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Ultimate magicka regeneration mod for Morrowind!

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Magicka Regeneration Suite provides 4 configurable magicka regeneration types: as seen in Oblivion, Skyrim, and something completely new. The first one, I called "Morrowind Style", which takes inspiration from both of its successors. Its base regeneration speed scales with log(Willpower). There is a combat penalty applied to regeneration speed and it is affected by fatigue the same way as most game mechanics. At 0 fatigue base regeneration is lowered by 25 % and at full fatigue, it is 25 % higher. In addition, there is logINT regeneration formula.

All of the mod's features can be configured in the mod configuration menu.

Why magicka regeneration?

Well, playing as a mage is much harder when compared to a fighter. Fighters can miss their attacks and their opponents can dodge their attack. Mages can fail spells. Failing to cast a spell also costs magicka. Fatigue impacts your chance of a successful cast. As a mage I find myself having to rest after every small group of enemies when clearing a dungeon to restore my magicka and using many restore magicka potions during longer combat sessions. I find these breaks immersion-breaking.

Adding magicka regeneration actually gives meaning to magicka management. You no longer need rest after every enemy you meet. It makes the gameplay so much smoother. I recommend "Morrowind Style" regeneration. Its base regeneration speed scale with log(Willpower). This ensures that at lower levels of Willpower, investing in Willpower will be more profitable than at higher Willpower. This should prevent excessively high magicka regeneration speed for highly fortified Willpower. In addition, in this formula, really low levels of willpower won't regenerate any magicka at all. This makes it harder for non-mage characters to use magic. In addition, it has a combat penalty to magicka regeneration, so you need to think about what to cast during a fight. This feature was inspired by Skyrim. Finally, Morrowind Style regeneration has a fatigue modifier applied to magicka regeneration speed in the same way as many other formulas in the game. This also leaves fatigue management as a vital part of combat as a mage.


Why Magicka Regeneration Suite of all the other magicka regeneration mods?

Of all currently released mods, most of them were mwscript-based. One big downfall of all mwscript-based magicka regeneration mods is the fact that it is slow. Adding scripted magicka regeneration this way to every actor in the game would really slow things down and not to mention all mod incompatibilities that would arise. So, magicka regeneration in those mods is added only to the player character. That way any kind of even a little faster magicka regeneration just completely breaks any balancing of the game. Also, those mods need a patch for any kind of mod that deals with races and birthsigns with fortify maximum magicka effect. Some mods tried to calculate maximum magicka more or less accurately. Some of them forgot to implement no magicka regeneration for the stunted magicka effect (from Atronach birthsign). Additionally, some of these mods have taken into account player resting and sleeping - restoring the appropriate amount of magicka in those cases. But they forgot that travel services such as boat or Silt Strider also advance time. Moreover, the fortify magicka effect wasn't really useful with those magicka regeneration mods.


The new Lua-mwse based approach can provide magicka regeneration for every actor in the game without hurting your FPS, while also being mod-friendly. It works with mods that add/modify races and birthsigns with Fortify Maximum Magicka. Now, all actors regenerate magicka, so its regeneration speed doesn't completely break the game balancing. This mod also takes into account and restores the appropriate amount of magicka when the player is sleeping/waiting or traveling, while it doesn't restore magicka for characters with stunted magicka effect.

MWSE Magicka Regen is one Lua-based magicka regeneration mod. It is really a nice mod. It has much the same functionality as this mod. One small difference is that this mod also restores magicka for the time spent traveling by boat or Silt Strider. The biggest difference is in the formulas used to calculate regeneration speed. Also, Magicka Regeneration Suite has an option to give situational bonus/penalty to magicka regeneration speed for Vampires. 

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others-G. Orwell, Animal Farm

Well, no more! Now everybody's magicka regenerates according to the same formula. This mod allows you to pick one of 4 available formulas for magicka regeneration.

In addition, Fortify Magicka effect is now more useful. Its magnitude is added to your maximum magicka so you can regenerate up to your base magicka + Fortify Magicka value. 


What about timescale?

Neither of the formulas provided by this mod includes timescale in it. I am against such a practice. Why would a higher timescale make magicka regenerate faster? Timescale is tied to the day and night cycle. Magicka regeneration speed shouldn't be impacted by it because it determines the pace of combat. Fatigue regeneration doesn't scale with timescale, neither does weapon attack speed or casting speed. So, the players with high timescale values would get disproportionately higher magicka regeneration, than the players with lower timescale.

  • Provides magicka regeneration for the player, NPCs, and creatures. 
  • Works with any custom race and birthsign mods with Fortify Maximum Magicka effect. 
  • It takes into account the Stunted magicka effect.
  • Magicka regenerates up to maximum magicka + fortify magicka value, making Fortify Magicka effect more useful.
  • Magicka is restored during sleeping, waiting in the wilderness, and traveling.
  • Player's companions also get their magicka regeneration during traveling.
  • Vampires get faster regeneration speed during the night or while they are indoors, but in the broad daylight their magicka regeneration speed is reduced.
  • Characters can regenerate up to base magicka +  Fortify Magicka magnitude. This makes Fortify Magicka much more useful.
  • Magicka regeneration speed decay.
  • All of the features are highly customizable and any changes to settings in the mods MCM come into effect immediately.

