v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Call of Duty Weapon Mod Deposit - Vanguard MP40 v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds
Call of Duty Weapon Mod Deposit Part II - AK-74U v1.0 - Uses 5.45mm Rounds
- Call of Duty Weapon Mod Deposit Part II - Malyuk 'Vulcan-M' v1.0 - Uses 5.45mm Rounds
- Call of Duty Weapon Mod Deposit Part II - MWII Vityaz v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Call of Duty Weapon Mod Deposit Part II - Staccato-P 2011 v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Call of Duty Weapon Mod Deposit Part II - Tec 9 v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds

- Capital Wasteland .32 Caliber PIstol v2 - Uses .32 calibre, removed ammo from levelled lists
- Caravan Shotgun v1.0 - Uses 20ga Shells
- Cazador Missile Launcher v1.0c - Uses Rockets, removed crafting recipes, removed ammo from leveled lists.

Chiappa Rhino Revolver v1.5 - Uses .357 Calibre
- Chinese Pistol Set v1.0.1 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Cold War - MP5 v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds

- Colt Python v1.1 - Uses .357 Calibre 
- Colt Woodsman v1.1.0 - Uses .22 Calibre, changed inworld ammo spawn to .22, removed ammo crafting
- Cross Ruger Mk V v092a - Removed .22 ammo crafting recipe, .22 Magazines now use .22 calibre, removed ammo from level lists.
- Cowboy Repeater aka Winchester Model 1892 v1.0 - Uses 44.40 Calibre by default, Removed ammo crafting recipe
  Removed Ammo from levelled list, changed .357 to use munitions .357
  Changed 44-40 mag to use munitions 44-40 Calibre
- Cranky Shotgun v1.3 - Uses 20 Gauge Shells

Custom Remington 1875 Revolver v1.2 - Uses .44-40 Calibre
- CZ 52 Pistol - Test Version v0.03 - Uses 7.62mm Tokarev Rounds
- CZ 75B - Standalone Pistol v4 - Uses 9mm Rounds, renamed no conversion ammo mod accordingly
- Cz Scorpion Evo3 v1.0.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 - Micro vUno.Uno - Uses 9mm Rounds
- EM 2 Rifle No.9 Mk1 v1.0 - Uses .280 Calibre
- Expansive Kalashnikov 3.2 - Staccato P M2011 v3.2 - 5.45x39mm Mag now uses 5.45mm Rounds, Removed 5.45x39mm crafting recipe, removed           5.45x39mm ammo from levelled lists, Staccato P M2011 uses 9mm Rounds. 
 Resonant Rifle uses Small Energy Cells.
- Fallout New Eden -The Gobbi Shotti v1.1 - Uses Munitions 20ga shells

Fallout London - Bren Gun v1.1 - Uses .303 Calibre
Fallout London Luger Mk2  - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Fallout London - Standalone Releaser MK3 - EM2 uses .280, Bren uses .303, Luger uses 9mm, Webley 1913 uses .455 Calibre
- Fallout London - Webley 1913 Mk1 - Uses .455 Calibre

- FG-42 v1.7 - Uses 7.92mm Rounds
- FG-42 Ausf.E Paratroop Rifle v1.1 - Uses 7.92mm Rounds, removed ammo crafting recipe, removed ammo from levelled lists
- FN 502 Tactical v1.03 - Uses .22 Calibre
- FN-FAL v1.4.1 - Uses .280 Calibre, changed 5mm ammo conversion to .280 and renamed accordingly.
- FN Five-SeveN v2.1c - Changed 5.7mm Ammo Mod to use Munitions 5.7mm, Removed 5.7mm Ammo Crafting
- FN Five-Seven Mk2 v1.2 - Uses 5.7mm Rounds

- FN P90 v1.4.2 - P90 uses 5.7mm by default, Changed Photon receiver to use Small Energy Cells.
- FNX-45 v1.1 - .38 magazine now uses 9mm and 10mm magazine uses .40 Calibre, both renamed accordingly.
- Forgotten Weapons - Lahti L35 Automatic Pistol v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds, changed .38 ammo swap modification to 9mm
- Frommer Stop Pistol v1.0.0 - Uses .32 Calibre
- Fusillade Grenade Launcher v3 - Uses 40mm Grenades, removed ammo crafting recipe, removed ammo from levelled lists
- Glock 17-18 - A Standalone Pistol v1.31 - Uses 9mm Rounds (Unique version not touched)
- Glock 17-18c - A Glock 19x Addon v1.1 - Uses 9mm Rounds

