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A lua-based framework for creating new, fully functional magic effects. Currently adds 109 new magic effects.

Permissions and credits

OJ's MWSE Mods on GitHub || RFD's main artwork gallery

- Morrowind

- Tribunal

- Bloodmoon

- MGE XE 0.10.1+

- MWSE 2.1+

This mod requires the most recent nightly build of MWSE. Please be sure to run the mwse-update.exe before playing this mod.

Please read this entire post for information on how this mod works, and follow the installation instructions closely.

This mod provides a framework to add new and fully functional magic effects to Morrowind. These effects behave just like vanilla effects: you can create new spells, enchant items, give them to companions, and treat them how any other effect would be treated.

This mod package uses a BAIN installer to provide the base framework, as well as multiple spell packs. Spells are broken down into spell packs so that the user can choose not to use certain sets of spells if they prefer. You can use all, some, or none of these spell packs. However, if you only install the base framework, there will be nothing new in-game. Note: Dependent mods that require Magicka Expanded only require the framework pack, which has no ESP or new spells. 

Each of these spell packs are outlined below. All spell packs add new spells & spell effects to the game. At this time, all spell packs do this through a new mechanism: spell tomes & grimoires. A spell tome is a book, similar to Skyrim, that will teach the player a spell. Unlike Skyrim, learning a spell requires having magicka greater than twice the magicka cost of that spell. While learning a spell, your magicka will be drained. Grimoires are spell tomes that teach two or more spells at once. They require having magicka greater than twice the sum of the magicka costs for all spells the grimoire teaches. However, spell tomes aren't destroyed in the process of learning a new spell.

This mod allows the distribution of spells through spell tomes and grimoires. Spell tomes teach 1 spell per book. Spell grimoires teach 2+ spells per book. This mod uses leveled lists and booksellers for spell distribution, but Spell Packs may use any mechanism to distribute spells. Please refer to the Spell Pack you are using for instructions for finding the spells within. If using spell tomes and grimoires, they will be dynamically placed through MWSE and do not require cell edits in the Construction Set.

There is an MCM that contains buttons to help you test the framework. You can use these buttons to add all loaded spells to the player, as well as tomes and grimoires. You can also set your stats instantly. Please note there may be a slight delay when adding spells / items through the MCM, if you are using a lot of ME dependent mods.

At this time, there are 103 new spell effects available in the following spell packs:

1) Resource Pack

This pack is required if using any of the spell packs below. If not using any of the spell packs below, do not install. It provides shared resources and a single ESP for all spell packs to use.

2) Lore Friendly Pack

The Lore Friendly Pack strives to introduce spell effects that are similar to current effects or are present in previous Elder Scrolls games. For example, Banish Daedra was present in TES II, and Darkness was a cut magic effect from TES II.

The magic effects introduced in this spell pack are as follows:

- Banish Daedra: Sends a Daedra back to Oblivion.

- Bound Greaves

- Bound Pauldrons

- Bound Claymore

- Bound Club

- Bound Dai-Katana

- Bound Katana

- Bound Shortsword

- Bound Staff

- Bound Tanto

- Bound Wakizashi

- Bound Waraxe

- Bound Warhammer

3) Summoning Pack

The Summoning Pack adds multiple new summoning spells of varying power, including summoning Imperfects, Spriggans, and more.

The magic effects introduced in this spell pack are as follows:

- Summon Goblin Grunt

- Summon Goblin Officer

- Summon Goblin Warchief

- Summon War Durzog

- Summon Hulking Fabricant

- Summon Imperfect

- Summon Draugr

- Summon Lich

- Summon Ogrim

- Summon Spriggan

- Summon Centurion Spider

- Summon Centurion Archer

- Summon Steam Centurion

- Summon Ash Ghoul

- Summon Ash Zombie

- Summon Ash Slave

- Summon Ascended Sleeper

- Call Werewolf (Note: Due to some mesh issues, the werewolf will not fight. This may be resolved in the future. For now, it is for roleplay purposes. Blame RFD for not making this work 100%.)

4) Teleportation Pack

The Teleportation Pack adds balanced teleportation effects to Morrowind's most popular cities. These teleportation effects will only take you to the entry-way to a town or city, but are generally faster than walking. This was done to maintain balance with other transportation options in the game.

The magic effects introduced in this spell pack are as follows:

- Teleport to Ald-Ruhn

- Teleport to Balmora

- Teleport to Ebonheart

- Teleport to Vivec

- Teleport to Caldera

- Teleport to Gnisis

- Teleport to Maar Gan

- Teleport to Molag Mar

- Teleport to Pelagiad

- Teleport to Suran

- Teleport to Tel Mora

5) Tamriel Rebuilt Pack

The Tamriel Rebuilt Pack adds teleportation spells to various locations across the mainland, and summoning spells for various creatures from Cyrodiil, Skyrim, and mainland Morrowind.

