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A small and simple port, allowing for combat and magical dummy training with configurable XP gain.

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Here's a link for the original mod page


My sincere thanks to everyone who's endorsed this mod!

Version 3.52 Update, 10 March 2013

Yet another mod that allows practice dummies to provide experience.


iAhora en espanol tambien!

Kudos to Orchal, sagittarius22, B1gBadDaddy, and anyone else who may also have attacked this problem. The reader is urged to look at their mods to evaluate whether they better suit your playstyle than this mod does. That, after all, is the entire reason I wrote this mod: because I wanted something that fit my own playstyle.

This mod supports:

- Adjustable base and variable experience amount.
- Adjustable minimum distance and long distance bonus for archers.
- Support for both training dummies and most archery targets.
- Support for Destruction magic.
- Experience in Speechcraft at Shrines of Dibella and Zenithar
- Dawnguard.

Version 3.52 update:
  • Added optional Block experience for Bashing dummies with a shield.

Version 3.51 update:
  • Updated the amount of XP awarded at shrines. The amount of computed XP (base + variable) is now multiplied by 3/4 of your current Speechcraft level.
  • Added additional translation files for MCM. Except for Spanish, all are just copies of the English file for now.

Version 3.5 update:
  • Those last eleven, snow covered targets now work!
  • MCM strings moved to an external file to facilitate translations.
  • Shrines of Dibella and Zenithar can now award Speechcraft XP. If the player already has the blessing of that shrine, there will be an option to meditate to gain experience. Meditation consumes one hour of game time.

Version 3.1 update:
  • Fixed two dummies at the Helgen ruins that were not working
  • Scripts recompiled and verified with SKSE 1.6.6 and SkyUI 3.1

Version 3.0 update:
  • Placement of XP enabled targets completely redone and no longer create deleted references.
  • 95 more static dummies XP enabled (like the one in Warmaiden's for example)
  • Edited in TES5Edit to remove CK induced wild edits.
  • Dawnguard dummies and targets enabled (optional extra ESP file)
  • MCM configuration menu update
  • There are no longer separate versions for with or without SkyUI Version 3. The SkyUI authors have indicated that this is the preferred method.

Version 2.01 quick fix:
Removes some debugging output that was accidentally left in the script which caused dummies and targets to say "ouch" every time they were hit --- by anyone, not just you. Could become very annoying around NPCs doing archery training!

Version 2.0 update:
  • Most archery targets around Skyrim are enabled to provided experience for archery only (no hand-held attacks or magic). The targets that haven't been converted are the ones that are placed so as to be inaccessible or broken and also eleven targets positioned out in the snow because of texture issues.
  • If you are using the SkyUI v3 alpha, you can install a version of this mod that is enabled to use the new Mod Configuration Menu system that it provides.
  • A Nexus Mod Manager installation script has been created to assist in installing the right version and its files.

If you're updating from version 2.x or earlier: It is recommended that you perform a clean save before installing this version. To do this, save your game and quit Skyrim. Completely uninstall the earlier version of Training Dummies XP. Restart Skyrim, make another save and quit Skyrim again. Install Version 3.0. Start Skyrim and continue from the latest save. All configuration variables will have been reset to defaults so you will need to reconfigure them if you had changed any of them in the previous version.

With Nexus Mod Manager:
  • Download the mod using NMM or download it manually and import it into NMM using "Import Mod from File"
  • When you activate the mod in NMM, you will get a menu giving you the option to install the Dawnguard add-on.

Manual Installation:
  • Extract the files into a temporary location.
  • Copy the contents of the folder named "Default" into your Skyrim\Data directory (this is the base ESP file, the scripts and translation files).
  • If you have Dawnguard, also copy the contents of the folder named "Optional" to the Skyrim\data directory (this is the additional ESP file for Dawnguard support).

Important: If you install Dawnguard support, "Training Dummies XP Dawnguard.esp" MUST be loaded AFTER "Training Dummies XP.esp". (Dawnguard.esm must be present as well but you probably already assumed that.)

If you aren't using SkyUI v3, adjustment can be made via a set of Global variables. All are integers.