Glock 19X - Pistol v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Glock Kit - CAA Micro Roni and Glock v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Glock Pack - 17 - 19- ZEVOZ9c v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Handmade Lever Action Shotgun v1.0.0 - Uses 20ga Shells
- Handmade Rocket Launcher v1.0.0 - Uses Munitions Rockets

Heckler and Koch - MP5 Complex v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Heckler und Koch - MP5 Simple v1.1- Uses 9mm Rounds, Changed 10mm Ammo to .40 and renamed accordingly
  Changed .45 Ammo Modification to use Munitions 9mm calibre and renamed accordingly
- Heckler und Koch - UMP v1.0 - Both 9mm Magazine modifications now use munitions 9mm
       40mm Magazine mod now use Munitions .40 calibre and has been renamed to .40

- HK G11 K2 - Kraut Space Magic - Uses 4.7mm Caseless (Only the ballistic weapons, laser based are left as is)
- HK P30L v1.2 - Uses .40 Calibre Rounds, slight increase in damage.
- NEW! HK P9s v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- HK USP Match and Tactical v1.1c - Changed 10mm receiver to .40 calibre and renamed accordingly
- HK USP Pistol v1.0c - Changed weapons to use 9mm Rounds - renamed 10mm ammo conversion mod to 9mm
- IcestormNG's FN2000 v1.0 - Grenade Launcher uses 40mm grenades, removed grenade crafting recipe.
- IcestormNG's GRL45 Grenade Launcher - Uses 40mm grenades, removed ammo crafting, changed leveled lists, Ammo type omods changed to 40mm grenades
- IcestormNG's OTs-14 Groza v1.1 - Uses Munition 5.45mm, changed 9x39 mag to 9mm Subsonic, change grenade launcher 40mm grenade, removed grenade    crafting recipe.

- IMI .50AE Desert Eagle v1.0.1 - Uses 12.7mm Rounds, removed ammo crafting recipe.
IMI Uzi - SMG v1.01e - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Ingram MAC-10 v1.1 - 10mm modifications now use 9mm rounds, renamed accordingly.
- Institute Pulse Carbine v1.0.1 - Uses Electron Charge Packs
- IWI Tavor X95 v0.99 - 10mm Receiver uses 9mm Rounds
- Jericho 941 v1.2 - Uses 9mm Rounds by default, 10mm barrel modification changed to Munitions .40 calibre and renamed.
- LAR Grizzly v1.1 - Grizzly Mk V uses 12.7mm Rounds, .50 Express mods changed to 12.7mm and renamed accordingly, .357 Calibre mods now use munitions   .357 Calibre, .50 and .357 leveled lists changed accordingly, removed ammo crafting for .50 and .357 rounds
- Laser Garand - A Post War Battle Rifle v11.0.0 - Uses Energy Cells be default - For both standalone and replacer versions.
- Laugo Alien v1.5.1 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Laugo Alien Redux v1.5WIP - Uses 9mm Rounds

Lee Enfield v1.1 - Uses .303 Calibre
- Lee Enfield No.1 Mk.3 SMLE Family v1.0 - All rifles set to use .303 calibre, Ishapore set to use .410 gauge shells by default, .303 ammo crafting removed, .303  omod changed to .308 and renamed, .308 omod changed to .303 and renamed.
- Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1 - Britain's Finest v1.5 - Uses .303 by default, unique uses SEC, removed Ammo Crafting, .303 omod changed to .308 and renamed,     .308 omod changed to .303 and renamed. Electric receiver omod changed to use SEC's
- Lever-Action BB Gun v1.2 - Uses munitions BB Pellets, Removed ammo crafting recipe
- LMT M203 - Grenade Launcher v1.0b - Uses 40mm Grenades, removed ammo crafting recipe, removed ammo from levelled lists

- Lore Friendly 5.56 Collection (Van Buren .223 only) v1.3  - uses .223
Luger P08 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- M1 Carbine vFINAL - Uses Munitions .30 calibre, changed 5mm calibre mod to .30 calibre.
- M1 Garand v2.0 - Uses 30-06 Rounds

M1 Garand - A WWII Classic v1.6.5 - Uses 30-06 Rounds
M1918 BAR Redux v1.0 - Uses 30-06 Rounds
M3d - OTs-02 Kiparis v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds, Changed no conversion mod to use 9mm and renamed accordingly
- M3D - Sig Sauer P220 v1.03 - Changed .38 Receiver to use 9mm and renamed accordingly.

