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Hidden across Vvardenfell are four magical portable containers that can hold far more than their size suggests and never increase in weight.

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Hidden in various dungeons across Vvardenfell are four magical containers: a  Small Chest, a Sack, a Basket, and a Large Chest.  They can be picked up and carried in your inventory and are fairly heavy, but they hold far more than a mundane container and will never increase in weight, no matter what you put in them.

Small Chest: 15 pounds.  Holds 250 pounds.
Sack: 25 pounds.  Holds 500 pounds.
Basket: 35 pounds.  Holds 1000 pounds.
Large Chest: 60 pounds.  Holds 1500 pounds.

When you activate a container, you will be given the choice of either opening it or picking it up.  Placing the container on the ground from your inventory will enable you to access it again.  You cannot open the containers while they are in your inventory.

The containers use vanilla meshes and textures, so their appearance will be affected by any replacers you use in your game.

This mod uses script functions from MWSE.  It will not function in OpenMW.

Requirements : Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon.  MWSE