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A nice little tree mod with skinned trees and a low performance cost.

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This is a WIP of the tree mod I'm currently working on. I'm even unsure how the final name of the mod will be.

The goal of this mod is to create atmospheric, good animated, performance friendly trees. That fit into Skyrim.
There were several people testing the mod and we saw a performance degration between 2 - 5 FPS with a removed FPS cap. Which is a pretty good result.

The pinetree models and textures of this mod are finished. Though I may still tweak them a bit.

I also uploaded standard lod billboards for the lod creation. Though I plan to use the HD tree version of DynDoLod 3 alpha.
And I add an article with my HD tree lod settings to the article section.
Because you have to create this billboards with TexGen. 

You can see the HD lod trees in the screenshots. 

I can also confirm that there is some work progressing for hybrid tree lod meshes.

But due to it is a WIP there is still a lot of stuff to do.

Known issues:

  • the naming within the nif files and the texture naming is wrong
  • some floating bee hives (I found only one yet)
  • the trees have roots, I managed to place the node pretty good. But it may occur that a tree is slightly floating


  • finish all Vanilla trees
  • finish the DLC trees
  • fine tuning of animations and lighting
  • fixing floating bee hives
  • adding additinal trees, for mashups etc.


A big thank you to my family and my co workers who have to bear me in this time.
Cause the mod is pretty exhausting.
And a big thanks to Arocitto, Paweuek and Mathy for testing and giving me with hints and ideas.