Makarov PM v0.1h - Uses 9mm Rounds
Makeshift Nailgun . A Unique Weapons Concept v2.0 - Uses Nails
- Makeshift Shotgun and Improvised Grenade Launcher v1.21 - Improvised Grenade Launcher and Lil Feller use Munitions 40mm Grenade
Removed ammo crafting, Energy Shotgun Modification now uses Electron Charge Packs
 Musket Modification now uses Munitions .50 caliber ball.

- Mannlicher Md. 1905 v1.0 - Uses 7.62 Tokarev Rounds
- Manurhin MR73 Revolver v1.5 - Uses .357 Calibre
Mare's Leg Lever-Action Pistol v1.2 - Uses .44-40 Calibre

- Mateba Six Unica v1.3 - Uses .357 Calibre
- Mauser 1914 v2.1 - Uses .32 calibre
Mauser Family Redux v1.31 - Uses 7.92mm Rounds
Mauser Karabiner 98 Kurz v1.2 - Uses 7.92mm Rounds
- Mauser Pistol v1.1 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- MG42 and MG34 v1.4 - Uses  7.92mm Rounds, changed 5mm calibre mod to 7.92mm and renamed accordingly
- Miami Misadventures Episode 1 v1.0 - Uzi now uses 9mm Rounds
- Mk 41 Gyrojet Heavy Machine Gun v1.04 - Uses Rockets, removed ammo crafting recipe
- Modern Apocalypse - Thing's Benelli v1.1 - Civilian version uses 20ga Shells
- Modern Apocalypse - Thing's Glock v1.2 - Uses 9mm Rounds. 10mm Mag changed to use .40 Calibre and renamed accordingly
- Modern Apocalypse - Thing's M4A1 v1.2 - Changed carbine magazine to use 9mm Rounds
- Modern Apocalypse - Thing's MP5 Redux v1.2 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Modern Warfare - M32 MGL v1.1 - Uses 40mm Grenade, removed ammo crafting recipe, removed ammo from levelled lists
Modular AN94 - Abakan v1.15 - Uses 5.45mm Rounds
- MP40 v1.3 - Uses 9mm Rounds
MP412 Rex v1.0 - Uses .357 Calibre
- MP445 Viking v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- MTs-255 Revolver Shotgun v1.4 - Uses .410 Gauge Shells

Musgrave Handgun v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds
MWIII - AUG Platform Redux - Steyr AUG A3 - AUG A3 Para - AUG HBAR  v1.0 - MX9 Uses 9mm Rounds
- MWIII - Scar Platform - ACR Platform - FSS Hurricane - AMR9 v1.0 - FSS Hurricane uses 5.7mm Rounds, AMR9 uses 9mm Rounds
- MW2 - XRK Family - X12 and X13 Auto v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- MW2R - M4A1 v1.0.0 - M203 grenade launcher uses 40mm grenades
- MW 2019 CX-9 v1 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- MW2022 - 9mm Daemon (Staccato-P) Pistol v2.1 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- MW2022 - Lachmann Sub and Shroud - HK MP5 and MP5SD v1.1 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- MW2022 - Magnum Research Desert Eagle v1.5 - Uses 12.7mm Rounds
- MW2022 - PDSW 528 - FN P90 v1.0 - Uses 5.7mm Rounds
- MW2022 - TAQ-56 v1.0.0 - M203 grenade launcher uses 40mm grenades
- MW2022 - Ultimate AUG Family  - AUG A3 - AUG A3 Para - AUG HBAR v1.01 - MX9 variants use 9mm Rounds
- MW2023 - BAS-B (SIG XM7 Spear) v1.2.0 - Grenade Launcher now uses 40mm Grenades, Remove Grenade crafting recipe.

