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A collection of weapons patches to provide compatibility with Munitions

Permissions and credits
A collection of patches for various weapons mods so they will make use of the new ammo types offered by Munitions - Ammo Expansion Project. All wrapped up in an easy to use FOMod installer which automatically detects the weapons mods you have installed. All patch files are esl flagged esp.

--- Requirements ---

Munitions - Ammo Expansion Project version 1.23
Any corresponding mods listed below.

--- Mods Patched ---
Below is a list of munition weapons patches. To see what amendments have been made see the change list in the docs tab.


- AER15 Laser Assault Rifle v1.0b
- Agency Arms Benelli M2 - Shotgun v1.0
- Arc Welder v1.0.3
- AKM Complex v1.0.2
- AK74-M v3.5
Anotherones AreX Zero v0.99
- Anotherone Huot Automatic Rifle v1.0
- NEW! Anotherone Kovrov AEK - A Zenit Addon v1.1 
Anotherone PP-91 Kedr v0.9999c
- Anotherone PPS-43 v1.0
- Anotherone PPSH-41 v1.0 
- Anotherone Soviet Assault Pack v0.99999
Anotherone Suomi KP-31 v1.0
Anotherone Walther PPK and Deliverer Replacer v0.99
- Beginning of Britain's Finest - Magazine Lee Enfield No.1 Mk.1 v0.1
Beretta 92FS Sword Cutlass v1.1
- Beretta PX4 Storm v1.2
- BFV Kar98K v1.2
- BFV M1918 BAR v1.0
- BFV StG44 v1.2
- BH Gewehr 43 - Battle Rifle v1.1
- BH Kar98k - Bolt Action Rifle v1.02
- NEW! BH PPSH-41 Submachine Gun v1.0.3
- BH StG44 - Assault Rifle v1.21
- Black Powder (Flintlock) Pistol v0.8
- BOCW Milano 821 v1.0
- BT APC9 - MP9 Combo v1.0c
- Bullpup AK Redux v2.1
- California Weapon Compliance - KEL-TEC Sub 2000 v1.0
- Call of Duty Weapon Mod Deposit - Vanguard MP40 v1.0 (No TR version requires MP40 by WarfightersWorkshop Remove TR dependency)
- Call of Duty Weapon Mod Deposit Part II  - AK-74U v1.0
- Call of Duty Weapon Mod Deposit Part II - Malyuk 'Vulcan-M' v1.0
- Call of Duty Weapon Mod Deposit Part II - MWII Vityaz v1.0
- Call of Duty Weapon Mod Deposit Part II - Tec 9 v1.0
- Cazador Missile Launcher v1.0c
Chiappa Rhino Revolver v1.5
- China Lake and Holorifle v1.9
- UPDATE! Chinese Pistol Set v1.0.1
- Cold War - MP5 v1.0 (No TR Version)
- Colt Woodsman v1.1.0
- Combined Arms v1.1
- Combined Arms Expansion Pack v1.0.2
Cranky v1.3
- Custom Remington 1875 Revolver v1.2 - Please note this is for variant 1
- Cyber-Light Hand Cannon v1.4
- CZ 52 Pistol - Test Version v0.03
- UPDATE! Expansive Kalashnikov 3.2 - Staccato P M2011 v3.2 - Update AK47 File
NEW! Expansive Kalashnikov 3.2 - Staccato P M2011 v3.2 - Staccato P M2011 File
- Fallout London - Bren Gun v1.1
Fallout London Luger Mk2
- Fallout London Webley 1913 Mk1 
- Fallout London - Standalone Releaser MK3
- FG-42 AUSF.E Paratroop Rifle v1.1
- FN-FAL v1.41
- FN Five-SeveN v2.1c
- NEW! FN Five-Seven Mk 2 v1.0
- FN P90 v1.4.2 
Forgotten Weapons - Lahti L35 Automatic Pistol v1.0
Fusillade Grenade Launcher v3
- Glock 17-18C - A Glock 19x Addon v1.1
Glock 19X - Pistol v1.0 TR Version requires patch from Tactical Parch Repository
- NEW! Glock Kit - CAA Micro Roni and Glock v1.0
- Heckler and Koch - MP5 Simple v1.1
Heckler and Koch - MP5 Complex v1.0
- Heckler und Koch - UMP
- UPDATE! HK P30L v1.2
- HK USP Match and Tactical v1.1c
- HK USP - Pistol v1.0c
- IcestormNG's FN2000 v1.0
- Icestorm's OTs-14 Groza v1.0.2
IMI Uzi - SMG v1.01e
- Institute Pulse Carbine v1.0.1
- Jericho 941 v1.2
- Lee Enfield v1.1
- Lee Enfield No.1 Mk.3 SMLE Family v1.0

- Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1 - Britain's Finest v1.5
- Lever Action BB-Gun v1.2
LMT M203 Grenade Launcher v1.0b
Luger P08
- M1 Carbine vFinal
- M1 Garand - A WWII Classic v1.6.5
- M1918 BAR Redux v1.0
- M3d - OTs-02 Kiparis v1.0
M3D - Sig Sauer P220 v1.03 - Requires P220 Animation Overhaul
- M60 - M60E3 FO4 v1.0
- Makeshift Nailgun . A Unique Weapons Concept v2.0
- Makeshift Shotgun and Improvised Grenade Launcher v1.21 (Can be used with or without 4estGimps's Makeshift Shogun and Zapgun Leveled Lists)
- Mannlicher Md. 1905 v1.0
- Mauser Family Redux v1.31
- Mauser Karabiner 98 Kurz v1.2
- Mauser Pistol v1.1
- MG42 and MG34 v1.4
- Mk 41 Gyrojet Heavy Machine Gun v1.0.4
- Modern Apocalypse - Thing's Benelli v1.1
- Modern Apocalypse - Thing's M4A1 v1.2
- NEW! Modern Apocalyspe - Thing's MP5 Redux v1.2
- Modern Warfare - M32 MGL v1.1
- Modular AN94 - Abakan v1.15
- MP40 v1.3
MP412 Rex v1.0
MP-445 - Viking - Pistol v1.0
- MTs-255 Revolver Shotgun v1.4
Musgrave Handgun v1.0
- MW .50 BGS Submod v1.0
- MW - AN94 v1.0
- MW - AS VAL v1.0  -  NO TR Version only
- MW AUG v1.0
- MW - MP5 Submod v1.0 (Has a patch for both the TR and non TR Versions)
- MW M19 v1.1  - For no TR Version requires MW M19  - No Tactical Reload
- MW - PP19 Bizon v1.0
- UPDATE! MW Rytec - Barret XM109 v1.1.1
- MW2R - M4A1 v1.0.0
- MW 2019 CX-9 v1
- NEW! MW2022 - 9mm Daemon (Staccato-P) Pistol v2.1
- UPDATE! MW2022 - Lachmann Sub and Shroud - HK MP5 and MP5SD v1.1
- MW2022 - TAQ-56 v1.2.0
- MW2022 - Ultimate AUG Family - AUG A3 - AUG A3 Para - AUG HBAR v1.01
- MW2023 - BAS-B (SIG XM7 Spear) v1.2.0
- NEW! MWIII - AUG Platform Redux - Steyr AUG A3 - Steyr A3 Para - Steyr AUG HBAR v1.0
- NEW! MWIII - SCAR Platform - ACR Platform - FSS Hurricane - AMR9 v1.0
- NEW! MWM4 Ultimate Redux 1.6 (SOH) v1.6
- New Vegas Uniques 05 - SPRTEL-WOOD 9700 v1.3
- New Vegas Uniques Mega Pack v2.2
- OTs-14 Groza v1.0
- OTs-33 Pernach - Pistol v1.1
- Photon Disruptor v1.0.2
- PL-14 'Lebedev' v1.02
- Projectile Rocket Launcher V7
- Red Army PPSh-41 Reborn v1.2
- NEW! Rheinmetall MachinenGewehr 34 (MG34) - MG82 - Extras v1.5
- Robocop M93R Auto9 v1.0
- RPG-7V2 v1.2d
- RSh-12 Assault Revolver 1.3a
- Russian Assault Pack v1.0.3
- Russian Recon Pack v1.2
- Select Assault Rifle v1.2.1
- Select Rapid Machinegun v1.1
- Select Revolver v1.1
- UPDATE! SIG Sauer MPX v001e
- SIG Sauer P320 v1.1
- Sig Sauer P320 - M17 v1.1
- UPDATE! SilencerCo Maxim 9 v1.1
- UPDATE! SKS - Redux v1.0.5
- Springfield M1903 - Day of Infamy v1.2
- SR-2 - Veresk v1.0 (No Tactical Reload version only)
- SREP Re-dux Service Rifle Expansion Project v0.99D
- Staccato P (9mm Daemon) v1.0
- Steyr AUG v1.2
- Steyr AUG A3 - Modular Assault Rifle v1.0.1
- Stout Pistol v1.0
- Surplus Rifle - M16A2 - Another Another Millenia v1.2
- NEW! Takina Zenit AK Addon Pack v1.0
- Tavor X95 v1.0
- TEC-9 - A Standalone Pistol v3.0
- Technetronic Personal Defense Weapon v4
- The Lewis Gun v1.0.1
Thompson-Center Contender v1.5.1a
- Tokarev Pistol Rifle v1.2.5 - This is for the ESL flagged .esp
- NEW! TTI Pit Viper v1.0
- Type79 and M&P9 v1.0
Uzi's the Boss v2
- Vargo 52 - Assault Rifle v1.1
- Varmint Rifle - The Return v1.4
- Vault-Tec MPL v1.2
- NEW! Vulkan-M v1.0
- Walther Gewehr 43 v1.03
- Walther Q5 Match SF v1.1.0 Non TR version
- Walther P38
Walther P38 v1.0
- Walther P99 v1.9
- War for End of Wars - SMLE No.1 Mk.3 - Redux v1.0
- Webley-Fosbury Autorevolver v1.1
Whitney Wolverine v2.0
- Winchester 5mm Range Rifle v1.1
- UPDATE! ZENIT REDUX - AK-74M - AKM - AK-12 v3.3

--- Additional Patches ---

Don't see what you are looking for then check out the following repositories

 Munitions Official Patch by CodeCrashBlack 
 Misc. Munitions Patches by brians81177's
 Margot's Munitions Patch Repository by aurorer519
 Zodicab's Munitions Patches by Zodicab
Spulunker's Stitches - Munitions Patch Repository by PIZZASPULUNKER

--- Credits and Thanks ---

CodeCrashBlack for making and maintaining Munitions - Ammo Expansion Project
All the creators of the mods patched, take a moment to endorse those mods and show the guys some love.