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A complete rewrite of Morrowind Script Extender, featuring new functionality and increased performance.

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The Morrowind Script Extender adds new functionality to the scripting language of Morrowind, allowing for new features to be implemented into the game. This release marks a complete rewrite of how MWSE accomplished this, while still retaining (and adding to) the functionality of the extension. The result is a cleaner, faster, and fixed project.

This new version has been tested by volunteers at the Morrowind Modding Community Discord. Please report bugs to NullCascade on Discord, or at GitHub.

Visit the documentation over at for a list of functions and a complete changelog.

Prior to installing, ensure that you have the Morrowind Graphic Extender XE (MGE-XE) 0.10.0 or greater installed. MWSE v2 requires this to attach to the game. Older versions of the Morrowind Graphic Extender do not work with newer versions of MWSE.
  • Download the latest zip file from the download tabs, or GitHub.
  • Extract the zip file into your Morrowind installation directory.
  • Run MWSE-Update.exe.

Note that MWSE is not and cannot be compatible with OpenMW. At the time of writing there is no plan to support legacy mwse-mwscript, or the newer mwse-lua. If you are a mod developer, please visit the #lua channel in the OpenMW discord to help provide feedback for their future scripting extensions.

Recent Changes
For a list of changes in nightly builds, see the GitHub commit history.