MW .50 BGS Submod v1.0 - Uses 12.7mm Rounds
- MW - AN94 v1.0 - uses 5.45mm Rounds, removed 5.45 39mm from containers and added 5.45mm ammo. Removed 5.45 39mm ammo crafting recipe
- MW Aug v1.0 - Changed Standard and 32 round magazine mods to use munitions 9mm
- MWM4 Ultimate Redux 1.6 (SoH) v1.6 - 10mm Magazine now uses 9mm Rounds and renamed accordingly
MW - MP5 Submod v1.0 -  Uses 9mm Rounds
MW M19 v1.1 -  Uses 9mm Rounds
MW - PP19 Bizon v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds
OTs-33 Pernach - Pistol v1.1 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- NEW! Owen Gun - Aussie's Diggers Darling v1.0 - Now uses 9mm Rounds

PEACEKEEPER v1.0 - Uses .44-40 Calibre
- Photon Disruptor v1.0.2 - Uses Electron Charger Pack (This doesn't change the ammo model, if bothered by that use Reapers Munitions Patches)
- Police Riot Shotgun - Another Another Millenia v1.3 - Uses 20ga Shells
PL-14 'Lebedev' v1.02 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Projectile Rocket Launcher v7 - Uses Rockets
- QCQ171 v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds

- RB - 13 - Handmade Blaster vI - Uses Electron Charge Packs
Red Army PPSh-41 Reborn v1.2 - Uses 7.62 Tokarev Rounds
- Remington Model Eight v1.0 - Uses .32 calibre
Rheinmetall MaschinenGewehr 34 (MG34) - MG82 - Extras v1.5 - MG34 uses 7.92 Rounds

- Riot Shotgun v0.06 - Uses 20ga Shells
Robocop M93R Auto v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds and Removes ammo crafting recipe
- RPG-7V2 v1.2d - Uses Rockets, removed ammo crafting recipe
- RSh-12 Assault Revolver v1.3a - Uses 12.7mm Rounds, removed ammo crafting, amended ammo leveled lists
Russian Recon Pack v1.2 - MP443 Uses 9mm Rounds
- Schofield No.2 Revolver v1.01 - Uses .44-40 Calibre
- Select Assault Rifle v1.2.1 - Weapon uses .223 as default, .38 mods changed to 9mm, .45 mods changed to 6.5mm.
- Select Marksman Rifle v1.0 - Uses 30-06 rounds
- Select Rapid Machinegun v1.1 - Weapon uses 9mm as default, .45 mods changed to 6.5mm

Select Revolver v1.1 - Uses 12.7mm Rounds
- SIG Sauer MPX v001e - Uses 9mm Rounds, .38 ammo conversion to 9mm and renamed accordingly, 10mm ammo conversion changed to .40 and renamed.
- SIG Sauer P320 v1.1 -  Uses 9mm Rounds by default, .38 Mag modification changed to 9mm and renamed, 10mm Mag modification changed to .40 calibre and renamed.
- Sig Sauer P320 - M17 v1.1 - Uses 9mm Rounds

- Single Shotgun v1 - Uses 20ga Shells
- SKS Redux  v1.0.5 - 9mm Magazine and Receiver uses munitions 9mm, 5.45x39mm Magazine uses munitions 5.45mm
Smith and Wesson M-P2.0 v1.6 - Uses 9mm Rounds, changed, .40S&W omod changed to use munitions .40 Calibre
Smith and Wesson Pack v1.0 - 586 and R8 use .357 Calibre, M&P uses 9mm Rounds, M&P 10mm Conversion changed to use 9mm Rounds and renamed accordingly
- SNT Motiv (Daewoo) K5 Pistol v1.1.2 - Uses 9mm Rounds 

Springfield M1903 - Day of Infamy v1.2 - Uses 30-06 Rounds
- Springfield XD Mod.2 Subcompact Pistol v1.2 - Uses 9mm rounds

