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Patches for CALIBER COMPLEX to work with various weapon mods

Any suggestions?

Permissions and credits
I created these patches for CALIBER - COMPLEX to work with different weapon mods. I did some research before I made these but if you see any issues with my ammo selection, please RESPECTFULLY make a post about it or send me a DM.

I understand that some of you are gun people who have an extensive knowledge on the subject but understand I am doing this as a courtesy and do not want to see or receive any type of angry, hateful or rude commentary on the ammo choices I've made. I don't mind changing them and/or creating new patching. Just be respectful and all will be well.

FOMOD that Auto-Detects if you have the required weapon mods
ESL Flagged ESP

Shameless plug, I stream on Twitch sometimes at https://www.twitch.tv/heavyset209928. I'd appreciate a view or two.

Hey everyone! I truly do appreciate that many players are enjoying the patches I make. If you would like to show some appreciation, then you can voluntarily send me a donation to my CashApp $ABHeavyset. Whether you do or not is up to you. I will continue to make patches either way. Thanks again for the support!

Tactical Reload Patches are available. I will continue to work on the ones from Tactical Reload Repository if I've created a previous patch for the same weapon mod here. I will not take any TR requests (for now at least). If it isn't in the repository, it will most likely not get a patch.

Version 1.2 seems to cause CTDs, at least for me. If it works for you, great. Otherwise, stick to version 1.1.

Credit to Rom7977 for letting me use their patches to make compatibility changes.

Installation Instructions:
Download the CALIBER - COMPLEX FOMOD and install. Simple as that. You don't need all to have all of the weapons installed for this to work. Just the ones you want to use.

For Tac Reload + CC patches: Download CALIBER - COMPLEX _ Tactical Reload Patches and install it before you install the normal CALIBER - COMPLEX patches.

The reason why is because there is a condition that prevents my Tactical Reload Patches from being installed if the non-Tactical Reload CALIBER COMPLEX is installed first. This is to prevent the patches from overwriting one another.

Weapons Included:

Modern Firearms - Version 2.6.9

Select Shotgun
Select Revolver
The Lewis Gun
  • TR & Non-TR patches
  • CC+TR patch requires the TR patch from the newer repository mod

Machineguns Rebirth
Miniguns Rebirth
Miniguns Standalone

H&K UMP by FX0x01 - Tactical Reload Patch Available
H&K MP5 Complex 
Heckler und Koch - G36 Complex
Heckler und Koch - MP7
FX0x01 Glock 19X - Pistol - Make sure to choose the right one. The Glock 19x's have the same esp.
9x39 Project
AK400 - Assault Rifle (Needs Nuka World DLC)
AK74M - Assault Rifle
Mosin Nagant - Sniper Rifle
Russian Recon Pack - SVU and MP443
Springfield Armory M1A
Honey Badger - Patreon Only
Elysium AK

Ruger Mini-14

M1 Carbine (AnotherOne Version) by AnotherOne (Old Version)
Vintage SMG Redone (AnotherOne Version)
AnotherOne's Soviet Assault Pack
AnotherOne PP-91 Kedr - Tactical Reload Patch Available
AnotherOne TEC-9
AnotherOne Sten Mk II
AnotherOne Suomi KP-31
AnotherOne PPSh-41
AnotherOne Browning M1918A2 - Ammo Count Patch Available - Tactical Reload Patch Available
AnotherOne Vz. 52 - Ammo Count Patch Available - Tactical Reload Patch Available
AnotherOne Walther PPK and Deliverer Replacer
AnotherOne RSh-12
AnotherOne Borchardt C93
AnotherOne PPS-43
AnotherOne AreX Zero 1 - Glock 19x (FX0x01) Required

.44 AutoMag
Jericho 941 

Service Rifle
Grease Gun - Tactical Reload Patch Available
Caravan Shotgun
Bullpup Bozar
  • TR and Non-TR patches

The Shiny Haxorus
9x39 Project Addon and Replacer
  • Uses the same patch as 9x39 Project
FN P90 - Tactical Reload Patch Available

Ingram MAC-10
Accuracy International L96A1
HK G3 Family
Remington Model 700
AER15 Modern Laser Assault Rifle

Glock P80
DOOMBASED Weapons Merged (Weapon Pack)
MAC-11 Machine Pistol - Standalone

