Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Large-scale improvement of the forests of Skyrim. Makes forests very diverse and dense. Adds over 300 new trees, plants and objects created using photogrammetry. Keeps the balance between beautiful image and performance.

Permissions and credits


The vanilla forests of Skyrim have a very small number of tree species and various forest debris. This mod replaces all vanilla tree meshes with new ones made using photogrammetry, and also adds a large number of new varieties of trees, plants and forest debris. Forests are now diverse and divided into many small regions that are not similar to each other. The modification also affects the Dragonborn DLC.

Tree models have an average of 10 000 tris, this does not hurt performance much, but the density of the forest has increased many times over. 3D lods are optionally available, they have an average of 750 tris. The textures are mostly in 2k, but the base of the tree trunk is 4k. The mod weighs a lot, because this is the largest mod that reworks the flora.

The mod will be updated further as I am still not happy with my work. I will improve and redo the current meshes, make the forest even more diverse. Not all of Skyrim's terrain has been reworked yet, unaffected areas will be changed in the future. I plan to return support for the Seasons of Skyrim mod, as well as change the trees in the Dawnguard DLC, maybe rework the forests in mods like Falskaar. I am also constantly working on optimizing the mod and creating 3D lods for the trees added and modified by the mod.


  • The current version of the mod does not yet support the Seasons of Skyrim mod. If you need support for this mod, please use version 1.21 which you can find in the old files, however it is not maintained and I will not fix any bugs you may find in this version.

  • Not compatible with other mods that add new trees or modify vanilla trees.

  • Probably not compatible with some mods that add various objects to the Falkreath, Morphal and Riverwood regions. Plants may just end up in objects that these mods have added. For them it is necessary to create patches. For a small number of mods, I have already made patches.

Enhanced Landscapes, a patch is available for it.
Folkvangr - Grass and Landscape Overhaul.

  • Just install the mod in the Data directory or use any mod manager.

  • The mod should overwrite other mods that edit the landscape, such as Enhanced Landscapes. If you're using LOOT, edit the mod's metadata and set it to the "High priority overrides" group.

  • Lods are not included in the mod as they are specific to each load order. To generate lods and billboards, use DynDOLOD 3. Lods are levels of detail, if they are not generated, then you will not see changed and new trees in the distance.

Quixel Megascans - most of the textures contained in this mod, some plants, forest debris meshes
David Chumilla - bark textures
32cm - greentree grass type