SR-2 - Veresk v1.0 -  Uses 9mm except one special which uses Small Energy Cells
- SREP Re-dux - Service Rifle Expansion Project v0.99D - M203 grenade launcher now uses munitions 40mm grenades, SMG Receivers use 9mm Rounds
- Staccato P (9mm Daemon) v1.1 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Steyr AUG v1.2 - Changed 10mm Magazines to use 9mm and renamed accordingly.
- Steyr AUG A3 - Modular Assault Rifle v1.0.1 - Changed 10mm Magazines to use 9mm and renamed accordingly.
- STG60 v2.0 - Uses 7.92mm Rounds

- Stoner Rifle 25 - Knights Armaments - Glock 17 MOS-Glock 18 v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds (Only covers pistols)
- Stout Pistol v1.0 - Uses 12.7mm Rounds
- Surplus Rifle - M16A2 - Another Another Millenia v1.2 - SMG Mag Mod changed to use 9mm Rounds
- NEW! Takina SAG AK Addon Pack v1.2 - uses 5.45mm Rounds
- Takina Zenit AK Addon Pack v1.5 - Uses 5.45 Rounds
- Tavor X95 v1.0 - 9mm Magazine uses 9mm Rounds
- TEC-9 - A Standalone Pistol v3.0 - Changed .38 Ammo Conversion to use 9mm Rounds and renamed accordingly
- Technetronic Personal Defense Weapon v4 -
- The Juger Pistols v1.1 - Uses .40 Calibre Rounds
- The Laser RCW - An Energy Submachine Gun from New Vegas v1.0.2 - Uses Electron Charge Pack 
- The Lewis Gun v1.0.1 - Weapon uses .303 Rounds as default, .45 mod changed to 7.92mm, .308 mods changed to 30-06 rounds.
- Thing's MP5 v1.3 - Uses .40 Calibre rounds
- Tokarev Pistol Rifle v1.2.5 - Uses 7.62mm TT as default, Removed Ammo Crafting, Changed in world ammo to 7.62mm TT, amended ammo leveled list.
- TOZ Weapons v1.0.0 - TOZ 106 Shotgun now uses 20ga, changed all shotgun magazines to use 20ga Shells.
- TTI Pit Viper v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds

Type79 v1.0 - Uses 7.62 Tokarev Rounds
- The Sturmgewehr 44 - StG44 v1.3 - Uses 7.92mm Rounds
- Uzi's the Boss v2 - Uses 9mm Rounds, Modified the .38 ammo swap to use .22, modified the 10mm ammo swap to use 9mm and renamed accordingly

Vargo 52 - Assault Rifle v1.1 - Uses 5.45mm Rounds
Varmint Rifle - The Return v1.4 - Uses .223 Rounds
Vault-Tec MPL v1.2 - Uses 9mm Rounds and Rockets
- VG Double Barrel v1.0 - Uses 20ga Rounds
- Volkssturmgewehr v1.2 - Uses 7.92mm Rounds, Removed Ammo from levelled lists

- Volkssturmgewehr - Standalone and replacer (Standalone Only) v1.1 - Uses 7.92mm Rounds
- Vulkan-M V1.1 - All 5.45x39mm Magazines now use 5.45mm Rounds
- War for end of Wars - SMLE No.1 Mk.3 - Redux v1.0 - Uses .303 by default, removed Ammo Crafting, .303 omod changed to .308 and renamed, .308 omod   changed to .303 and renamed.

Walther Gewehr 43 v1.03 - Uses 7.92mm Rounds
Walther Q5 Match SF v1.1.0  - Uses 9mm Rounds
Walther P38 - Uses 9mm Rounds
Walther P38 v1.0 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Walther P99 v1.9 - Uses 9mm Rounds
- Webley-Fosbury AutoRevolver v1.1 - Uses .455 Calibre

- Welrod Mk II v1.0 - Uses .32 Calibre
Whitney Wolverine v2.0 - Uses .22 calibre
- Winchester 5mm Range Rifle v1.1 - Uses .30 Calibre
- Winchester Model 1873 - Lever Action Rifle vI.6 - Changed .44 ammo conversion mod to use .44-40 Calibre and renamed accordingly
- WWII - Soviet Nagant M1895 Revolver v1.2 - Uses 7.62 Tokarev Rounds

- Yet Another Single Shotgun v1.1 - Uses 20ga Shels
- ZENIT REDUX - AK-74M - AKM - AK-12 v3.3 - AK-74M and AK 12 use 5.45mm Rounds

---Munitions Additional Ammo---

- 9x39 Project v2.0 - Uses 9mm Subsonic, Removed ammo crafting recipe, removed ammo from levelled lists
A Bundle of Tape - A Weapons Pack v1.3 - M1 Garand uses 30-06 Rounds, Varmint Rifle uses .223 Rounds, SVT-40 uses 7.62mm Rimmed
NEW! Anotherones AM-17 and AMB-17 v1.0 - 9x39mm Mags now use 9mm Subsonic Rounds.

