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As the name suggested, this is a page for munitions (and MAA) patches.
Suggestion are welcome!

Permissions and credits
- I do this in my free time so please be respectful and if you want to make a request or there is any problem with the patch just make a post about it or DM me and I will see what I can do.

*As some of these patches overlap with other creators, i advise checking your load order to choose between mine or their. 

Fomod with Auto-Detects 
ESP flagged ESL

Required Munitions or/and MAA if you use it.
Check out the "Couldn't find what you wanted?section for many more patches from other creators.

Some mod have Munitions Additional Ammo (MAA) Patches as well!

Most mods will need its requirements as well unless otherwise specified! 
Some patches will need Nuka World and Far Harbor DLC as well for the 7.62 Rounds and .45-70
Compatibility patches:

  •  Model 586: Default to .357, added .38conversion.
  • Model R8: Default to .357.
  • MP: Default to .9mm, added .22, .30 (Super Carry), .357 (SIG), .38, .40, 10mm conversion.


  • Nailgun: Default to Munitions nail.
  • CBJ-MS: Default to 9mm, added conversion for 6.5mm.
  • Ithaca 37 and Stag Slayer: Added conversion for 20-Gauge.
  • Jaguar MSX200: Added conversion for .223, .303, .308, .50.
  • Modular Khalash: Default to 5.45mm, .50 conversion -> 12.7mm, added conversion for 5.56mm, 7.62mm.
  • Scar-LK: .38 conversion -> 9mm, .45 conversion -> .303.
  • Mac-11: Default to 9mm.
  • LK-05: .38 conversion -> 9mm, .45 conversion -> .303.
  • M2019 PKD: Default to 5.56mm, .45 conversion -> .357, 5.56mm and .44 conversion swap place. 
  • Catalyst AAS: Added conversion for 20-Gauge
  • Chiappa: Added conversion for .410-Bore, 20-Gauge
  • Glock P80: Default to 9mm, .38 conversion -> .40, added conversion for .22
  • FN Fal: Default to .280
  • VSV: Default to 9mm, .50 conversion -> 12.7mm, added 5.45mm round conversion. 
  • Rhino Revolver: Default to .45-70. 

  • Misriah Armory by NovaFinchM7 SMG use 4.7mm Caseless, M6 use 12.7mm, SRS99 use 12.7mm, M319 use 40mm Grenade. (Optional file available that make the SRS99 use the 14.5x114mm from PTRS41 mod instead). Will update when Munitions 1.3 come out.
  • Misriah Armory Extended by kurtie : M6C PDWS default to 12.7mm.
  • Mare's Leg Lever-Action Pistol by Flarescale (yet another one): Default to .44-40, added conversion for .22, .30 (WCF), .38 (Special), .357, .44, .45-70 receiver is now a conversion. Shotgun receiver now use .410, 20-gauge, 12-gauge. MAA Patch: .30 (WCF) changed to .30-30, added more conversion for .45 Long.
  • Winchester Model 1873 by OhDeerSKR : Default to .44-40, added conversion for .22, .38, .32 (WCF), .357, .44. (download the ESP fixes as well)
Grenade Launchers, Explosive weapons:
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The End
*If you are a mod author and don't want to see your weapon patch here, just DM me and we will work something out yea?