Steyr AUG A3 - Modular Assault Rifle
Izhmash SV-98 Sniper Rifle
AKM Complex
ASh-12.7 Battle Rifle
MA37 ICWS and BR55 Service Rifle
Misriah Armory - (FULL VERSION)
Combined Arms - Modern Weapon Pack - Tactical Reload Patch Available
Combined Arms - Expansion Pack
Russian Assault Pack - SVD Dragunov - Saiga 12 - PP-19 Bizon - Stechkin APS - MP412 REX
Heckler and Koch - Mark 23 SOCOM
American 180 - .22 Submachine Gun
PKM - Machine Gun
PL-14 'Lebedev'
IMI .50AE Desert Eagle
SIG SG 550

Walther P99

A Bundle of Tape
Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1 - Britain's Finest
Welrod Mk II - Well Here Is My Rod
SVT-40 - Tactical Reload Patch Available
M1 Garand - A WWII Classic - Tactical Reload Patch Available
EM 2 Rifle No.9 Mk1 - From Trash to Glory
HK G11 K2 - Kraut Space Magic
  • ESP Version

Mauser Family
Colt Python
Remington 1858 New Model Army
M1918 BAR Redux

Wildey Survivor
MAS-38 Submachine Gun
Remington Model Eight

Forgotten Weapons - Lahti L-35 Automatic Pistol
Forgotten Weapons - Bergmann 1896 Automatic Pistol

IMI Uzi -AnotherOne's IMI Uzi Addon Required
Walther Gewehr 43 
HK G3 - Battle Rifle
IMI Galil Rifle
Remington Model 11 - Shotgun
SIG MCX - Assault Rifle
  • TR & Non-TR patches
Mossberg 500 Pump-Action Shotgun
FN SCAR-H - Battle Rifle
BT SPR - Sniper Rifle

M3D - OTs Kiparis
M3D - Sig Sauer P220

10-22 Pistol (Mod is janky but still works. Uses at your own risk)
Chiappa Rhino Revolver

MW - AN94 - TR & No TR patches
Kendall Ballistics Kbar-32
MW - M91
  • Has a Tac Reload and a Non Tac Reload patch available
Honey Badger
Mk17-Mk20 Project
Vulkan-M REDUX
  • TR & No TR patches

Schofield No.2 Revolver
Riot Shotgun (Fallout 4 Edition) - Riot Shotgun Animations Required - Tactical Reload Patch Available

Rem92 Lever Action Shotgun
Beretta PX4 Storm

Beretta M9-FS (ESL Version) by fadingsignal
Bren by Team FOLON
FG-42 by Bwones and ColdFrontST
Makarov PM by AlexScorpion and Wardaddy
  • No TR & TR patches

The Pipe Shotgun Collection by Elgoes and Henkspamadres
Remington 700 by Xqtion
Custom M1911 by 45LongColt
MG42 and MG34 by Rico Navaro and Wardaddy

MTs-255 Revolver Shotgun by ExpoAlt
Henry Repeating Rifle by DMagnus and 500slr
Cowboy Repeater AKA Winchester Model 1892 by lucasncolombo
SIG SAUER MPX (ESP Version) by ehtyeci

FN FAL - SA58 (Plus Kukri) by Wanaming0
Smith and Wesson 500- 50 cal. revolver- REDUX by mtr
Frontier Revolver by Flarescale

The Widow Shotgun by Corvalho1
Vault-Tec MPL by Bloodmeat08
Mauser Pistol by GrinnginUrchen
Ducal Guard Service Revolver by Sam Fisher

M60 Light Machinegun by Davis237834
12.7 SMG by Sythropo Svarttjern MyCart and Ranger Vaughn
Capital Wasteland .32 Pistol by TheFriedturkey - HcGxGrill

Sig Sauer P320 by delarobe
Cavalry Revolver by Hallgarth
Nambu Pistol by leo2link
Cranky by Bwones
FN Five-Seven by Sudniro

Martini Henry ICI Experimental by SunnyDelight
Walther WA 2000
Beretta 92FS Sword Cutlass
Winchester Model 1897 Shotgun
Wastelander's XM2076
XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle

