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Add a Glock 17 & 18 to the Commonwealth with custom animations!

Permissions and credits

Adds a brand new, custom Glock 17 & 18 to the Commonwealth!

The gun currently has the following attachments:

3 Barrels: Short, Long and Very Long
5 Damage Modifiers: 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x
3 Extra Sights: None, Laser, Flash
12 Zoom Modifiers: 1x, 1.2x, 1.5x and 2x-10x
2 Firing Modes: Semi-Auto(Glock 17) and Automatic(Glock 18)
4 Grips: Black, Green, Tan and a secret grip
6 Mags: Small, Large and Drum with their respective Quick variants
2 Muzzles: None, Suppressor
4 Receivers: Standard, Hardened, Powerful and Advanced
4 Sights: Iron, Glow, Reflex and a Short Scope
7 Slides: Standard, Chrome, Emerald, Gold, Rose Gold, Ruby and Sapphire.

As usual, remember to backup your save before installing this mod. I take no responsibility for any broken saves.

If you find any bugs, please include as much detail as you possibly can in your bug post. Any bug posts that are posted in the comments will be ignored, the Nexus has a tab specifically for bugs, use it. Posts such as "dunt twerk" will be ignored. If you aren't going to provide me with sufficient information then I'm not going to bother with you.

The gun can be found on gunners of all varieties. The basic version of the weapon should start spawning at around level 7.

If you want to spawn it in using the console, the weapon ID is XX000F99(where XX is your load order).

Spawning it in like this may cause the gun to spawn in invisible. Just hop over to a workbench and attach some mods and it will appear.

I have also included a unique variant of the weapon called "Bling Bling". It uses Caps as ammo and will show off you financial prowess in the Commonwealth. It's located where gold is stored...

In order to craft the different slides, you have to first of all find the crafting magazines. These are scattered around the commonwealth. Check the discussions tab for some clues!

This mod should be compatible with most mods. The weapon uses a script to add the weapon to the levelled list.

Creation Kit - Bethesda
Nifskope - Niftools team
Material editor- ousnius
3ds Max 2014 and 2016 - Autodesk
Substance Painter 2017- Allegorithmic
Photoshop CC- Adobe

Tigg- Glock 17&18 and Reflex sight models and normals
Krycek- Scope Rail model and normals
The Shiny Haxorous(robersonb1) - The top notch animations
New World Interactive - Some of the weapon sounds. Used under the NWI No Derivatives Public License.
NavaroBL- Some more sounds. Go check him out!
Nightcall(firetruckboy2) - The beautiful screenshots
ShadowShayde - The script used for the unique variant of the weapon
500slr - The drum mag model
VenomStinger - The New Calibers patch
Aaaaand finally, Me - The textures, NIFs and Creation kit work(and whatever else I have done)
If I have missed anyone out, PM me and i'll add you in.

Do not redistribute this mod or any files contained within this mod without my permission.

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