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Gore is a fully voiced, lore-friendly, standalone follower I have spent the last year writing, voicing and implementing. This mod is dedicated to my friend, Eden "Solaria" Knight. You will always be loved. 3,700 lines including the Vigilant add-on voiced using high-quality studio equipment. Coverage for all factions, main quest and DLC.

Permissions and credits
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Hello. Thank you, first of all, for reading this. Gore is a passion project for me, one that I work on by myself. He is coded, written, voiced, and worked into the game solely by me. Gore, including his add-ons such as Vigilant, has around 3,700 lines. Line count is neither an indication of quality, nor is it something I really care about. He has a short intro quest, then becomes a follower. You can find him at Peaks Shade Tower, outside of Falkreath.

Don't uninstall mid-playthrough because I use global variables. 

My mod is open perms aside from the assets included that i have credited their author for, and gotten permission to use. This means you can make patches, replacers, edits to scripts, etc. Whatever your heart desires, I am okay with. I took inspiration from a great many authors, I have borrowed assets from talented artists, commissioned when I could, and had greats like Kukielle, from the mod Daegon and Flint from the mod Flint the Minotaur provide voicing for NPCs. Far too many people have contributed to this project in some ways small, others large, for me to consider it all mine. I created and shared this with you because I don't want to keep it to myself, so if you want to build on or improve it in some way, feel free. I have always had this open permissions outlook on modding and always will.

Gore is intended to be a companion, not a blind follower.
Gore is a child-soldier grown adult, cast off by the family he never truly had following a tragedy. Despite this, the past he is running from is infinitely darker than his future has the potential to be. Gore himself is in love with life, and drinking it in greedy pulls from a deep cup. You'll find he is not so much a broody, quiet type, but more so a very animated and outspoken companion that wears his heart right out on his sleeve.

CW: Gore refers to the player often as "blood." for other CWs, see description. Put your mental health first.

As you travel together, you will learn more about his history, his personality, and have the opportunity to form a life-long bond with him, potentially a romantic one, depending on your choices. Gore's story is told across two main quests, a few side quests, and a conclusion that I am currently working on. Take your time, make careful choices, and help him put his torments to rest. The main focus of this mod, however, is to cover your own journey, be that through vanilla faction quests, side quests, or the main quest. I also covered some mods like Vigilant and Saints and Seducers Extended Cut. More on the way!

In technical terms, he uses a greatsword, heavy armor, and violent aggression to draw enemy attention. His stats and gear are balanced, as he starts with Iron-Tier equipment. You can have him use archery, or a blend of the two as well, just talk to him about planning, and he will be open to it. This is how you adjust his follow distance and turn on and off his catch-up teleport feature. I designed him with lore adherence in mind, and I believe I struck a good level of believability for someone not formally educated like Gore. His personality may surprise you, given his name, appearance, etc. but always remember that things are not quite as they seem. Gore is also friendly to nonbinary identities, all you have to do is let him know, and he will not use gendered language with you anymore. I didn't do this lazily, I recorded new lines for this specifically. If there are other changes or features I can implement for inclusivity, don't be afraid to dm me, comment, or join the discord to let me know.

Gore uses a survival-lite optional system I have built. It is compatible with any survival mods you use by design. It does not punish you for not participating. At the end of your day, you can ask Gore to take you to camp (Planning > Let's set up camp,) and he will offer to hunt an animal based on your current region. When you get to camp, he will give you a meal he made and any spare parts from said creature. The meals offer very slight 24 hour buffs to attributes. Rest in camp, craft, harvest alchemy ingredients, and let him know you are ready to leave, and you will be transported right back to where you left. How do you access the flask? Ask him through the camp dialogue menu what else he can cook up. 
  • Start and end your days at a secluded camp site
  • Let Gore hunt animals to make meals for you, these provide 24hr slight buffs to attributes
  • Collect spare parts from the hunt
  • Gather ingredients around the camp
  • Once you get Gore a horse, have access to crafting stations around the camp
  • Get a flask from Gore with 5 charges, healing 50% of your health each time you use it
  • Recharge the flask at camp at the end of the day 
  • Access to: A mortar and pestle for alchemy, a flat stone to temper armor, a tanning rack, a cooking station, an anvil for crafting, dozens of herbs and ingredients, a sharpening wheel, most of which show up after completing Gore's horse quest.
  • A nice, quiet, isolated cell. No music, no script lag, no draw calls cloggin' up your fps, just you, Gore, nature, and a nice little break from it all.

Gore has around 320 lines with her. Remis author is one of only two authors I consistently bother for lines, not just because they're a delight to work with, but because the character is so interesting and fun to discover. 
Gore has a few idles with Auri, which came not even a week after posting Gore in his fledgling mod state. Auris author was so kind and so available which was honestly amazing as someone who barely had a mod at the time. 

Simple Outfit System 
I know followers have issues equipping what you'd like them to, and despite nerfing Gore's equipment down to Iron-Tier quality, you may still have issues with getting him to equip what you'd like. This is a vanilla bug, I apologize I can't fix it.
SNIFF - Simple No Internal Friendly Fire        
Don't often recommend these, but quite frankly this is just a good mod to have. I can deconflict things on my end, but I cannot fix the base game. Came pretty close with his horse though.

