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Avoid boring back and forth by using Imperial Mail service and send your shiny treasure to a selection of taverns across mainland Skyrim for later collection.
You also get a savings account for easy access to your cumbersome coins.

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Imperial Mail - Post and Banking Service

Imperial mail adds a lore friendly postal service which can be use to send your goods to a inns selection across Skyrim. Septims can be deposited or withdrawn from any postmaster.
On registering to the service your receive an updatable passbook that details your personal information, account balance and any outstanding parcel collections.
Those of no fixed abode may also want to rent a safe at the Central Office in Solitude.

Why using this mod?

  • If you don't use fast travel, constant back and forth becomes quickly boring, instead of that, go to the next inn, send your goods and go back to your exploration !
  • All innkeepers that use vanilla voices and offer merchant services (including those added by DLCs and other mods) offer a postmaster service by default (outbound parcel delivery and access to your savings account)
  • Nineteen taverns also offering collection services that can be recognized by their Imperial Mail service signs (toggleable by MCM)
  • Delivery costs are dependent on distance and the weight of the parcel (Configurable by MCM)
  • Postmaster General at the Central Office can hiring you as courier for the Express Letter Delivery service. Every delivery that you make will earn you money, and deliveries made within 24 hours will earn you a bonus and bring you one step closer to
  • promotion. Be aware that you can be demoted if you really mess up!
  • Gold weight. This is optional and won't interfere with any other mods that add weight to coins if you don't turn it on.

Mod Support:

  • Legacy of the Dragonborn SE : Auryen Morellus negotiates a special agreement to help relic hunters, Imperial mail services can deliver parcel directly to the museum, counterpart he must offer Imperial mail service (Only for V4, don't use with LoTD V5).
  • Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE : Extend Imperial Mail service to Bruma innkeepers, they can collect your goods to send them to Skyrim and let your access to your account.
  • Open Cities Skyrim SSE : This patch adds access to the IM Central Office in Solitude and service signs to all taverns in the walled cities.
  • All Modded Inns as long as innkeeper uses standard innkeeper faction, vanilla voices and offer merchant services.


Place it after city overhaul.
If you use Violens or other mod which uses UILib, you will be asked to overwrite files, no worries, you can, they are same files.

This should be compatible with most other mods. Possible issues might be:
  • Mods that change the exterior of vanilla taverns, as the service signs may not be well positioned. If that's the case with any of the signs, you can simply turn them off in the config menu or disable them via the console - they're purely cosmetic
  • Mods that change/use a specific area of the Blue Palace courtyard that is unused in the vanilla game. The Central Office entrance is located on one side under the arches (At your left as you enter the courtyard from the city).

Any working version of SKSE

This mod should be mergeable

This mod is a port of Imperial Mail - Post and Banking Service by NorthHare, please give him kudos for his work and his open permision which allow me to bring this very nice mod to Skyrim Special Edition

Extra Immersion Info / FAQ (from original description)

Why is it called 'Imperial Mail'?
The name and service is a play on the UK's Royal Mail, which was established in the 15th century as a letter-carrying service and expanded to include savings accounts in the 19th century. When Charles I opened the service to the public, postmaster positions were generally held by innkeepers, with whom customers could deposit and collect letters.

The Imperials of Tamriel are clearly modelled on the ancient Romans, but their situation isn't dissimilar from the British Empire, so I felt it would be fitting to adapt this element of British history and create an empire-wide postal service with sub-branches in each province. A extra benefit is that any mods that include other provinces can be merged into the same system, allowing interprovincial deliveries.

But what if I back the Stormcloaks in the Civil War? 'Imperial Mail' won't make any sense when Skyrim becomes an independent country!
When a civil war ends, the country isn't immediately restored to peace. The number one priority for the newly established government is keeping a grip on their power, and preventing riots, uprisings and general chaos. We don't see that in Skyrim, but I'm sure that's because it would require a massive continuation of the questline and I can't imagine most players would be interested in the political aftermath. It's standard practice in fiction that casting off the shackles of an 'evil' empire means instant reform, but it's not realistic.

Ulfric has a lot on his plate as the new High King. Creating a brand new communications service isn't going to be at the top of his to-do list and would be an unnecessary financial drain. I credit him with the pragmatism to keep using the same system, at the very least until the country is settled. Political independence doesn't mean cutting off all contact with the Empire -- it simply means freedom from their laws and control.

I put a lot of thought into the background of the Imperial Mail service (possibly too much?) and how it would play out in either civil war scenario. I think it makes total sense but, as with any immersion mod, your mileage may vary.