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Skyrim Unbound we all love so much, patched for USSEP and modified.

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It's a modified version of Skyrim Unbound.
If you for some incredible reason do not know what is Skyrim Unbound, then it's time to finally take up the case, and then I advise you to start with the original mod page and then come back here.
I started it as a patch for USSEP, now i've reworked many things according to my vision, mainly starting options like equipment, spells, and starting locations. Long story short, Skyrim Unbound Reborn have more options, more control over randomization, and some new features. A lot has been done, so i'll only shortly list the main changes.

Main Changes


Now Skyrim Unbound inherit the USSEP changes, including script changes.

Durnehviir will not be resurrected if you can't learn shouts. Also, the shouts that Durnehviir teaches you will be automatically unlocked if you have enabled it in the MCM.

Added conditions to dragons-, shouts- and dragonborn-related loading scrrens, so the loading screens about dragons will not be displayed if there are no dragons, etc.

Fixed some minor bugs.


The quests are mostly untouched as it is the part i really like about Skyrim Unbound.

Added an immersive delay between absorbing your first dragon soul and the Greybeard's call, similar to vanilla (this is especially immersive because now it doesn't overlap with other sounds).

Reworked the way you become a thane of Whiterun. Instead of simply making you a thane when you buy the Breezehome, now it's more like other holds and more difficult. Complete "The Blessings of Nature" and speak to Balguuf when the Gildergreen tree is repaired/the sappling blooms. He'll thank you and allow you to buy the Breezehome, and the standart thane quest (help the people of the hold and buy a house) will be avialable. Skyrim Unbound no longer increases the Breezehome price.

Start Procedure

The intro titles are disabled by default and can be enabled via a configuration file.

You can press the Enter key
(out of the UI) instead of the Begin Your Adventure option.

The ability to customize things before the actual game start like in AS-LAL is helpful and was requested (though most of the things can be safely customized before the character creation), so now the character creation will be in a custom closed room instead of the Helgen corridor (an option to restore it is avialable in the installer). After the character creation you will see a messagebox with three options: Continue (start the game right now), Reload Gear (re-add all the equipment, items and spells), and Stay here to stay in the starting room until you press the Enter key (out of the UI).

Starting Locations

I've completely replaced the old "wilderness" locations with the real wilderness, so now you 1) will not be immediately attacked by bandits after you open their chest or by forsworn, 2) will not think wtf your <everything except a hunter/fisherman> character is warming up by a fire together with a random hunter or fisherman. The military camps have been split to the imperial and stormcloak ones and can't be get when the location is random. The orcish strongholds have been removed, as they couldn't get any immersion even for orcs. The Hold option now works as a filter, also now you can select multiple holds and toggle the chances to spawn in a jail/in the wilderness. Now you can be a bad guy and add a bounty in the hold where you spawn.


Previously, when choosing one magic school twice, you got a novice spell and an apprentice spell, for which you even might not have enough magic at the start. Now you get two different novice spells. The Raize Zombie spell is now available from the menu. Also, now you can select a specific spell and a random spell using the Schools mode, and toggle the chance to get spells of the same school when the spells are random.


Vegetable soup, horker meat, wine... sounds familiar, doesn't it? Also, the gold had a large range (0-2500) and the only way to set a more specific amount was the option to set an exact value, so the gold was either absolutely random or absolutely certain. I've completely reworked the starting inventory. First of all, now there are three wealth sets set by the Wealth option: poor, common, and noble (you also can select Nothing). The wealth set defines which and how many items you get. The variety of food and drinks has been greatly increased. Now you can toggle various items you can get: food, drinks, potions, lockpicks, torch. Added options to get a woodcutter's axe and a pickaxe.


Let's remember the original weapon options:

If you still don't think it is very limited, i'll ask you to find a mace. How about a warhammer? How about a random dual one-handed weapon except dagger along with a random bow? Okay, now you can build almost any weapon combo having high control over the randomization. Also now the material of the weapons is not always the iron, it depends on the selected armor.

The following armor sets have been removed: Stormcloak Officer, Scaled, Elven, Ancient Nord, Steel Plate. The following ones have been added: Monk Robes, Dark Robes, Miner Clothes, Vampire Armor, Vampire Clothes, Iron Banded Armor, Imperial Studded Armor, Hide Armor/Common Clothes Mix. Hardcore lovers now can limit the randomization with the Low-Level Armor Only option.


Skyrim Unbound Reborn includes an extension framework that allows to create spell, staff and location addons. Check Creating Addons for Skyrim Unbound Reborn.
Use the 'Reload Addons' option if some non-native addons aren't properly loaded.



Requires SKSE (any non-prehistoric version), SkyUI, and
USSEP. You don't need the original mod.
The configuration file and location addons including the Bruma addon require PapyrusUtil.
Install with your mod-manager.

I'm still working on this, so click "Track" at the top of the page to start tracking mod updates. Please report any bugs, issues and incompatibilies you find, and i'm also interested in your opinion and ideas.
Of course, I'm not obliged to satisfy all requests, but you have to try.

Configuration file

Skyrim Unbound Reborn includes a configuration file SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\SkyrimUnbound.json. Read Q&A if you have questions about it.

Recommended mods

Misc Dialogue Edits - adjusts as many dragons-related dialogues as possible, for proper immersion to the world without dragons or until the dragons don't appear (Skyrim Unbound already covers many dialogues, but not all of them). Other changes are also noteworthy.

Choose Your Starting Skills - my mod. A simple mod to allow you set starting skills without regard to race, as well as magicka/health/stamina values, within the vanilla balance, but with the ability of customization.

Known Issues

(from the original) Some mod-added NPCs (Interesting NPCs) think you are a thane of Whiterun, even if you are not. This is due to the fact that most mods use conditions like "if the MQ104 (Dragon Rising)
quest completed", while SU completes the first main quests immediately at the game start. For the same reason, some mods may consider you dragonborn initially. Check the Q&A for compatible conditions.


chinagreenelvis for the great original mod.
sevencardz for Dragon Stalking Fix
GOsteW for the GDO patch and the loading screen tweaks.
FetorMortem for the WWLMG and DSAMG patches.