Wasteland Melody's Chinese Assault Rifle w/ WarDaddy Animation
RS2 M60 - FO4 (Obsolete mod)
AKM - Assault Rifle
Red Army PPSh-41 Reborn by M4k4rov
Makeshift Shotgun and Improvised Grenade Launcher by Gmoi and Stefan Engdahl
Rangemaster Remaster (Classic Hunting Rifle) by jkruse05

BFV StG44  by zestoflemon (AnotherOne Addon Required)
Sig Sauer Handgun Pack by tangent24
Light Support Weapon by Scail
M60 - M60E3 FO4

Mauser Karabiner 98 kurz aka Kar98k - Day of Infamy
Winchester Model 1873 - Lever Action Rifle
Experimental Plasma Revolver and Colt Python
4estGimp - Raider Overhaul ONE - All Files - No AWKCR

McMillan CS5 - A Standalone Sniper Rifle
Gauss Minigun G36 EN
  • Gauss Rifle Non-explosive rounds mod HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Escape from Boston - Desert Tech SRSA2
BT APC9 - MP9 Combo
Russian Special Forces
  • https://zagruzkamods.com/19321-russian-special-forces-v10-for-fallout-4.html
Kriss Vector

Mauser M712 by Satojo
Hunting Revolver and Ranger Sequoia by TheRizzler1
Nimrout Sidearms .45 Cal 9mm and .38 Cal

Mothman-Winchester M-2 Shotguns Pack
Whitney Wolverine v2
eNse7en's BADASS 1911'S - RELOADED
Mothman-Colt Rangemaster Classic Hunting Rifle - Main English Version

QBZ-191 QBU-191
HK USP - Pistol
FG-42 Ausf.E ParaTroop Rifle
  • TR and Non TR patches
Smith and Wesson M-P 2.0
Vanilla Weapon - Deliverer
Escape from Boston - CheyTac M200 Intervention
Generic Radium Rifle

Heavy Select Shotgun - neeher
Glock Pistol Standalone - Zgabuterimon
9x39 Project Addon - SR3MSpongeBobSlavicPants
LAR Grizzly Win Magchrislor2882
Vargo 52 - Assault Rifle - CADAVVER
Smith and Wesson Model 1905 Revolver - Jff007
Smith and Wesson Pack  - Tangent_24
STI 2011 DVC - Relic of the Modern Age - Dave - assistance from Ardent
M1911 - WARS Standalone Weapon - Antistar

Walther Q5 Match SF - Winter
SREP REDUX - Service Rifle Expansion Project - Nadie2283 - i_code_i
STG-60 - Davis237Laugo Alien - MrGhostEscape from Boston - Springfield Armory M14 - SalientPhantom
The Assault Pack . A Unique Weapons Concept - Pigness

Glock Pack - 17 - 19 - ZevOZ9cDarkernard
Volkssturmgewehr - Standalone and Replacer - CADAVVER
12.7mm SMG - Victor Tomioka and Bwones
NZ-41 - Automatic Rifle - CADAVVER
DefenseGun - Need Defense Gun - Unofficial Update mod - YonaTaku

UZK50Gi - Submachine Gun
War for End of Wars - SMLE No.1 Mk.3 - REDUX
BH SIG MCX Spear NGSW - Assault Rifle
Fallout 4 - Point Lookout
  • Added ammo type to .32 Pistol
T6M's Bolt-Action Shotgun
MW Minigun

Type79 and MP9
  • MP9 only. MP9 isn't auto-check
SilencerCo Maxim 9
BFV Kar98k
BH StG44 - Assault Rifle
MW2022 - Ultimate Scar Family
  • CC+TR patch made
SR-2 Veresk
  • CC+TR patch made
AnotherOne Huot Automatic Rifle
MW II Basilisk

BH Gewehr 43 - Battle Rifle
CSLS7 9mm
M2045 Magnum Revolver Rifle
HK USP .45(New) with Tactical knife
The M9 Standalone Pistol
Taurus Judge

The M14 - a Retro Battle Rifle
Type 11 - Light Machine Gun

Compatibility Patches:
Wasteland Ballistics - Regular & Vanilla Lasers
Fall UI - Added tags to the ammo names
  • Should work with any Fall UI Item Sorter mod
Fusion Cells are Batteries
Damn Apocalypse
Loot Logic and Reduction With optional Harvest Restrictions
Real Time Cover Penetration Framework
Ammo Carry Limit (Balanced)