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Adds over a hundred new types of cheese, hand-placed in an immersive way throughout Skyrim, and a fully voice-acted quest with Sheogorath.

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This mod adds over a hundred new types of cheeses all throughout mainland Skyrim, and a quest given to you by Sheogorath (featuring spot-on voice-acting by Daniel Hodge) to find and collect all of them in return for a Deadly Daedric Artifact.  Each one of the cheeses has been crafted with a concerning amount of love, and hand-placed in ways that add to the atmosphere of Tamriel.

To start the quest, go to the end of the hall of the Pelagius Wing (requiring completion of Sheogorath's first quest) and take the Stale
Cheese Crumb next to the book Cheeses of Tamriel.

You will be tasked with collecting all the new types of cheeses in Skyrim.

The cheeses can be found all throughout mainland Skyrim. Many of them are sold at vendors (with some exclusive to certain cities' vendors) or
can be found in locations such as homes, inns, farms, and particularly interesting dungeons and forts. All cheese found in vendors can be found hand-placed, but not all hand-placed cheeses can be found at vendors.

The sliced wheels and slices of the various cheeses count separately, so be sure to collect those as well as the full wheels.

Imported cheeses (of which there are many) from other parts of Tamriel can often be found around or near NPCs of races that hail from those places.

There are two spreadsheet files in Skyrim >> Data >> Meshes >> Cheebz. One is "Locations", which has a list of all the locations the cheeses are found, and one is "List" which has a blank list of cheeses to help you keep track, without spoiling the locations. Of course, if you really want to cheat, there is a cheese testing cell (yum_cheesecell) with all of them; you can use the coc console command to enter it.

Some of the more unique cheeses have notes or journals near them explaining how they got to be there - for example, the abandoned Thalmor Headquarters in Solitude now have a reason for having been abandoned. Take a look!

After collecting a cheese, you can drop, eat, sell, or do whatever you like with it - it still counts as having been collected!

For your heroic efforts in collecting all the cheeses in Skyrim, you will get a DEADLY DAEDRIC ARTIFACT (Sheogorath assures you this is the case) and the ability to craft a number of decorative cheese boards from the new cheeses. And, of course, all of your new cheese.

(Anticipated Frequently-Asked-Questions)

What happens if I collect or eat some cheeses before I start the quest?
The cheese counter applies retroactively, so you only need to have acquired the cheeses once, which includes before you start the quest. You are free to eat all of these (except for the Forbidden Cheese, I don't advise it), sell them, or leave them in a chest.

Some cheeses (such as the Ancient Cheese) will naturally not respawn, but having collected it once counts no matter what you do with it.

How good is the voice-acting for Sheogorath?
Daniel Hodge is fantastic. It's honestly indistinguishable from Sheogorath's actual voice-actor. I hope some of the lines will make you laugh.

What's the Deadly Daedric Artifact and what does it do?
That's a spoiler.

Grilling Cheese?
That's Halloumi.

How many cheeses are there?
Well over a 150 new varieties. Some varieties contain sliced versions and slices, which are counted separately, so you'll be collecting 202 objects.

What if I have a mod that overhauls some cells?
I took care to make unique cheeses available in places less majorly overhauled (the Blue Palace, for example, contains a few generic cheeses that can be found elsewhere) by popular mods, but if you note that a mod I'm unaware of makes certain unique cheeses inaccessible, please bring it to my attention. Taking a look in the "Locations" spreadsheet may help determine this.

Is this mod lore-friendly?
All cheeses, notes and quest lines have been written in a way as to make them lore-friendly, often containing references to canon lore (such as the Olroy Cheese), and not contradicted by any. The names of the cheeses have often been changed to reflect this (Swiss cheese becoming Riddled Cheese, as Switzerland does not exist in this world).

So -
"Masticate" means "to chew".

  • EpicCrab for quest coding work, writing several pieces of cheese lore, and other major contributions to the mod
  •  DoubtSuspended for quest coding work, creating the trailer, and other major contributions to the mod
  • PhysicsFish for quest coding work
  • Daniel Hodge for voice-acting Sheogorath
  • Simon Magus for help with magic effects
  • Padawanjedi, PierreDespereaux, elr0y_7, and GOOGLEPOX for help with testing
  • InsanitySorrow's modder resource for the model of the Red Cheese
  • Everyone on the SkyrimMods subreddit who suggested a cheese for me to make
  • DanielCoffey for the book cover resources