Fallout 4

About this mod

A lot of unique furniture is now craftable, usable and assignable. Furniture such as the Extractor Chair from Vault 95, the Synth Reclamation Chair, the Memory Lounge or the Chaise from the Memory Den.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds over 100 unique furniture which is interactable, assignable or acting as a relaxation object for you and settlers while also improving some of the existing vanilla meshes.

The main goal of the mod is to have settlements bloom with activity, to become a playground for the player and NPCs.


All the non-modular furniture is found in the SPECIAL category.

All modular couches, benches, chairs are found in FURNITURE - CHAIRS category.

All modular fences are found in STRUCTURES - FENCES - WIRE FENCES category.

Raider Slave objects are found in RAIDER - MISC category.

Beds are found in FURNITURE - BEDS category.

Safes are found in FURNITURE - CONTAINERS category.

Bottle racks are found in FURNITURE - SHELVES category.

Vault 88 Power Grid Map is found in POWER > CONNECTORS category.

Pre-war furniture is found in POWER - LIGHT and DECORATIONS - FLOOR categories.


Diner Booths are now snappable in FURNITURE - CHAIRS category.

Barber and Surgery centers from Vault-Tec DLC have better meshes in RESOURCES - MISC category.

Adds Truck Trailer Doors and improves the Truck Trailer mesh in STRUCTURES - MISC category.