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Adds a spell that you can use to summon the daedric merchant, Creeper, for a short time.

Permissions and credits
This mod utilizes MWSE and OperatorJack's Magicka Expanded framework to add a spell called "Summon Creeper" that, as the name implies, allows you to summon the scamp merchant residing in Ghorak Manor in Caldera.

To get the spell, go to Ghorak Manor and talk to Creeper about "summoning". The quest isn't super duper hard, but you will have to go scavenging a bit.

Also fair warning, don't sell anything to the summoned Creeper that you aren't happy to get rid of. Once he despawns, anything you sold to him will be gone forever. I gave him 15000 septims to barter, if you want to dial it down to his vanilla bartering money, you'll need to do so in the construction set.

Put all of the files in your /data files/ folder. Dunno if this mod can be installed with a mod manager as I always do it manually.

You can use any part of this mod if you really want to, I don't really care for credits since I mostly just copied OperatorJack's homework.

Credits go to OperatorJack, RedFurryDemon, and anyone else who worked on the absolutely amazing Magicka Expanded.