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This mod helps provide an explanation as to what happened to Keeper Carcette after the attack on the Hall of the Vigilant. This also helps to make Stendarr's Beacon more aesthetic, functional, and immersive. Lastly, this also adds vigilants to all major cities.

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Keeper Carcette Survives SSE  by Ruhadre

Ruhadre is pronounced (Ru-ha-dri)

I want to say thank you to all those that have supported, endorsed, encouraged, and assisted my work.  You all are why I mod  :)
Don't forget to give kudos and endorsements to your mod authors and their mods!

Please enjoy my mod!  This is my first mod for SSE.

160 endorsements and rising, heh.  Make sure to tell your friends!

IMPORTANT :  This mod will be overhauled shortly to work with Stendarr's Beacon Enhanced SSE

Short Description:  Ever wonder whatever happened to Keeper Carcette after the attack on the Hall of the Vigilant?
This mod helps provide an explanation as to what happened and helps to make Stendarr's Beacon more aesthetic, functional, and immersive.
Lastly, this also adds vigilants to all major cities.  It makes the Vigilants of Stendarr appear to be "getting their act together" after the attack, trying to turn Stendarr's Beacon into a new headquarters, and to make their presence felt across Skyrim.

Current Version: 1.1

German Version Found Here:

Why download this mod?

- Keeper Carcette is now alive and well after the attack, stationed at Stendarr's Beacon.  She is a fully functioning expert restoration trainer now.
(Vanilla Carcette has bugged training.)

- Stendarr's Beacon was given a nice makeover.  Added decorations, furniture, crafting stations, idle markers, and more npcs.

- Vigilant of Stendarr Quartermaster is a merchant npc at Stendarr's Beacon, who sells a variety of things to the wanna-be Vigilants out there.

- Stendarr's Little Helper is an armored husky the vigilants have taken in.  He loves to lay on the fur inside the beacon during the day  :)
(Yes, his name is a Simpsons reference, lol)

- During the night; Carcette, her dark elf bodyguard, and Stendarr's Little Helper will patrol the route between Stendarr's Beacon and the entrance to Dayspring Canyon.  This gives the impression that the Vigilants are now supporting the Dawnguard, and aggressively guarding the route to the Beacon.

- You will find a single Vigilant of Stendarr in every major city now.
By day, they travel to taverns and shops, and by night, they keep watch over the city for suspicious activity.  They are the eyes and ears of Carcette.
They try to act natural, as to make city guards not overly aware of their presence.  However, they also fully function as city guards too.

Explanation - Mods that add guards in the form of dawnguard, tend to do so as if dawnguard were actual city guards.  I doubt the jarl would grant jurisdiction to the dawnguard, or anybody other than his guards for that matter.  So, instead of my Vigilant guards just standing around or going on obvious patrols, I have them acting like normal citizens instead with full ai schedules.  It's all about the immersion baby.

- Yes, I specifically decided to release this mod the day after Easter.  Keeper Carcette has been resurrected after all, heh.

- This mod is a location makeover + extra city guards + Guild HQ + a murder mystery solved....all in one.
(I made this mod to be a must-have for anyone trying to have a better Vigilant of Stendarr experience)


- 1.1  The new Carcette now has separate facegendata.  She now sports a scar that fits well with her head bandage.


Download with NMM and Install.
Just a simple esp w/ facegendata.
USSEP is a requirement!


steve40 for giving me alot of good advice toward this mod.
SSEEdit for giving me the idea to make this mod.  (See discussions after clicking link)
Arthmoor for Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Giiango for translating my mod into German, and for being very helpful!
Bethesda Softworks for Creation Kit


- Porting over the latest Keeper Carcette Survives from Oldrim


- skyBirds SSE Edition by steve40
(I placed a couple barrels at Stendarr's Beacon to get birds to spawn there)

- Run For Your Lives/When Vampires Attack by Arthmoor (my vigilants won't run like civilians because they are also guards)

- Mods that add silver weapons to level lists.

- Mods that add additional weapon enchantments to level lists.

- Mods that add NPC diversity to level lists.

- Mods that add to your Vigilant roleplay experience.

Note from Author:  I wouldn't go picking a fight with Carcette now, she's rather angry these days after the attack  ;)

How is she angry?

From the mind of Keeper Carcette:

"They all thought I was dead.  I thought I was too.  Now that this ghastly affair has concluded, it's about time I made my next move...
Now that I think about it, what in oblivion just happened?  The hall was crumbling around me.  I had almost given up hope.
All I remember is praying and wishing I had the power to stop this tragedy.
I was without my weapon, and saw a silver greatsword, so I reached for it instinctively.
It was in that moment, I recall a surge of energy within me.  My wounds stopped bleeding, and my armor and new weapon suddenly felt so light.
I charged through the burning building like it was nothing, and cut down every offending monstrosity in my way.
The sheer hatred I have for vampires, seems to resonate through this blade and my amulet of Stendarr.

Isran was right about us, and especially me.  We didn't listen to what we needed to hear most.
The failure to ourselves will forever be painted on this crimson canvas.
None of this is over yet, not while I live.  It will take more than compassion and mercy if we are to be victorious.
I need to return to where the faithful will flock.
The Beacon that has not yet fallen.  There, if we can work hard enough, we will be able to forge our own hope.  This is going to be one long walk.

I just came across what I suspect to be vampire survivors from the attack on the hall.
They were attempting to use clothing and armor stolen from the Hall to masquerade as fake Vigilants.
They managed to fool a poor dawnguard recruit with it, as I found him dead in a most grusome fashion.  The fellow was but a farm lad.
Never seen much real combat, much less against monsters of this caliber.
The vampires were about to kill his dog too until I intervened, or should I say, came to help the dog, as he was doing a fine job of defending himself.
Together we vanquished all of them, and burned the corpses before we departed.
It would seem I have a new companion for this journey, as he just won't leave my side now.

Humorously, I have named my new friend, "Stendarr's Little Helper", as he has proven most useful and reliable on this long trip.
I'd be more scared of facing him in combat than those corpse hounds the vampires keep around.
As expected, the Beacon is in a state of disrepair.
I have gathered many of the vigilant here from along the way, and appointed a quartermaster to handle logistics.
The dawnguard have been nice enough to help us get better properly setup here.

We are now forging new weapons and armor, and blessing them with magical boons.  We are creating cures for all diseases and poisons most foul.
The silver supply here has proven quite useful in making weapons effective against the undead.  We are becoming better prepared than we were before.
One day, we will take the fight back to them, and we will ruin them for what they have done!  By Stendarr, I swear this!"

No navmeshes were harmed in the making of this mod.
Cleaned with SSEEdit for good measure.

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