The selected formula determines with what your magicka regeneration speed scales with. For example, maximum magicka is calculated as:

Maximum magicka = intelligence x ( 1 + Racial modifier + Birthsign modifier )

*Racial modifier for Bretons is 0.5 and Altmers 1.5.
 Birthsign modifier for The Mage is 0.5, The Apprentice 1.5, and for The Atronach 2.0.

This means that increasing your intelligence, using Fortify Magicka spells, and having Fortify Maximum Magicka birthsign or race also increases your magicka regeneration speed for some regeneration formulas. In addition, this makes the Fortify Magicka effect much more useful because you can regenerate up to fortified magicka value.

Available regeneration formulas are:

1.) Skyrim Style

Magicka regenerated per second = Maximum magicka x 3 %

During combat, it is lowered to 33 % of that value.

Regeneration speed scales with Intelligence, Fortify Magicka, and Fortify Maximum Magicka.

2.) Oblivion Style

Magicka regenerated per second = (fMagickaReturnBase + fMagickaReturnMult x Willpower) x 0.01 x Maximum magicka


These coefficients exist in Oblivion as GMSTs (Game settings), but in Morrowind, they don't. These are configurable in the mod's MCM. Their
default values are:

fMagickaReturnBase = 0.75
fMagickaReturnMult = 0.02 

*Magicka regeneration isn't lowered while in combat

Regeneration speed scales with Intelligence, Willpower, Fortify Magicka, and Fortify Maximum Magicka.

3.) Morrowind Style

Magicka regenerated per second = (scale x log(Willpower, base) - cap) x fatigueTerm

scale = 1.4
base = 5
cap = 3

fatigueTerm = fFatigueBase - fFatigueMult * (1 - normalizedFatigue)

fFatigueBase and fFatigueMult are just 2 standard game settings that are present in vanilla Morrowind. They are read from the game files and your loaded plugins. Their default values are:

fFatigueBase = 1.25
fFatigueMult = 0.5
normalizedFatigue - values in the range of 0 to 1. It is 1 when the fatigue bar is full and 0 when it is empty.

Magicka regeneration is lowered to 33 % of the above value when in combat.

Regeneration speed scales with Willpower, and fatigueTerm.

4.) Logarithmic Intelligence

Magicka regenerated per second = scale x log(Intelligence, base) - cap


Default values are:
scale = 1.1
base = 2.5
cap = 3.5

The base is actually the base of the logarithm, but there is no subscript formatting style available on this page. Fatigue scaling and combat penalty are optional for this regeneration formula and can be turned off in the MCM.

Regeneration speed scales only with Intelligence. It does NOT scale with Fortify Magicka/Fortify Maximum Magicka.

Magicka Decay

This mod includes magicka decay. This makes magicka regenerate slower the fuller it is. The formula this feature uses is: 

Magicka regenerated per second = restored x ( 1 - currentMagicka / maxMagicka ) ^ exp

Here restored is the amount of magicka an actor would regenerate without using this feature. By default exp = 2. This is applied at the end of the mod's calculations. This feature can be used with any regeneration type. It was inspired by Knu's excellent Natural Magicka Regeneration.


Vampires get increased magicka regeneration during the night or while the vampire is indoors. During daylight hours, while outside vampire's magicka will diminish. That is configurable, so it is only slower, not inverted. This penalty/bonus is an optional feature and can be turned off in the mod's MCM.

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MWSE 2.0+

Unfortunately, this mod IS NOT compatible with OpenMW. I am planning to rewrite this as soon as OpenMW gets needed functionality in its Lua scripting!

Don't use this with other magicka regeneration mods.

Should be compatible with any other custom race and birthsign mod.

Thanks to Anumaril21 for creating the original MWSE Magicka Regen
Thanks to hhuuggss for suggesting to clamp magicka, the comment section of MWSE Magicka Regen
Thanks to Necrolesian for the right calculation of time spent resting when the rest had been interrupted, comment section of MWSE Magicka Regen
Thanks to Knu for coming up with a great decay formula in his Natural Magicka Regeneration 
Thanks to Merlord for developing Ashfall. I learned how to make an mcm menu by reading his code.
Thanks to Greatness7 and NullCascade for fixing a bug in my code
Thanks to the following people from the MMC Discord channel, who answered my questions:
O. E. Academicus
Thanks to UESP and OpenMW for the game formulas I read on their pages
Thanks to Dieter Steffmann for his cool and free Morris Roman font
Thanks to Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.