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If you play with fast travel disabled, or believe that fast travel is for milk-drinkers, this is for you.
Adds fourteen destinations, including Hearthfires houses, and six carriage drivers (eight with the "Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE" version).
Travel when encumbered, but pay an extra fee.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • German
Adds carriage drivers in Morthal, Dawnstar, Falkreath, Winterhold, Rorikstead, Ivarstead.
The BS-Bruma version also adds a driver at the border, and one in Bruma.

They have a simple daily schedule and a small camp where they rest and sleep, the Hearthfires drivers take advantage of the house.

If your driver wandered off, sit on the cart and he'll come and greet you.

In Winterhold the weather is harsh and the outskirts dangerous, so Loddvar spends his time at the inn. Blow the horn (it's on the haybale), and he will quickly come (no pun intended), or hire him inside the inn and go to the carriage.

You can travel to Darkwater Crossing, Dragon Bridge, Ivarstead, Karthwasten, Kynesgrove, Old Hroldan, Riverwood,  Rorikstead, Shor's Stone, Nightgate Inn, the NW Coast, Lakeview Manor, Windstad Manor, Heljarchen Hall.
The Hearthfires destinations are available when you buy the property.

As a small bonus, the Solitude ferryman will take you to the other shore of the Karth for one gold piece.

With the "Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE" version you can travel to the border with Cyrodiil.
From the border you can also travel to Bruma (when you've completed the introductory quest to gain access and have been in Cyrodiil at least once), and from Bruma back to the border.
Sorry if this is 'inconvenient', it would be easier to travel from any Skyrim town to Bruma, but, with the border closed, only one authorized driver is allowed to travel to Cyrodiil.
If you don't care about 'realism' you may edit the plugin.
  1. Open the plugin in SSEEdit.
  2. In the subtopic of "DialogueCarriageBranchTopic", delete the response "CCCarriageCyroBorderFromBruma".
  3. In the subtopic of "BYOHHouseCarriageBranchTopic", add the response "CCCarriageBruma", and move it to the top of the list.
  4. In the two dialogue subtopics of "CCCarriageBruma" change the 'GetIsAliasRef' condition's comparison value to "0" and the alias to "025 BrumaDriver".
  5. In all the other dialogue subtopics find and delete the condition 'GetIsAliasRef - 025 BrumaDriver' (some have it, some don't).
This will include the Bruma carriage in the general transport system, enabling travels to Bruma for all drivers, and from Bruma to any Skyrim destination. And void the warranty :)
You might also want to change the global "CarriageCostLarge" from 100 to 50.

With the "Helgen Reborn" version you can travel to the rebuilt Helgen, after completing the "Desperate Times" quest.

Carriage travel when encumbered is allowed, but it costs 50 extra gold.
Boat rides when encumbered are allowed too, but with a limit of 1,500 weight units and no extra fee.

Compatibility with other mods:

  • A version compatible with "Immersive Citizens" is available (load it after I.C., or many destinations will be missing).
  • Works fine with JK's overhauls (load it after JK's).
  • A patched version for "The Great Cities" is available.
  • Load after 'Windhelm Bridge Overhaul.esp'.
  • Load after 'Solitude Docks.esp'.
  • Load after 'RigmorCyrodiilPatch.esp'.

Note: If you see something wrong in the terrain around the carriages (odd shape, seams, etc.), it means that some mod (tree, grass, town overhauls are the most likely) is overriding the landscape edits of CC. To fix it, if you can't use SSEEdit to detect conflicts, try to guess which mod could edit the terrain and load CC after it. If this creates problems for the conflicting mod, it means that the two aren't compatible.

Not compatible with:
  • Other carriage mods (obviously).
  • Incompatibilities with "Expanded Towns and Cities" have been reported.

How to uninstall:
Open the console and enter:
stopquest 00017f01
Reload and save.
Reload, open the console and enter:
startquest 00017f01