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Up to twenty-seven destinations and seventeen carriages (depending on installed mods), including Hearthfire houses. The drivers sport a more 'lifelike' behavior, with custom AI and personal campsites. High-poly covered carriage by mathy79. Optional "Convenient Storage and Delivery", "Convenient Passengers", and "Convenient Guards".

Permissions and credits
  • German
Adds carriage drivers in Morthal, Dawnstar, Falkreath, Winterhold, Rorikstead, Ivarstead.
The "Beyond Skyrim - Bruma" version adds drivers at the Cyrodiil border and in Bruma.
The "Helgen Reborn" version adds another driver in Helgen.

The drivers have a daily schedule and a campsite where they rest and sleep, the Hearthfire ones take advantage of the house.

If you don't want to look for the driver (he could be idling somewhere, getting shelter from rain or snow, sleeping), sit on the cart, he'll notice you and go to his seat (disabled in Winterhold).
If the driver is sleeping or indoors, the horse gives him a holler (disabled in Winterhold).
When you hire a driver who's not currently sitting on the cart, he goes and seats himself (just for better immersion).

In Winterhold the weather is harsh and the outskirts dangerous, so Loddvar spends his time at the inn. Blow the horn (it's on the haybale) and he will quickly come (no pun intended), or hire him inside the inn and go to the carriage.
He swaps his indoor light outfit with a warmer one when outdoors, this behavior can be disabled in the MCM.

You can travel to
Darkwater Crossing, Dawnstar, Dragon Bridge, Falkreath, Heljarchen Hall, Ivarstead, Karthwasten, Kynesgrove, Lakeview Manor, Markarth, Morthal, Nightgate Inn, Old Hroldan, Riften, Riverwood, Rorikstead, Shor's Stone, Solitude, the NW Coast, Whiterun, Windhelm, Windstad Manor, Winterhold.
The Hearthfire destinations are available when you buy the property.

With the Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE version you can travel to the border with Cyrodiil, but only after having started the quest 'Welcome to Cyrodiil' (the first time you'll have to walk there, going by carriage could cause the quest to glitch and don't start properly).
From the border you can also travel to Bruma (when you've been in Cyrodiil at least once) and from Bruma back to the border.
Being the border closed and guarded, only the authorized driver is allowed to travel to Bruma.

With the Helgen Reborn version
you can travel to the rebuilt Helgen after having completed the "Desperate Times" quest.
A new driver moves in later, when the rebuilding is almost completed.

Carriage travel when encumbered is allowed, but it costs 50 extra septims.
The installer has a few options to customize these settings, including a scot-free one.

Optional ferry patch
Cross the Styx river by boat in Solitude and Windhelm for one coin.
Row from Castle Volkihar to Dawnstar, Solitude, Windhelm (strong back required, but free of charge).
The boatmen don't sit all the time, they walk around a little to stretch their legs (and butts).

Gorgeous, high-poly, covered carriage
, courtesy of mathy79.
2K textures included, optional 4K patch available.
Optional patch for "Better Dynamic Snow SE".

Convenient Storage and Delivery
The Storage and Delivery service works like a more lore-friendly, less OP bag of holding; it still requires some suspension of disbelief (but hey, dragons require more).
If you're overburdened with loot and managed to drag yourself to a carriage station, you can ask the driver to send for your personal container at the Drivers Guild warehouse.
When you leave the area the crate will be recovered and sent back into storage.
If you're also planning a travel, you can ask for the retrieved crate to be shipped to your destination (including ones without a carriage).
The service costs 50 gold (100 at the Cyrodiil border and Bruma) for retrieving, and 50 (100) for shipping.
Your employed drivers (the Hearthfire ones) won't ask for gold.
The dialogue option is only available when the driver is outdoors (for technical reasons).
Enabled by default. If you have SkyUI, a menu allows to toggle the service on/off.

Convenient Passengers

When approaching a carriage station you might sometimes see a random passenger...
Nothing fancy, it just tries to convey the impression that you're not the only one using a carriage in Skyrim.
Suggestion: don't actually focus on them, they always do the same and would become soon quite boring, they're meant to be part of the background, like a tree or a rabbit.
To ensure compatibility with other mods and related patches this is only enabled in Whiterun, Riften, Markarth, Windhelm, Solitude, Falkreath, Ivarstead, Morthal.
The passengers can only spawn when you're far enough from the carriage; for example, in Riften you need to arrive from the countryside, getting out of the main gate doesn't allow for a spawn chance. For the same reason, arriving after a carriage travel doesn't trigger a spawn.
Once satisfied this condition, the chance for spawns is set to 65%; they should be fairly frequent without too much spamming.
Enabled by default. If you have SkyUI, a menu allows to toggle the passengers on/off and customize the chance for spawns.
Thank you novastark for the idea.

Convenient Guards
Not much to explain, they're private guards, they hang around and keep an eye out.
It might look like they don't do much but it's a false impression, they have a rich repertoire of amazingly witty and novel comments to delight you with.
Enabled by default. If you have SkyUI, a menu allows to toggle them on/off.
In case you have "Helgen Reborn", the Helgen guard is disabled by default and can be enabled only by the config menu.
Thank you ColossusX13 for the idea.

