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As the name suggested, this is a page for munitions patches.

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I decided to switch to Munitions from Caliber-complex in order to curb my crippling guns addiction and some of my favorite mods don't have patches for it, so I decided to make some for personal uses but might as well upload them here in case someone may need something like this.

Most of this is research based on Wikipedia, manufacturing websites and various other sources. Checks changelog for info about new patches and changes

I do this in my free time so please be respectfuland if you want to make a request or there is any problem with the patches just make a post about it or DM me and I will see what I can do.

*If you are a mod author and don't want to see your weapon patch here, just DM me and we will work something out yea?

Fomod with auto-detection now available!

Check out the Official Munitions Patch Repository for many more Patches from other creators.
Some mod have Munitions Additional Ammo (MAA) Patches as well!

  • OTs-14 Groza by IceStormNGs : 9x39mm sp-6 to Munitions 9mm, underbarrel grenade launcher use Munitions 40mm Grenade. MAA patch: 9x39mm sp-6 use MAA 9mm Subsonic.
  • VSV Rifle by DOOMBASED : default to 9mm, .50 conversion -> 12.7mm, added 5.45mm round conversion. MAA Patch: Default to use MAA 9mm subsonic instead of 9mm

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