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Small mod, big impact.
Adds a wound mechanic to bullets based on the caliber, shape, mass and speed of their real life counterparts.

Permissions and credits
Wasteland Ballistics give to Fallout 4 a FPS combat style that mostly relies on body part status and bleeding.
Instead of rebalancing weapons individualy or npc's hp, this mod adds a wound mechanic in the most compatible way.
No script envolved and no patch requiered.
The mod has been rebuilt from the ground to provide a better Escape From Boston feel and even more compatibility so please read the description.

       It just works. Todd Howard

__________________________Wound mechanic__________________________

 Armor Penetration:
Based on weapon type and ammo. Bullets have there own lethal potential based on the caliber, shape, mass and speed of their real life counterparts but their efficiency will vary depending on the weapon used.
Some modded weapons, especially smg, do not use the right keywords ("WeaponTypeAssaultRifle" instead of "WeaponTypeRifle") or use the wrong projectile override on their suppressors.



On hit: Instant death if unprotected or if the attack penetrates the helmet.
Crippled: This state can be inflicted by a non lethal attack. It will not result in instant death but any further damage will.

On hit: Chance of instant death based on the weapon type if unprotected or if the attack penetrates the armor.
Crippled: This state can be inflicted by a non lethal attack. It will not result in instant death but any further damage will.

Crippled: In this state, incoming damages will be greatly increased.

Each damage resistance and energy resistance point now matter but beyond their stats, some armor will offer way better protection based on their keywords.
Usefull to ensure that your custom armor gives you the protection it should.
When hit by a bullet, such armor pieces will produce a different sound.
---Vanilla better helmets:
Against ballistic weapons only: Metal Helmet, Army Helmet, Welding Helmet, DC Guard Heavy Helmet, Vault-Tec Security Helmet, Super Mutant Bladed Helmet.
Against energy weapons only: Synth Helmet.
Against both: Combat Helmet, DLC Robot Helmets (Sentry, Assaultron and Eyebot), DLC Marine Helmet.
---Keywords you can use:
ma_armor_Synth_Helmet (against energy weapons only).
---Vanilla better torso protection:
Against ballistic weapons only: Metal chest armor, Super Mutant heavy armors.
Against energy weapons only: Synth chest armor.
Against both: Combat chest armor, DLC Robot chest armor, DLC Marine chest armor, Railroad Armored Coats, Minutemen General's Uniform.
---Keywords you can use:
Use slot [59], not a keyword but makes the mod natively compatible with AnotherOne Armor Plate (Version 0.999).

 Blood loss:
Triggered when body parts are damaged and stops when you fix it.
The stimpack's healing effect momentarily stops the bleeding but the wound can re-open if the limbs are not fixed when the effect wears off.
Visual and sound effects lets you know when you are bleeding.
Does not affect machines.

Energy weapons  can set the target on fire but standing in water will extinguish it.
The Asbestos Lining can prevent this effect.

 Fear (NPC only):
A bleeding actor have a little chance to be scared and might try to flee for a moment.
Humans will always be scrared when burning.

 Stagger (NPC only):
When shot to the chest with certain type of weapon, some NPC can lose balance and fall (weapons with the keywords "WeaponTypeShotgun", "WeaponTypeSniper" or "WeaponTypeGauss").

_A few things to remember_
Armor now actually matter.
Beware of melee weapons, getting hit can re-open a fresh wound.
Blades and spikes trigger a bleeding.
Explosions can project shrapnel that have similar effects as bullets.
Choose wisely what you want to carry before going out.
Remember that an enemy, even lethally wounded, might have time to shot back. Stay sharp.

_About bullets speeds_
I have used the most optimal values for the engine (around half real life speed).

_Compatibility rules_
If a mod brings its own projectiles (then simply make it use vanilla ones).
If a mod alters the spell AbLegendaryCreatureItem or the PlayerPerk, it will conflict.
If a mod alters weapons damage or NPC's hp, you don't need it anymore.

A special thank to mdsgeistt for being him.

[Under miscellaneous you will find optional plugins I don't want to create a page for.]

_CombatStyle :
Enemies can now spot you from more belivable distances, will chase you down longer and further but their shots are not so accurate anymore (because combat is stressful).

_CreatureAttackBehavior :
Makes animals and feral ghouls a lot more dangerous by changing the conditions that triggers there kill moves. Paired with Wasteland Ballistics and _CombatStyle (or Pack Attack), it will actually make your trip across the commonwealth intense.
Do not let them approach.

_PAHelmetAlways :
Enemies using power armors will always have a helmet.

No Respawn :
That one is self explanatory, what you've killed will stay dead.

308 Casing Fix :
The vanilla 308 casing doesn't like real bullets and oftenly collide with it. Here is a fix, you're welcome.

 Highly Recomended :
Condition Boy [Girl]
AnotherOne Armor Plate
Uneducated Shooter

Wasteland Medic with Immersive Animation Framework and of course Wasteland Medic-IAF Patch
_Sound Zero_
If you dont' want the bleeding effects and want to use another "bullet mod" of your choice, consider _Balance_