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A nice little tree mod with skinned trees and a low performance cost.

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Happy Little Trees is final.
It is renamed and polished. Finally!

What the mod does:

Happy Little Trees is a Vanilla Tree Replacer that aims for good visuals while having a very low performance cost
There are great looking, performance expensive trees on many Discord Channels and fast trees on the Nexus.
But I missed a tree mod that tried to combine both worlds.

I measured an impact of 5 FPS with a disabled FPS limit on my GTX 970. Which is pretty pleasant result.

The next feature of this trees are the animations. Because the trees are skinned. No more repeating wobble of branches every 10 seconds.
The branches are moving very naturally.

I present you several options for tree lod too.
  • you will find lods for the very basic vanilla style tree creation in the download section
  • you find a guide in the article section about creating lod billboards that react to lighting

I want to keep it as an external source to support the STEP community. And I personally think that this community is very important for Skyrim modding.

Additional Features:

The mod is shipped with a Treescale.esm.
This plugin makes most green and dead pines 20 percent larger. But you can also set your personal tree size.
Check the guide in the article section.

A load order hint for this plugin!
The Treescale.esm should be as high as possible in your LO. Set it at least 1 position higher than USSEP. This avoids region naming issues and potentially overwritten worldspace fixes.
I did a lot of testing and this hint should be safe. But contact me if I'm wrong.

Updating to version 2.0:

The safest way is to uninstall the WIP, install the final and start a new game.
But you can use the DynDoLod method on your existing savegame too. Because you have to update DynDoLod anyway if you use it and you switch from 1.4 to 2.ß.

Go into an interior. Save the game. Leave the game. Uninstall the WIP and your potentially installed DynDoLod creation (if you don't use DynDoLod then I recommend the same steps too). Install the final. Rerun DynDoLod (you can skip this step if you don't use it).

Additional Installation notes:

I didn't had issues while I installed this mod and used an existing save game.
It should be save.
But you can always correct me if I'm wrong.

There came up additions from other authors to this mod. It is definately worth to check them out:

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HD Reworked Bark - Happy Little Trees

Happy Little Trees - Patches

Turn of the Seasons
(For Seasons of Skyrim compatibility)


A big thank you to my family and my co workers who have to bear me in this time.
Cause the mod is pretty exhausting.
And a big thanks to Arocitto, Paweuek and Mathy for testing and giving me with hints and ideas.
I want to thank z929669 too for the help with the lods.
And last but not least. A big thanks to the Skyking for the cutted wood textures.