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Adds 150 new encounters to Skyrim. Mod for those who love to explore and find new content.

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Northern Encounters is a killer mod for oldrim, I ported this over to SE because it was one of my favorite mods and I would like to showcase to Biggy Biz that I know full well how to port oldrim mods over so maybe just maybe he'll let me upload my fully working port of pirates onto nexus. (do not ask me for my personal port of pirates, I will block you, this is illegal and I'm a stickler for the rules! But if you want to ask Bigbiz on my behalf if I can... that would rock because I happen to have a way with words that can severely piss people off, yay me!)

This SE port was brought to you by
(In hindsight, you shoulda just went there...)

Shout out to
For making a video showcasing some of the features of this mod.

I will be keeping this updated and making compatability patches as needed.  The entirety of this mod was created by i73fi and is their brainchild, all credit goes to them.  They changed their permissions to allow this file to be ported over to SE but if you guys or myself pisses them off and they want this gone, it's gone so be respectful and be sure to endorse the OG mod located here as well as the SE version.

NORTHERN ENCOUNTERS SE Compatibility Version Changes-
  • Lecter's Lodge - was moved N of it's original Location (for "TPOS 2 Partial" Compatibility.)
  • Town of Ancients - Deleted 3 abandoned buildings and some misc clutter, moved main buildings to the edge of glacier. ("Lyngwi" Compatibility)
  • The Ghost ship S of Town of ancients I moved around the side of the glacier. (Lyngwi again)
  • The Ranch E of the Chill was relocated, still on the same glacier just moved it S of it's original Location.  Also the doorway to the top of the glacier is now located inside the ranch itself. Oh and I had to move the dwarven ruins on top of the glacier as well. (mirai the girl with the dragonheart compatibility)
  • The area N of The Chill had a rundown fishing shack and a werebeast attack, I moved the fishing shack to the Island N of where it was and removed the werebeast. (Telengard Compatibility.)
  • There was a house sitting right on top of the enterance to the pale cave, I moved it away from the cave a tad and added some stairs.  (Helgen Reborn Compatibility.)
  • Expanded the game boundaries in the sea of ghosts just enough that nothing added by this mod is inaccessible, you DO NOT need to disable your borders in your INI file to reach ANYthing anymore as was suggested in the original mod.
  • Cleaned with XEDIT 4.0, over 4k ITM's & UDR's removed for maximum stability!
  • Pretty sure I deleted the tolololo guy, have no idea what that is or means but it should be gone now. (copyright reasons)

Want to make your sea of ghost's the most epic experience possible? Daermonster reccommends these mods as well as Northern Encounters SE Compatibility Version...
Hell, I use all of them at the same time no problemo!

Alternate Start LAL (shipwrecked option)
Knights of Talos (coming soon, Skyrim2020 mod)
Brides of Alduin (coming soon, Skyrim 2020 mod)
PIRATES OF SKYRIM SE (you gotta ask Big Bizquit if I can have permission to port it)
Depths of Skyrim
Navies of Skyrim
Legacy of the Dragonborn
Seapoint Settlement
TPOS 2 Partial version
Viking Towns of Skyrim
White Lighthouse
Wreck of the Crown Petone
Mirai the girl with the dragon heart
The Watchtowers reborn
Pirates of the north
Skyrim battle aftermath
Beasts of Tamriel

Known Incompatibilities
Pandorable's NPC's makes changes to Silda the Unseen's inventory which I believe breaks a tiny side quest, nothing detrimental here, you can still run both.

Side note; there are lots of navmesh edits, if there are navmesh conflicts showing in your XEDIT load order THIS DOES NOT MEAN that this mod is incompatible with whatever mod is showing a conflict.  If you are worried simply place Northern Encounters ABOVE the mod in question and let it overwrite NE, an example would be both Kagrenac's Tools and Konariiks Accutrements.  Both are perfectly compatible with NE.

If you enjoy this mod BE SURE TO ENDORSE IT please.
I gain tremendous motivation to do more the more endorsements I see.

About DaerMonsTer / MORE DMT!!!

I make mods in my spare time.  I'm a semi disabled USMC veteran (0311 2/4
Echo 1MarDiv) and I try to make mods that help people or enhance the
game in some small way I'm currently trying to make a mod that can help the
blind play Skyrim but my old craptop can't handle it. I'm not a rich man
I make ends meet and being able to delve deeper into the CK takes a rig
better than mine, thats my sob story.  With that said I hope you
consider maybe buying me a Ko-Fi Or stopping by my Patreon site, where I take mod requests for my patrons and share whats going on in my
modders mind each month.  Making mods takes hundreds of hours of time,
any little bit you can do to give back helps keep me motivated!

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Northern Encounters SE
  Adds 150 new encounters to Skyrim. Mod for those who love to explore and find new content.
DMT's Brides Of Alduin REDONE(BOA)
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ProFail's Underforge SE
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DMT's Marry Rakel
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DMT's Blades Patrol (dragon remains)
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DMT's Paint it Blackreach Extreme
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interior, petting zoo, swimming area, classroom schedule, new staff and
much more!

The following description was taken from the original mod:

Northern Encounters v3.0c

This version requires official DLC Dawnguard & Dragonborn and Official Update.
Also spanish translation available

== What is Northern Encounters ?

Mod adds 150 encounters, mostly to the north (Sea of Ghosts area). This mod
is for those who love to explore and find new places. Mod also extends
lore and adds storylines to follow.

Mod adds:
- 316 NPCs
- 42 ships/shipwrecks
- 44 houses/ruins
- 32 castles/ruins
- 6 caves
Also lots of unique items and tough new enemies.

Mod has many storylines, following them will lead you to adventures all across the Skyrim. Check video for more information.

It can take hundreds of hours to find all encounters and solve all
storylines. This mod isn't easy, it will not display objectives and show
on map or compass where to go. Many encounters are linked to each
other, so finding one may take you across the Skyrim to look for the

Mod is lore friendly and it also extends the lore. For example faith of the Dwemer. It also ties vanilla NPCs to storylines,
making some of the "not so important or interesting" NPCs main
characters for certain happenings.

=== Tips

Best place to start is the Nightgate Inn.

Some encounters are "out of map", so you may want to include Skyrim.ini --> [General] section --> bBorderRegijavascript-event-stripped0

=== Compatibility

Because this mod adds such a huge amount of encounters to the most northern
parts (especially to the Sea of Ghosts area) all other mods that add
content to same area may conflict. There practically isn't free space

After installing/uninstalling this mod select SAVE (not quick save) to make a new save and then LOAD (not quick load) the save
you just made. This way all unused refs are removed from the current
saved game.

A message to i73fi...
Your mod made the hot files.  This isn't me bromigo, this is you and everything you did for this community.  Your graciousness in allowing me to port this mod is the only reason it made it there.  Thank you.