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Verviks - model by Kingy

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Adds a Work in progress black powder flintlock pistol to the commonwealth.

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Flintlock Pistol

This mod adds a work in progress flintlock pistol into the commonwealth. It currently doesn't have collision so you can't drop it. It has no custom animations so uses 44 pistol animations. I don't have the means to fix that so just decided to post what I had here. If you can fix and/or add upon this and would like to then go ahead. This should work. Let me know if it doesn't.

Model Information
Model is Flintlock Dueling Pistol (With Bayonet) by Kingy on Sketchfab. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/flintlock-duelling-pistol-with-bayonet-31122df619b749e5b77345edff1473c7 
The model has been edited to work in FO4 (Converting to nif and materials) I didn't make any part of the model, just made it work in FO4. All credit goes to Kingy.

License is CC BY-NC 4.0. No money can or will be made from this mod.

Where to get it
It can be found in a drawer in the captain's quarters on the U.S.S Constitution (See image)

The weapon has extremely high single shot damage which scales well with levels and perks (up to 800 damage) and is balanced by a one shot capacity and a long reload. It also uses its own unique ammo which can only be crafted at the chem station under utility and found with the weapon.