Skyrim Special Edition

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Underground dungeon system

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Description and features:
An underground dungeon system with currently 43 large and 26 small cells
No vanilla creatures used. All enemies (except humans) are new and based on the Vicn Creature Pack
the Creepy Zombies by futoshisan Mihail's monsters and animals and the Nexus Creature Resource by Gendundrup.
Links in the credits below.
New ingredients from the enemies remains.
Fully voiced quests.
Fully voiced monster merchants.
New weapons and armor and treasure.
Destructable objects in the dungeons to access new areas.

Requirements: Dawnguard Hearthfires and Dragonborn

Map I

Map II




whiterun dragonsreach jarl's quarter - jarl's bedroom
whiterun dragonsreach jarl's quarter - servants area - under the table
whiterun dragonsreach dungeon - behind a destructable grate
western watchtower- destroyed farmhouse - behind the house
falkreath - northwest of town - mine entrance
morthal east of town shack
rorikstead - east of town - gambling pit
markarth- warrens to the right of the entrance
markarth understone keep - jarl's quarter - under the breakfast table
solitude jail - fireplace
solitude hall of the dead - catacombs - alcove to the left of the entrance
dawnstar quicksilver mine - trapdoor
nightingale inn - basement
abandoned prison - exterior
windhelm palace of the kings - wuunferth's place
windhelm new gnisis corner club - backroom
winterhold the frozen heart - basement - unused cellar
collapsed riverwood mine - south of town - mine entrance
helgen - near the east gate in the rocks
ivarstead - shroud hearth barrow entrance
old hroldan inn - cellar
kynesgrove steamscorch mine - trapdoor
shors's stone watchtower - behind the watchtower
darkwater crossing mine . behind a destructable woodplank
dragonbridge . behind the penitus oculatus outpost
karthwasten Fenn's Gulch Mine . behind a destructable woodplank
riften watchtower - inside
riften ratway - near the garlic
riften mistveil keep - jarl's bedroom
east of whiterun - bloody throat cave
on the road to cyrodiil - near the gate

raven rock abandoned building - under the stairs
kagrumez - to the west - mine entrance
skaal village - great hall - store room
raven rock - the retching netch - backroom
abandoned lodge - exterior

2022 Add-On

Requirements: Dawnguard Hearthfires Dragonborn

Added some new enemies removed some old enemies
Tweaked some enemies for better balance
Added a new dungeon, Snowhawk Ruins
Added some new loot
Some minor lighting and navmesh fixing
Some entrances moved to avoid conflicts with other mods
Books notes and other writings added. 2 voiced adventurers (not fully implemented yet) added

Installation: install SkyrimUnderground.esm. Then install the Skyrim Underground_ AddOn.esp that uses the
esm as a master.


A Mothers Love
Francois Motierre in Skyrim. Find a dead treasure hunter in the blood shed prison for details and queststart.

The Lusty Argonian Maid v3
Talk to Jarl Rangulf of Skeevertown.

2nd Jarl Rangulf quest.

Dark(Elf) Secrets
Read a lowlife's journal in Frozen Rat Hole (Solstheim)

The Lost Zombie Girl
Find Grinn in Windy Hole - Loading Bay

A Mother's Hate
Start a Mother's Love and this quest will pop up automatically at some point

Secret of Dwarven Valley
Go to Jerall Mountain Valley and speak to Wayn

Ancient Dwemer Submarine
Look out for the Northern Glacial Lake in Solstheim

Monster merchants

Knut the cunning
dirt hole store - ruinous cemetery - to the right of the mara demon statue behind a destructable wall
a poor cyrodiil-soul stranded in skyrim. Even after beeing infected with zombieism he bravely continues his merchant activity..

Elrick the eternal
the frozen bottom - northern ice chute - behind a destructable ice pillar
little is known of elrick's story except his deep affinity for daedric business..

store 43c - bowels of the world - in the main lava chamber behind a destructable cave pillar
once build for dwarven comfort this android-merchant-worker-automaton roams his shop since thousands of years and survived his creators for ages..

