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Beast Races overhaul with scripted abilities.

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I've always liked TES Beast Races and the third part of the series outwardly best reflects their essence. I want to emphasize their bestial nature with their abilities. Some have analogies with other mods, others have not been recalled by any of the modders I know. The new abilities are balanced and compensate for the lack of closed helmets and boots. Most abilities use up your stamina and it's not a good idea to use them in battle or you need to prepare in advance. Just in case, for compatibility reasons, all new abilities have unique IDs. Attributes and skills are not affected. Note that toggleable spells only work with the player.
Earth counterparts are: jaguars, panthers, pumas, lions, cheetahs, tigers, lynxes and other wild cats. By lore, almost all representatives of this race look like cats, and only Ohmes and Ohmes-rath differ. Their home province of Elsweyr is the southernmost and one of the hottest provinces in Tamriel. Cats are nocturnal, and the temperature in the desert drops sharply from +40-50 °C at day to +5 °C at night and smooth +20-30 °C in jungles. So I see no point in bonuses or penalties to frost and fire, since fur is highly flammable, but the inhabitants of these regions have adapted to such conditions, and severe cold is not typical. As for the rest, it's a scent, high jump and soft fall with good hand-to-hand and unarmored combat skills.
Argonians morphology are partly reptiles and partly amphibians. Since, according to lore, the aral of their lives is Black Marsh and they lead an adult lifestyle characteristic of amphibians, then I decided to give them the appropriate abilities. This means that they can quickly swim and breathe underwater, have night vision, scent prey, disguise themselves and spit with neurotoxin, which leads to poisoning and paralysis. It is important that the cold/heat does not directly harm many amphibians, but slowed down the metabolism up to biostasis. Also, most amphibians do not like the direct sunlight and dryness, unlike reptiles. This means that the Argonians have no bonuses or penalties associated with frost and fire and can be killed by extreme heat or cold just like Earth amphibians.
Eye of Fear (power): Demoralize Humanoid 100 for 60 sec on target, Demoralize Creature 100 for 60 sec on target

Feline Grace (ability): Jump 10, Slowfall 10, Fortify Hand To Hand 20, Fortify Unarmored 20
Night Vision (toggleable spell), Night Eye 50, Damage Fatigue 20
Scent (toggleable spell), Detect Animal 2000, Damage Fatigue 20
Scent with Enhanced Detection patch (toggleable spell): Detect Animal 1000, Detect Humanoid 1000, Detect Dead 2000, Detect Undead 2000
Neurotoxic Spit (power): Poison 1-5 for 30 sec on target, Paralyze for 30 sec on target, Damage Fatigue 200 on self
Amphibian (ability): Water Breathing, Swift Swim 20
Immunity (ability): Resist Poison 100, Resist Common Disease 75

Night Vision (toggleable spell): Night Eye 20, Damage Fatigue 20
Camouflage (toggleable spell): Chameleon 20, Damage Fatigue 100
Scent (toggleable spell): Detect Animal 1000, Damage Fatigue 20
Scent with Enhanced Detection patch (toggleable spell): Detect Animal 500, Detect Humanoid 500, Detect Dead 1000, Detect Undead 1000

How lore-friendly is it?
Vanilla abilities have been improved and new ones have been added in semi-lore way, from what I imagined when I read the books/wiki and was inspired by other TES games. Of the new:
  • Scent - In-game dialogues (voice acting) refer to the scent of beast races many times.
  • Amphibian - Argonians breathe underwater all the time, just like representatives of the same race in Skyrim and Oblivion.
  • Amphibian - Argonians are known for their athletic skills, including swimming.
  • Feline Grace - Kajiits are mentioned in dialogues and wiki as the most agile fighters and the founders of Rain-of-Sand martial art.
  • Feline Grace - The Khajiits agility allows them to be finest acrobats in Tamriel.
  • Poisonous, vision and chameleon of Argonians not yet mentioned in the sources that I found. Perhaps something like this will be added to future games, but for now this is my departure from the lore.

Paste the "Data Files" folder into your Morrowind directory and activate esp in Launcher or use some manager.

Unactivate mod via Launcher and clear the save file using Wrye Mash and Enchanted Editor or just start a new game.

Any other mods directly editing Beast Races.

New game.

Boots for Beasts and Leggings for Beast Races
Limited Leaping and Controlled Jumps
Wading in Water MW, Hold Your Breath, Better Buoyancy
Enhanced Detection or Enhanced Detection Lite + MCP -> Game mechanics -> Detect life spell variant
MCP -> Game mechanics -> Slowfall overhaul
MGG Weathers Darker Nights or Watch the Skies
Let There Be Darkness + True Lights and Darkness - Necro Edit
Improved Argonians + MCP -> Game mechanics -> Argonian clothing choice
MacKom's Khajiit + Glowing Eyes


Special thanks to:
  • PhDinSorcery for the toggle script.
  • OperatorJack for helping me with the lua code and point out an error.
  • RandomPal for checking the balance and general testing.
  • C3pa for help in script optimization.
For inspiration:

Anything is free to use, but please indicate authors in the credits.