Anotherone PP-91 Kedr v0.9999c - Uses 9mm Soviet
Anotherone Vz. 52 v1.1 - Uses 7.62 Rimmed Rounds

- Arisaka Type 38 v0.1 - Uses 6.5mm Italian Rounds
- Call of Duty Weapon Mod Deposit Part II - Marlin Model 336 v1.0 - Uses Winchester .30-30, removed .45-70 ammo crafting recipe

- Combined Arms - Modern Weapon Pack v1.1 -

Removed ammo crafting for .357, .50P. 5.45x39mm, 9x19mm, 9x39mm, 7.62x25 Tokarev, 25mm Grenade
20mm Vulcan, 7.62x54Rimmed
Removed above mentioned ammo from levelled lists.
Changed all 5.45x39mm Magazine mods to use Munitions 5.45mm
Changed all 9x19mm mods to use Munitions 9mm,
Changed 25mm Grenade Magazine mods to use Munitions 25mm Grenade
Changed all 20mm Vulcan Magazines to use Munitions 20mm Rounds
Changed all .357 Magazine mods to use Munitions .357
Changed all .50P Mazagine mods to use Munitions 12.7mm
Changed all 7.62x54Rimmed mods to use MAA 7.62 rimmed
Changed all 9x39mm Mods to use MAA 9mm Subsonic
Changed 10mm AKM Magazine to use Munitions 9mm and renamed accordingly
Changed 10mmm M9A1 Magazine to use Munitions .40 Calibre and renamed accordingly
Changed Steyr AUG 10mm Magazine to use Munitions .40 calibre and renamed accordingly
Desert Eagle uses Munitions 12.7mm
TT-33 Tokarev uses Munitions 7.62 Tokarev
PL-15 Lebedev uses Munitions 9mm
M9A1 uses Munitions 9mm

- Combined Arms - Expansion Pack v1.0.2 -      

Makarov PM Uses 9mm Soviet by default, Changed Makarov 9x18mm Magazines to use 9mm Soviet
Changed Makarov 9x19mm Magazines to use 9mm Rounds
Changed P90 .22 Magnum Magazines to use .22 Calibre
Changed P90 5.7mm Magazine to use 5.7mm Munitions Rounds

Removed ammo crafting for 9x18mm, 5.7mm and .22 Micro Magnum
Removed 9x18mm, 5.7mm and .22 Micro Magnum from levelled lists.

Custom Remington 1875 v1.20 - Uses .45 Long
- DP-27 Degtyaryov Machine Gun v1.0 - Uses 7.62mm Rimmed by default
- F4NV Colt Single Action Army v1.1 - Uses Munitions .357 Magnum, .44 Receivers changes to use Munitions .357 Magnum
.38 receivers changed to use MAA .45 Long
- IceStorms OTs-14 Groza - Changed 9x39 Magazine to use 9mm Subsonic, Changed Grenade launcher to use 40mm Grenades
        Removed ammo and grenade crafting recipe, removed 9.39 ammo from levelled list.

Izhmash SV-98 Sniper Rifle v1.0.1 - Uses 7.62mm Rimmed
M3d - OTs-02 Kiparis v1.0 - Uses 9mm, Changed no conversion mod to use 9mm and renamed accordingly

- Makarov PM v0.1h - Uses 9mm Soviet
- MP-443 Grach v1.2 - Uses 9mm Soviet

- Mosin Nagant - Sniper Rifle v1.2 - Uses 7.62mm Rimmed
- MW2023 - Pulemyot 762 (PKP Pencheneg) v1.0.0 - Uses 7.62mm Rimmed Rounds, removed mods ammo crafting recipe
- MW AS Val v1.0 - Now uses 9mm Subsonic, Removed Ammo crafting recipes, Change 1-RMags to use 9mm Subsonic.