Basic settings:
TrainingDummyBaseXP (default 5) - Base XP awarded for successful attack (may be 0)
TrainingDummyVariableXP (default 5) - Extra XP awarded each time, ranges from 0 to this value (may be 0)
TrainingDummyPowerMult (default 2) - Multiplier for power attack (not implemented)
TrainingDummyBashBlockXP (default 0) - If not set to 0, Block XP will be awarded for bashing dummies

Archery settings:
TrainingDummyBonusEnable (default 1) - Disable distance bonuses by setting this to 0
TrainingDummyMinDist (default 500) - Minimum distance for projectile attacks (may be 0)
TrainingDummyBonusDist (default 1000) - Distance at which a bonus will apply
TrainingDummyBonusIncr (default 100) - Incremental distance past the bonus distance at which to award additional XP
TrainingDummyBonusXP (default 1) - Amount of bonus XP award per distance increment
TrainingDummyWarnTooClose (default 1) - If not set to 0, warn the archer if too close to target

Magic settings:
TrainingDummyMagicXP (default 1) - If not set to 0, award XP for destruction spells
TrainingDummyPerSecondXP (default 1) - XP awarded per second for spells with duration > 0

Speechcraft settings:
TrainingDummySpeechEnable (default 1) - Set to zero to disable
TrainingDummySpeechBaseXP (default 10) - Base XP awarded for each meditation
TrainingDummySpeechVarXP (default 10) - 0 to this number extra XP awarded each time

Version 3.0 update adds the TrainingDummyBonusEnable variable. Previous versions disabled distance bonuses by setting TrainingDummyBonusDist to zero but this became cumbersome in the new Module Configuration Menu.

Examples using the default settings:
Attack with handheld weapon:
- Award a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 XP per attack.
Attack with a bow:
- Archer distance less than 500 units:
-- 0 XP awarded, notification issued: "Too close to target for experience gain!"
- Archer distance at 500 and less than 1000 units:
-- Calculated as per handheld example above
- Archer distance 1200 units:
-- Calculated as per handheld example above PLUS 1 PLUS 2 (1 for each 100 units distance above 1000)
Attack with a duration 0 spell (i.e., Firebolt)
- Calculated as per handheld example above
Attack with a spell with duration > 0 (i.e., Flames)
- 1 XP awarded for each second of duration
Worship at Shrine of Dibella with your current Speechcraft skill at 50
- If you do not have the Blessing of Dibella, it will be granted
- If you do have the Blessing of Dibella, award a minimum of 375 and a maximum of 750 XP (10 base plus 0 to 10 variable all times 3/4 your current skill level)

To change any setting, open the console with the ~ key and type: set to replacing with the name of the setting you wish to change and with the value you want. Please note that the script does NOT check for negative or exceptionally huge values. Change these at your own risk!

To see the current value of all the settings, open the console and type "help TrainingDummy" or look at them in the Module Configuration Menu.

Note about "PowerMult":
Apparently power attacks are not registered on dummies. I've left the modifier in however just in case. If you ever get a notification of "whoa! power!" please let me know. :)

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Revision history:
1.00 (4 November, 2012) - Initial Release
1.01 (5 November, 2012) - Added crossbow compatibility
2.00 (16 December, 2012) - Added support for most archery targets. Optional SkyUI v3 Mod Configuration Menu. NMM Installer.
2.01 (17 December 2012) - Removed debug output which was accidentally left in 2.00
3.00 (30 December, 2012) - Cleanup of targets, addition of static dummies, Dawnguard support and updated Mod Configuration Menu
3.10 (10 January, 2013) - Recompile of scripts to ensure SKSE 1.6.6 and SkyUI 3.1 compatibility, minor dummy fixes
3.50 (27 January, 2013) - Added 11 snow covered targets, added Speechcraft XP at shrines of Dibella and Zenithar, localized MCM strings
3.51 (3 February, 2013) - Adjusted Speechcraft XP calculation, added missing MCM translation files
3.52 (10 March, 2013) - Added optional Block experience for Bashing dummies with a shield"