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All my Filled Mods in one ESP. Normal and DLC versions. Plus a New Mod

Permissions and credits
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This mod has been ported to xb1 by Chucksteel with my permission. He said he has tested it and it works well just eats up the settlement budget real fast. Also note that I will not be supporting this for the xb1 because i do not own a xb1 so i can not check or test/fix them. Link to it below.


This is all my Filled mods in one ESP. Plus a New Mod. All files are now in BA2 Archives

Note: If you have anything placed from any of the below mods you are going to lose them and will have to replace them

Also Note that most of these mods will use a lot of your settlement budget

Please report any issues you may encounter. Tested it myself and had no problems

Included Mods

New Mod
Filled Shelves- Found in Furniture-->Shelves Menu
Optional file of this mod by itself as well.
Good for decorating trader shops

This mod will add the below item to the Furniture-->Shelves menu

3 filled grocery shelves with misc items on them 
4 tall and 2 short Filled metal shelves with misc items on them
1 Filled Metal wall shelf with Medical Supplies(Rad Away RAD X etc) on it
1 Filled Medical Cart with Scalpel,Scissors,Bone Saw and a few other items
1 Filled Metal wall shelf with Chems on it 

Clothing Shelves Normal Version- Found in Furniture-->Shelves Menu
Glasses and Jewelry case now has non broken glass because the optional file will not work with the BA2 archives

Lite version can be found here: ClothingShelvesLite

Filled Diner Counters and Buffet counters- Found in Decorations-->Misc menu if you have homemaker installed than they will be in decorations-->Misc-->Misc menu
Added 5 New Metal counters like the ones in Vault 81. See change log for details

Armor Tables DLC Version. Requires FarHarbor and Automatron DLCs- Found in Decorations-->Display-->Armor Racks Menu
Nothing new

Note: The optional Furniture Menu ESP will not work with the all in one version

Non DLC Version can be found here: ArmorTablesNonDLC

Filled Weapon Displays DLC Version. Requires Farharbor and Automatron DLCs- Found in Decorations-->Display-->Weapon Racks  Menu
Added 1 additional Minigun board with the Shredder and barbed wire removed because the optional file will not work with the BA2 archives
Added 2 new security boards. See change log for details.

Non DLC Version can be found here: FilledWeaponDisplaysNonDLC



Manual Installation

Copy all files to your Fallout4/Data Folder



Manual Uninstall

Delete the XnjguyFilledMods_AIO. esp and the BA2 archive files


Material Editor
BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente 
Merge Plugins xEdit Script by matortheeternal 
Fallout 4 Creation Kit