MW - PP19 Bizon v1.0 - Uses 9mm Soviet
- NZ-41 - Automatic Rifle v1.2 - Uses .303 by default, changed .308 magazine to use .303, changed 5.56 Klauser magazine to use 7.92mm
      Changed 5mm Sakura to use 6.5mm italian and renamed all accordingly.
- OTs-14 Groza v1.1 - Uses Munition 5.45mm, changed 9x39 mag to 9mm Subsonic, change grenade launcher 40mm grenade, removed grenade crafting recipe.

OTs-33 Pernach - Pistol v1.1 - Uses 9mm Soviet
- PEACEKEEPER v1.0 - Uses .45 Long
- PKM Machinegun v1.0.4 - Uses 7.62mm Rimmed Rounds by default, removed 7.62x54 ammo crafting recipe
Rheinmetall MaschinenGewehr 34 (MG34) - MG82 - Extras v1.5 - AS Val uses 9mm Subsonic Rounds
- Rossi Rio Grande v1.2 - Uses .30-30, Removed .45-70 ammo from containers, added 30-30 ammo to containers. remaned 45.70 mod accordingly
- Russian Assault Pack v1.0.3 - PP-19 Bizon and StechkinAPS use 9mm Soviet, MP-412 uses .357 Calibre, SVD Dragunov uses 7.62mm Rimmed, 54 Round       PP- 19 Magazine changed to use 7.62mm Tokarev Rounds.

Russian Recon Pack v1.2 - SVU uses 7.62mm Rimmed, MP443 uses 9mm Soviet
- Russian Special Forces - GSH18 uses 9mm Rounds, 5.45x39 ammo kit uses 5.45mm Rounds, 9x39mm ammo kit uses 9mm Subsonic Rounds.
- SR-1MP Gyrza (6P53) Redux v1.1 - Uses 9mm Soviet, removed ammo crafting recipe
SR-2 - Veresk v1.0 - Uses 9mm Soviet except one special which uses Small Energy Cells
SVT-40 v1.1 - Uses 7.62mm Rimmed
Taurus Judge v1.0 - Changed .410 bore to .410 shells, changed .45 conversion to .45 colt (MAA Required)
- Thompson-Center Contender v1.5.1a - Uses .22 by default, adjusted damaged to reflect. 10mm Barrel Mod renamed to .22
    Shotgun Barrels now use .410 and renamed accordingly
    5.56 barrels now use .223 and renamed accordingly
    .50 barrel now uses 45-70 and renamed accordingly
    .45 barrel now uses .45 Colt and renamed accordingly (MAA Only)
    .308 barrels now use 30-30 winchester and renamed accordingly (MAA Only)

- Type 11 - Light Machine Gun v1.0 - Uses 6.5mm Italian
- Winchester Pack v2.0 - 1894 now uses .30-30 Calibre, Changed 1876 .38 ammo conversion to use .45 Long Colt and renamed accordingly
   Changed 1876 .44 ammo conversion to use .44-40 calibre and renamed accordingly
   Renamed 1894 .308 ammo conversion to .30-30
- WWII - Soviet DP-28 LMG v1.01 - Uses 7.62mm Rimmed Rounds by default

--- Additional Patches ---

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--- For Munitions - Ammo Expansion Project Only ---
 Munitions Official Patch by CodeCrashBlack 
 Misc. Munitions Patches by brians81177's
 Margot's Munitions Patch Repository by aurorer519
 Zodicab's Munitions Patches by Zodicab
Spulunker's Stitches - Munitions Patch Repository by PIZZASPULUNKER
 Reaper's Munitions Patches by Reaper0666

--- For Munitions - Addtional Ammo ---
 Munitions - Additional Ammo Official Patch Repository by PIZZASPULUNKER
 Brian's Munitions Additional Ammo Patches by brians81177's
 Reaper's Munitions Additional Ammo Patches by Reaper0666

--- Credits and Thanks ---

ZZXYZZ for making and maintaining Robco Patcher
CodeCrashBlack for making and maintaining Munitions - Ammo Expansion Project
PIZZASPULUNKER for making and maintaining Munitions - Additional Ammo.
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