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Falkreath overhaul, featuring extremely detailed unique houses, new 4K textures, and an Arena you can fight in!

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RedBag's Falkreath
Forest town with an Arena!
SolitudeMorthal | Rorikstead | Half-Moon Mill


  • Arena you can fight in!
  • Stave church
  • 2 new residential houses
  • 3 guard towers, gates, and walls
  • 10 new NPCs (5 of those are warriors for the Arena)
Check out the patch collection for over 100 patches!
Compatible with any interior lighting mod.
eFPS by Blackread

IMPORTANT: Due to the complexity and invasiveness of this mod, (un)installation mid-gameplay is for testing only. If you wish for this mod to function properly, starting a new game is required.
  • Install with a mod manager.
  • Place at or near bottom of load order.
  • Run SSELODGEN or DYNDOLOD if you want to update LODs (objects you see from afar). You can leave this step for later if you wish to test the mod first.
LE port/Xbox port
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