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Main file reduces ammo, meds and bobby pin drops while logically diversifying loot into appropriate containers. Optional files for more functionality.

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This mod changes what items you find in containers by editing their leveled lists and, in some circumstances, making new leveled lists for specific containers or types of containers. In the process, this mod reduces the amount of useful items like chems, ammo and bobby pins that you will find in containers. Enough that there should be some sense of scarcity in the wasteland. Great care is given to keeping loot balanced and increasing the believe-ability of the world. This is also designed to improve gameplay for all difficulty levels.

Hroun was kind enough to upload this mod to Xbox and PS4 (thank you!)

Optional Files

Loot Logic 1.5 with vanilla ammo counts: Choose this instead of the main file if you find that the ammo reduction of the mod is too severe. It keeps my ammo drop system but the amount dropped will be vanilla counts. It is safe to swap between the two mods at any time so if you try the main file you can just replace it with this (or vice versa).

Harvest restrictions only: is an optional file that prevents players from manually harvesting plants that you can normally plant in settlements (corn, carrots, raizorgrain, melons, gourds, mutfruit). This means you have to buy or loot plants and cant "double harvest" from your settlements.

Lower Settlement production kickbacks: is an optional file that reduces the amount of food and water settlements place in your workbench. This makes it a little harder to become rich selling excess food and water. It also makes sense that you just get a cut  of the profits.

Loot Logic Scrounger and Fortune Finder: changes the leveled lists of both perks so that you will find items less often, but in higher quantities. Also, DLC ammo in scrounger pool. Just leveled list changes (doesn't touch perks). Not tested extensively so no guarantee on balance.

I have created pages for a couple of addon mods which I consider part of this mod's goal, but have kept separate for compatibility and player tastes. I highly recommend these:
Vendor Diversity Overhaul
NPC Loot Drop Rebalance

Scrounger Ammo Reduction By Hroun, rebalances the ammo drop from the Scrounger perk.

Requires Automitron, Far Harbor and Nuka World DLC.

No direct changes are made to NPCs (just the leveled lists some use). Main compatibility issues would be anything that alters ammo leveled lists and common containers like desks, or trash cans. Also anything that modifies animal drops should be loaded after this.

The optional harvest tweaks mod only modifies food based flora (no wild variants) and a few leveled lists that a workshop script calls upon. It doesn't touch the workshop other than that so should be compatible with most settlement mods.

No items are changed in either file so this should not mess up sorting mods or mods that alter items themselves in any way.

Choose the main file and or the optional mods and install them with a mod organizer or place them manually into your data folder. If upgrading, just replace the older version (same file name so there shouldn't be any problems).


Ammo drops are reduced more as rarity increases and rarity of ammo types has been adjusted.
Medkits and Chem boxes have been tweaked so you have less of a chance to get drugs and medicine. Added cloth (gauze), adhesive, tweezers and bandage scissors to the drop table.
Desks, dressers, file cabinets, toolboxes, washer/dryers, trashcans, newspaper bins, mirrors, suitcases, icemakers, lockers, metal bins, gore bags and more, all now have unique leveled loot lists that make sense.
Animals no longer drop caps and misc junk (except "boss" monsters).
Ghouls no longer drop ammo and stimpacks. They drop a lot less junk than in vanilla.
Most safes no longer contain pipe guns, because whether or not it has been opened since the war, no one thinks their pipe gun is precious.
Boss loot chests have reduced explosive drops.
Locked containers now have chances to contain bonus items other than stimpaks and stealthboys.
There are a lot more details in the change logs if you are interested

Here are a few other mods I have made which also work well with this.

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