The magic effects introduced in this spell pack are as follows:

Teleportation (major locations):

- Teleport to Akamora

- Teleport to Firewatch

- Teleport to Helnim

- Teleport to Necrom

- Teleport to Old Ebonheart

- Teleport to Port Telvannis

Teleportation (minor locations):

- Teleport to Alt Bosara

- Teleport to Bal Orya

- Teleport to Gah Sadrith

- Teleport to Gorne

- Teleport to Llothanis

- Teleport to Marog

- Teleport to Meralag

- Teleport to Tel Aranyon

- Teleport to Tel Mothriva

- Teleprot to Tel Muthada

- Teleport to Tel Ouada

Summoning effects:

- Call Sabre Cat

- Call Wereboar

- Summon Alfiq

- Summon Armor Centurion Champion

- Summon Armor Centurion

- Summon Draugr Housecarl

- Summon Draugr Lord

- Summon Dridrea

- Summon Dridrea Monarch

- Summon Frost Lich

- Summon Giant

- Summon Goblin Shaman

- Summon Greater Lich

- Summon Lamia

- Summon Mammoth

- Summon Minotaur

- Summon Mud Golem

- Summon Parastylus

- Summon Plain Strider

- Summon Raki

- Summon Silt Strider

- Summon Sload

- Summon Swamp Troll

- Summon Welkynd Spirit

- Summon Velk

- Summon Vermai

- Summon Trebataur

6) Weather Magic Pack

The Weather Magic Pack adds spells for weather manipulation. These effects will only work outdoors. Given the divine origins of the Blight, you can invoke it, but there is no way to dispel it.

The magic effects introduced in this spell pack are as follows:

- Weather: Blizzard

- Weather: Snow

- Weather: Thunderstorm

- Weather: Ashstorm

- Weather: Blightstorm

- Weather: Clear

- Weather: Cloudy

- Weather: Foggy

- Weather: Overcast

- Weather: Rain

7) Cortex Pack

The Cortex Pack adds unique spells that are inspired by Cortex's Scripted Spells and similar mods. These spells are much more complex and take longer to create.

The magic effects introduced in this spell pack are as follows:

- Blink: Teleport on target

- Clone: Clones the target and makes them fight alongside you for the effect duration. The effect's magnitude is the level of actor that can be cloned.

- Coalesce: When present in a spell, gives the caster control over the spell projectile during projectile flight.

- Darkness: Summons a mist of darkness. Disables the Light magic effect on any actor that enters the mist.

- Mind Rip: Allows the caster to view the target's spells and steal one, if they are able to.

- Mind Scan: While active, lets the caster see the spells in other actors minds.

- Permutation: Summons a creature from Oblivion that is increasingly more powerful depending on the caster's conjuration and willpower.

- Soul Scrye: While active, lets the caster view the skills and condition of the target.


1) Use a mod management tool to install this mod using the provided BAIN installer. Or just install it manually, if that's your thing.

2) If using any of the spell packs, enable the Resource Pack ESP.

2) Use a list merging tool such as Wrye Mash to merge levelled lists.


1) Uninstall this framework and any Spell Packs using your mod management tool.

This mod IS NOT compatible with OpenMW, at least until support for MWSE mods is added.

This mod will conflict with any mod that uses the same spell effect IDs. Other authors should check the magic effect ID list before choosing an ID to prevent conflicts.


This mod may be utilized for any purpose for Morrowind, as long as you credit OJ as the original author, except as described below. It may not be used for other games.

Graphic assets

The meshes, textures, and book illustrations are modders' resources free to use in your mods, provided that you include a link to RFD's Nexus profile in your mod's credits. The meshes can only be used for Morrowind modding, as they are based on original MW assets; textures and illustrations were created from scratch.

Please do not edit the .dds files (because of compression). Contact RFD for the source files instead.

You may not include this mod in a compilation without RFD's permission.

On a side note, you may not use any of RFD's assets in mods that have anything to do with Archimag/Axemagister, as RFD does not wish to be of any help to someone who happened to disregard three of his asset usage permissions.

OperatorJack: scripting

RedFurryDemon: graphics, MCM

- NullCascade, Greatness7 and Merlord - on-going help and development of MWSE.

- Reizeron/R-Zero - blank magic effct icon, a particular expression used in an illustration, some troubleshooting

- coupleoflooks - header image

- Pixel Sagas - font based on Skyrim mage script

- Stripes - some troubleshooting