Carriage Travel Speed Tweak
Available in the installer, requires SKSE, doesn't add plugins.
Sets the fast travel speed multiplier during carriage travels to 2.2, halfway between walking [when you fast travel the vanilla game assumes you're walking to destination -- the default Skyrim value is 1.0] and jogging [something like 3.4]. Then resets it to default when the journey ends.
For example, carriage travel from Winterhold to Whiterun takes normally about 6,5 hours, about 3 hours with the tweak.
The idea is giving better immersion if you agree that a horse pulling a cart can travel long distances somewhat quicker than a man on foot (unless the guy's Pheidippides' son and trots all the way, of course). If you don't agree, never mind, it's optional.

Better don't enable this if you already have, and wish to keep, your own modded fast travel setting (e.g., Fast Travel Speed Fix), things might become a little confusing otherwise(*).
There are mods whose apparent purpose isn't editing game settings, but for some reason they do it anyway (e.g., Obsidian Weathers, 3.6), others might edit more settings besides fast travel. In those cases you might still decide to enable the tweak and simply put C.C. lower in the load order, preventing all oddities.
With mods which only edit the fast travel speed the load order method still works, but then they would be quite useless, better remove them if you decide to enable this.

(*)For example, you might load a game with the multiplier set to 3.4 by a mod, a carriage travel would run at 2.2 and the value would be reset to 1.0 at the end of the journey.
You would fast-travel via map with the default 1.0 value till you exit the game, then it would be back to 3.4 when you launch it again, and so on -- crazy.
True, I might store the current modded value and re-apply it at the end of the journey, but then carriage travels would be slower than map travel -- ridiculous.
Or I might store the current modded value, increase it for the carriage travel, and then re-apply it, but then the poor horse would have to fly like a Pegasus -- silly.
All this hoo-ha because edits to game settings made by scripts are not saved. While they'll persist across consecutive save loads during the same game session, they'll be wiped when the game closes and will revert to their hardcoded or modded values the next time the game reloads the plugins.
So, my default is 1.0, like the Skyrim one, take it or leave it.

Patches - Load order - Compatibility

A mod version compatible with "Immersive Citizens" is available, it overrides the drivers' AI and campsites.
Note - It's stand-alone, not a patch, please choose only one main file.

  • Patch for Arthmoor's "Ivarstead"
  • Patches for "The Great Cities" (modular and A.I.O.)
  • Patch for Arthmoor's "Dawnstar". NOTE: if you have "Dawnstar" and "JK's Skyrim", load the compatibility patch from JK's mod after this one.
  • Patch for Arthmoor's "Rorikstead"
  • Patch for Arthmoor's "Falkreath"
  • Patch for Arthmoor's "Storefront"
  • Patches for "Expanded Towns and Cities" (modular and A.I.O.)
  • Patch for "Winterhold Restored"
  • Patch for "Winterhold - Expanded Ruins"
  • Patches for "Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods"
  • Patches for "Cities Entrances Overhaul". NOTE: don't install the Markarth one if you're using "Markarth Entrance Overhaul Fixed".
  • Patch for "Enhanced Solitude Docks"
  • Patches for "Holds The City Overhaul" (modular and A.I.O.)
  • Patch for "Solitude Expansion"
  • Patch for "JUSTICE - City Exteriors SSE" (Markarth)
  • Patch for "Cutting Room Floor" (Whiterun)
  • Patch for "Unofficial Moonpath to Elsweyr Patch" (Falkreath)
  • Patch for "The People Of Skyrim Complete SSE".

  • Load after "JK's Skyrim". Patches for Ivarstead and for 'Dawnstar-with-grass-mods' are available.
  • Load after "Windhelm Bridge Overhaul"
  • Load after "Cities of the North - Dawnstar"
  • Load after "Solitude Docks"
  • Load the BS-Bruma versions of C.C. before 'RigmorCyrodiilPatch.esp'
  • Load after "Clockwork (SSE)"
  • Load after "Enhanced Solitude SSE"
  • Load before "Foggy Morthal and Swamp SE" or get the patch

  • Works fine with "Cities of the North - Morthal"
  • A patch for "Humans Mer and Beastfolk - The Cathedral Concept" is available here

If you see something wrong in the terrain around the carriages, it means that there's a conflict with some other mod (tree, grass, town overhauls are the most likely).
If you can't use SSEEdit to detect conflicts, try to guess which mod could edit the terrain and change the load order.
If the change doesn't fix the errors, the mods are not compatible without a patch.

Not compatible with
  • Other carriage mods (obviously).
  • "The People of Skyrim 2".
  • Mods that "beautify" the drivers will cause 'black face' or other errors (usually AI errors), depending on load order.
Possible fixes:
Merge records from 'mod' into C.C.
Merge records from C.C. into 'mod'
Merge records from both into a patch
Load 'mod' before C.C. and delete the drivers' loose facegen files
If 'mod' doesn't have an esp, just delete the drivers' loose facegen files.

How to completely uninstall (you could simply remove it but I believe that this is a slightly better procedure)
  1. Open the console and enter: stopquest 00017f01
  2. Save
  3. Uninstall
  4. Reload and save
  5. Reload, open the console and enter: startquest 00017f01
  6. Save.
It would also be quite advisable to run a save cleaner like FallrimTools to remove every unattached and undefined leftover.