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Changes most vanilla artifacts from the book Tamrielic Lore to more powerful versions worthy of song and glory.

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Almighty Artifacts
Part of the May Modathon 2018
The following are notes I have gathered, over the past centuries, of items of unimaginable significance. All have been seen, owned, and lost, again and again throughout Tamriel. Some may be myth, others may be hoax, but regardless, many have lost their lives attempting to find or protect these very coveted items.
~Yagrum Bagarn, the last living Dwemer

Picture this, you've reached the rank of Warlock in the Mage's Guild, and whispers reach your ear that your colleague from Balmora, Ajira, has information on the whereabouts of the Staff of Magnus. You talk to Ajira, head to Assu and fight through daedra and rival mages. Upon defeating Dreveni Hlaren and taking the staff from her cold, dead hands, you glance at one of the artifacts of the et'Ada and see...

The charges you can explain, but Spell Absorption 25-50? Restore health 1? What was Magnus doing,  snoozing after creating Mundus? This is a travesty!

This will not stand, so I made this mod.

This merely changes the artifacts' enchantments to be somewhat more fitting as, y'know, powerful items from a bygone age.
It is somewhat unbalanced, but if you play at max difficulty, it may give you the edge you need to come out on top. Also, who gives a crap about balance in a single player game?
List of Changes
Legend (~ unchanged, = modified, + addition)
Changes the following artifacts:
1. Lord's Mail - ~Cure Poison, =Resist Magicka 30% for 30s, +Absorb Health 20-40 on Touch
2. Spell Breaker - ~Silence, =Reflect 50% for 30s
3. Chrysamere - =Resist Fire 15-30% for 30s, Restore Health 10-20 for 1s, Reflect 15-30% for 30s +Paladin's Fortitude (Fortify Health 50, Fortify Endurance 10, ability)
4. Staff of Magnus - =Spell Absorb 50% for 30s, Restore Health 4 for 30s
5. Warlock's Ring - =CE Reflect 20%, Fortify Speed 20, Restore Health 2
6. Ring of Phynaster - =CE Resist Poison, Shock, Magicka 25%
7. Ring of Khajiit - =CE Fortify Speed 20, +CE Chameleon 20%, Rajhin's Escape (Invisibility 10s, 7 magicka, always succeeds)
8. Mace of Molag Bal - =Absorb Strength 10-20 for 30s, Absorb Magicka 15-25 for 30s
9. Mehrunes' Razor - =Disintegrate Armor 25 for 5s, Weakness to Poison 15% for 20s, Poison 25 for 1s, +Added dorMehrunesRazor script, chance to kill instantly depending on Luck and Short Blade. For more information, refer to http://mw.modhistory.com/download-90-13517
10. Spear of Bitter Mercy - =Reflect 30-40% 60s, Summon Storm Atronach 60s
11. Scourge - =Summon Dremora 60s, +Changed Summon Scamp to Summong Frost Atronach, 60s
12. Bow of Shadows - =CE Invisibility, Fortify Speed 20, +CE Chameleon 20%
13. Ice Blade of the Monarch - =Frost Damage 20-50 1s
14. Ring of Surroundings - =CE Chameleon 50%
15. Boots of the Apostle - =CE Levitate 40
16. Ring of the Wind - ~Fortify Agility 30, +Fortify Speed 30
17. Vampiric Ring - =Absorb Health, Fatigue 30 10s, Charges changed to 600
18. Eleidon's Ward - =Restore Health 75-100
19. Staff of Hasedoki - =Resist Magicka 30-40% 60s
20. Bloodworm Helm - =Turn Undead 30-40, 20ft, 30s, 2 Summon Skeletal Minion 30s
21. Dragonbone cuirass - +Dragon's Breath (Fire Damage on Touch 50, 30ft, Fire Damage on Touch 5, 15ft 10s 25 magicka always succeeds)
22. Umbra Sword - =Removed Auto-Calc, now has 125 uses
23. Daedric Crescent - =Disintegrate Armor 30, 5s

Well, don't you think those enchants fit better?

Other mods which change the same items, whichever you load last wins.


Any parts I used from others retain their specific permissions.

You can do whatever you wish with this, just do not complain if something goes wrong.

Credit for my work would be appreciated.