Enemy difficulty

All enemies are leveled with minimum levels from lv 10-40. Entering the dungeon system below or around lv 10 will be a real challenge. Some enemies will reveal their true power at lv 45 and above. Also it depends from where you enter the dungeon system. Some cells are easier to clear than others

Destructable objects

sewer grate
dwemer column
cave icicle
imperial wall
castle wall
dwemer wall
mine pillar
cave pillar
cave ice pillar


1.0 Initial release
1.1 Bsa packed - minor porting stuff fixed
1.2 Fully voiced quests added
1.3 Small stuff fixed
1.4 3 more cells added HH connected
1.5 Bug fixes
1.6 Monster merchants added
3.5 Unique treasure added
3.6 Solstheim expanded
3.8 Solstheim expanded again. 1st Solstheim quest added. Various stuff fixed
3.9 missing voice files added
4.0 Fully voiced zombie girl with quest and pocket maps added
4.1 More fully voiced characters and part 2 of a mothers love added
4.2 Jerall Mountain Valley and quest added

4.3 Jerall quest voice files added
4.5 some 4.3 stuff fixed
4.6 Dwemer Sub added
4.6.1 esm and cleaned esp added
5.0 2022 add-0n added
5.1 2022 add-on part 2 added

Use your favourite download manager or download manually and copy and paste the esp and bsa's in the Skyrim Data folder.
Then launch the game and after the Bethesda logo click on mods. Wait until the mod list loads and activate the mod.
2022 add-on installation:
Install SkyrimUnderground.esm. Then install the Skyrim Underground_ AddOn.esp that uses the esm as a master.
Mod conflicts:
If a Skyrim Underground entrance is blocked or other conflicts show up make sure to load Skyrim Underground AFTER the conflicting mod to give it the priority.

Vicn for the Vicn Creature Pack
Enhanced Character Edit by ECE Team
Hair packs of TES IV Oblivion for Female Only by Radioragae,SKS
DIMONIZED UNP female body by Dimon99

futoshisan for Creepy Zombies

Gendundrup for Nexus Creature Resource
and the Mounted Beastfolk Resource
muppetpuppet frankthefish Leodoidao and Hissssa for the models

Mihail for
Enemy Bats SSE
Cyrodilic Minotaurs SSE
Dwarven Automatons Pack SEE
Undead Pack SEE
Dremora Armor SEE
Necromaster Robes SEE

Runspect for Resources for modders

PrivateEye for
Rings of Old - Morrowind Artifacts for Skyrim
Adamantium Helm of Tohan - a Morrowind artifact
Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw - a Morrowind artifact
Sixth House Bell Hammer - a Morrowind weapon
Chrysamere - a Morrowind artifact for Skyrim
Ashland Amulets - Morrowind Artifacts for Skyrim

InsanitySorrow for Insanitys Dwemer Weapons

volvaga0 for Dwemer Goggles and Scouter

maty743 for Matys Mithril

Artisanix for Paintings and Frames

icecreamassassin for the zombie mask fix

Voice actors credits:
Jarl Rangulf - Dwarven Page
Knut the Cunning - Elrick the Eternal - XL-420 - Nervas Vavydyn
Leotard the ascetic - Bouncer - Nervas' assistant
Kerstyn Unger (Kikiapplus)
Grinn - Cecilia Motierre - Rangulfs Castle Maid
check out Kerstyn's website
Lumdum - Fithragaer
Wayn the Upright
Grunkh Bearclaw

Writer credits:
Camper Strike
(Motierre's journal, the lusty Argonian maid v 3, Alchemist's guide)
(Farmer's journal)
(Snowhawk book volumes 1-8)
(Adventurers journal - Mzynd Zel book - Bloodshed Prison notes - Snowhawk guard journal)

Testing credits:

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Thanks to Bethesda for TES (best games ever).