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  1. ulysses
    • member
    • 64 posts
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    Just brilliant, thanks.
  2. Ayisyen
    • member
    • 111 posts
    • 3 kudos
    after upgrading to 2.1 my morrowind flat-out closes on new game start/loading, any help??
    1. NullCascade
      • premium
      • 84 posts
      • 44 kudos
      Anything in your log? Check MGE XE log and MWSE log.
    2. TheMM
      • member
      • 3 posts
      • 0 kudos
      I'd like to state I am having the same issue. I can use MGE, but only by turning OFF MSWE. Otherwise it says it worked just fine in doing what it had to do, and I am having zero issues with MGE otherwise (I think). But if I try and use MWSE, it just does not turn on at all.
  3. SkyrimFor4ever
    • member
    • 17 posts
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  4. ElderMalaclypse
    • member
    • 281 posts
    • 18 kudos
    I've endorsed MWSE before for FO3, FO4, Oblivion and Skyrim but Im adding another here as well cause the new MWSE mods are gamechangers!
  5. Zaksta
    • supporter
    • 161 posts
    • 1 kudos
    I come back to Morrowind for the first time since 2017 and learn that I completely missed the release of MWSE 2.0 in 2018. I am completely blown away with the scope of mods that have come out since then.

    I was so close to completing my load order with OpenMW until I learned about the new MWSE. Damn you, I just wanted to start playing! :p
  6. faiminator
    • member
    • 9 posts
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    help the mod configuration menu doesnt appear in game , in fact it looks like mwse isnt loading at all
    1. ElPiter
      • member
      • 1 posts
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      I have the same problem. I have try'ed everything I could... Please help.
    2. NullCascade
      • premium
      • 84 posts
      • 44 kudos
      You either:
      1) Don't have MWSE 2.1 installed (the download here is for MWSE 2.0. You can verify the version you're using by opening mwselog.txt. You can find the link to 2.1 under mirrors or here: https://nullcascade.com/mwse/mwse-dev.zip
      2) Don't have any mods installed that make use of the MCM.
    3. dungeons0
      • premium
      • 22 posts
      • 0 kudos
      Bro - was looking for hours and i saw a post that said to run the MGEXEgui.exe as administrator.
      It worked and now i have the Mod Configuration menu along with all the other MWSE mods working. Jesus...

      Hope this helps everyone else!
  7. DoggOward
    • member
    • 102 posts
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    Is there a MWSE 2.1?

    If so, where can you DL it from?
  8. 0rangeSCi55or5
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    Does the updater run on windows 7? I have been trying to run it on a still pretty new desktop with win 7, but the updater isn’t working. When I try it, I get this in the command window:

    Unhandled Exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'System. IO. Compression, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
    at MWSE.AutoUpdater.Main(String[] args)

    I haven’t had this problem on a laptop that I’ve tried playing MW on. I gave that up because it was overheating. But the laptop is running windows 10, and the updater worked fine.

    edit: Well, I worked around this by copying the updated files from my laptop to my desktop. Still wondering why the updater wasn't working though...
  9. Avoozuul
    • member
    • 151 posts
    • 5 kudos
    I have a mod which includes a folder called MWSE which includes a folder named config and a folder name mods, where do I need to put this?
  10. Valascon
    • member
    • 58 posts
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    I enjoy playing the various MWSE mods and what they do.  I use Wrye Mash (Polemos current ver 10) to install them.  WM allows ordering the installation sequence of mods. 
    Can you clarify the order in which an MWSE pluginless mod (meaning no esp or esm) should be installed relative to both the installation of mods in the game and to the load order of those plugins that I want to actually use in a specific game?
    I've noticed that sometimes the functions of an MWSE pluginless mod does not quite work in the way in which I thought it was going to do so.  It seems like that has more to do with I may have an MWSE pluginless mod installed and also loaded a plugin mod (esp/esm) that overlap one another.  The only thing that come to mind in that event is either not installing the MWSE mod or not loading the plugin.  Does when the MWSE pluginless mod gets installed relative to the plugin matter?