You can, of course, use him with mods like NFF installed, just do not use the dialogue option to integrate him into them. Many followers have theirs on the vanilla framework, which I admire and envy in a lot of ways, but it just wasn't possible to do with Gore. 


CommanderSmokingWeedJestingThyPussy the third, Cwahson, Fae, dwarvenqueen for helping with writing.
BelladonnaIsRunning, Foamimi, Kary for playtesting.
khisartin from dds workshop for the updates facial hair, scar, eyes, and skin textures. thank you!
frequiaaa for the updated catch-up spell.
WillOhTheWisp for porting Gore over to the Xbox! Thank you!
Cheming for the weapon idle animations.
swefrida, for the eyes, teeth, and skin. thank you. do not use these outside of this mod, period. 
Naxmaardur, for the burned skin marks.
xavbio, for the armor textures.
DomainWolf, for the body paint.
billyro, for the sword.
Kyoe, for the brows.
DomainWolf, for the body paint.
sirius1503 for the amulet. 
zzJayWillOhtheWisp for the horse model and textures.
kalilies for KS Hairdos.
Salt & Wind for the textures.
Underdog for the limping animations.
Dan Johnson for voicing Pate.
Flint the Minotaur for voicing Jo-Lee.
KouLeifoh for high poly head.
Niroku for expressive facegen morphs
CaptainCreepy for Still
LokiCXXVIII for voicing my sister, Eden <3
Neyrine, for the armor upgrades!
Vigilant credits:
Dan Johnson, for once again working on Pate.
Kukielle, author of Daegon for her voice talent as J'hul.
Giamel, for the crib asset.
4thUnknown, for the dust jacket used in the armor.
swerifida, for BNP skins and allowing me to use it for Gore.
Mihail, for the bandage nifs.
Robby, author of Khajiit Will Follow for writing feedback, helping me deconflict this patch with his as much as possible, and for being a good friend to me.
Trinity, Kary, Foamimi, my most incredible beta testers, and all around great people.
Vicn, for Vigilant.
Translators and VAs, for the English patches.
Xtudo, for his numerous patches that make great additions.
You, for encouraging me.
Eden, none of this would be possible without your divine presence to motivate me. Rest in peace, my darling sister.

Load Gore.esp as high as you possibly can. Follower mods change nothing, but touch many things. Any patches, especially Alternate Perspective, need to be loaded very, very low, if not last.

"Safe to add mid-playthrough?"
It is, at least in the case of the mainline mod. I don't recommend doing that, because I personally believe Gore is best when gotten at a low level, but to each their own. In the case of the Vigilant addon, abso-fucking-LUTELY not if you have started Vigilant at all. Neither his mods nor his addons are safe to remove mid-playthrough, either.

"Is this finished?"
No. Never will be. I have one final main quest for him planned, and a ton of side content. A lot of this ties into a gameplay loop surrounding a camp I have in mind, all of it optional. Everything else is coverage of other mods. My drive to cover mods with only commentary is very, very low though. I much prefer hard integration and interactivity, like I did with Vigilant.

Romance. You have to earn it, though. There is a very, very narrow passage you must get through to have access to it. It is not difficult to achieve if you are a decent person, though.

"Who is the voice actor?"
Macaulay Culkin.

"Is anyone going to read this?"

That being said, I will not fix your load order. If you are having an issue, and it is a very obvious one, that NO ONE ELSE IS REPORTING... then it is probably on your end. I have no desire, nor should I be expected to fix that.


- Go to Peak's Shade Tower and find Gore
- Play through his intro and then take him to an inn and speak to him
- Tell him to start following again
- Outside, tell him you are thirsty
- Go to the Drunken Huntsman
- Exhaust his dialogue
- Go to another inn
- Tell him to relax, exhaust dialogue
- Go to Dawnstar, confront Pate
- Play through the Epilogue(s)
- If you make good decisions, you can romance him here
- Play through the interludes (one is accessed by asking him if there's anywhere he wants to see in Skyrim while he is relaxed, the other he will bring up himself.)
- After the waterfall ambush, tell him to relax and tell him you want to talk about the ravens some more. this dialogue tree is CRUCIAL in deciding which ending you will get going forward!
- If romancing, ask him on a date
- Go to his camp and ask him about marriage
- Go to an inn and speak to him one last time
- Play through the quest
- Patiently await the third and final quest
- You can get him a horse by asking him about life in the Ravens while he is relaxed
- You can go to his camp through the planning menu

I don't accept donations directly. I enjoy this, I want to continue. Please, if you want to support, send donations to charity. trans rights. that is all. thank you.

general content warning below:
This mod touches on some personal subjects that may upset you. His personal quests are optional, and you can avoid any of this by not pursuing them. I'm not a writer, I'm blessed with the gift of drawing on my own experiences to shape his story, meaning it's a bit easier for me to make him believable. That being said, I am not Gore. Gore is not me. He is not a self-insert, but rather a vessel meant to convey a message that victims should not be expected to be perfect people. I drew inspiration from my experience as a veteran, a CSA survivor, and other shitty experiences that shaped my life, but I also drew from Eden's experiences as well as others. Despite the heavy themes, this is a story of healing, kinship, and blood. the metaphorical kind, specifically. Chosen family, and its validity. This mod is for trans people first and foremost. It's for people whose family has let them down. It's a story about finding that acceptance and love with your chosen kin, and it's a story about finding happiness.

This server is 18+